Ventura Body Slams Hannity & Colmes

Jesse Ventura appeared on the Hannity & Colmes Show (4.08.2008) and body slammed them both.

Sean Hannity opened up by asking Jesse "The Mind" Ventura if he believed in fencing the borders. Ventura does not believe in turning America into another East Berlin. He said we are loosing our rights and said he prefers liberty to tyranny. "Give me liberty or give me death," he said.

Hannity moved on and pounced on Ventura asking him how he can believe in the 911 conspiracy theories. Jesse slammed him to the mat and quickly penned him by asking why those who question the official story have their credibility attacked. He asked Hannity how two planes could knock down three buildings. Sean said it was easy. Ventura explained that jet fuel burns cool and can’t melt steel beams. He noted that a propane camp stove burns much hotter and the metal grate that the pot sits on does not melt. He then asked how they can fall at the rate of gravity and that the concrete was blown into powder. Hannity responded by saying that if that was true a lot of engineers would have come out before. Hannity quickly switched to another topic.

Alan Colmes tagged teamed Ventura asking him if he believes "the government" knew about the attack beforehand. Ventura said he doesn’t know and said he is "simply questioning the fact that it doesn’t add up to me." He explained that he has some experience in demolition and Colmes cut him off asking him a second time who in the government had foreknowledge of the attacks. Ventura said he doesn’t know and he can’t place blame. He then slammed Colmes to the mat by saying, "I have a hard problem accepting the fact that never before in history has a steel framed building fallen to the ground at the rate of gravity, and why would the main core beams not bend? How did they go down?"

Colmes quickly switched topics and asked Ventura if he believes that corporate America and religious fanatics have teamed up and because of that America is on the brink of fascism. Ventura boldly said "We are in fascism, in my opinion." He went on to explain that corporations control the Democrats and the Republicans. Colmes again switched topics and asked Ventura who he likes. Ventura said, "None of the above."

Ventura finished them off saying that in a poll taken on the Larry King Show 88% said that Ventura should run for president. (Infowarrior New Service, 4.08.2008)