Tower Air

This charter airline flew from 1983 to 2000. It had only 17 planes and 9 destinations. Morris K. Nachtomi (Israeli citizen) was the co-founder, owner and manager. Nachtomi had worked for El Al for 30 years before founding Tower Air. He founded it with Zev Melamid, Mordechi Gill, and Sam Fondlier. Arthur Fondlier, son of Sam Fondlier and the Chief Financial Officer of Tower, was a passenger on Pan Am flight 103. His untimely death gave Mr. Nachtomi much more freedom in management and cost-cutting.

Tower Air won many contracts from the DOD to transport U.S. armed forces personnel to overseas locations. It also received numerous contracts from the United Nations to transport troops to its peacekeeping missions all over the world. It was also chartered many times to fly groups of Muslim pilgrims to Mecca. It filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy  on February 29, 2000, and it ceased all scheduled service on May 1, 2000. (May Day is a special holiday for communists.).

Major artifacts from the demolished World Trade Center are housed for safekeeping in the former Tower Air Hangar 17 at John F. Kennedy International Airport.(Infowarrior News Service, 1.04.2009)

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