IRELAND: Top Current Affairs Radio Presenter, Keith Finnegan, Questions Official 9/11 Story

Keith Finnegan, current affairs talk-show host and CEO of Galway Bay FM, one of the largest regional radio station’s in Ireland, has questioned the official version of event’s concerning the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA.

Keiths’ slogan is “Your current affairs are our current affairs”, and he is the very best at delivering on it. Keith covers sensitive issues, life events and the latest political developments, along with news and views from around Galway city and county.

In an interview with Jim Corr during the mid-morning current affairs show, Keith Finnegan expressed his own doubts about the US Government’s official version of event’s and the 9/11 Commission report.

Keith Finnegan:

“I read the brief last night and I found it difficult to get to sleep…”

…”Wouldn’t he just make you stop and think.. I was reading his website last night [Jim Corr] about 9/11 and I have to say when you read it through you say to yourself; Hang on a second… maybe there’s something there… One of the statements he makes on his website in relation to the collapse of the Twin Towers – ‘Bombs going off in the building’ – local seismic data recorded a massive explosion in the North Tower 10 seconds before the first plane hit it – this explosion and many others were confirmed by the World Trade Center janitor, William Rodriguez. Multiple explosions were reported by many first responders and emergency workers and he also goes on to say that 60% of the 9/11 Commission members publicly stated recently that the investigation carried out was a fraud and investigations were obstructed by the White House and the world needs a new investigation into 9/11..”

Jim Corr was being interviewed before his appearance tonight at the Radisson hotel in Galway city, along with Ian R Crane, on their current ‘Final Meltdown’ tour of Ireland. During the radio interview Jim also mentioned the ‘Boom & Bust’ method of imploding the economy by design. The estimated Trillion Euros of Irish natural gas & oil reserves off our west coast that the government has ‘gifted’ to Royal Dutch Shell, and his previous radio interview on the Matt Cooper show where Jim first went public with his views on 9/11 and the erosion of Irish National Sovereignty.

Well done Jim Corr!

Listen to the Interview:

(Infowars Ireland, 11.12.2010, Declan O’Shea)

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"A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get." Ian Williams Goddard

The fact is that "political correctness" is all about creating uniformity. Individualism is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of the New World Order. They want a public that is predictable and conditioned to do as it's told without asking questions.

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