Rise in Autism Rates: “Growing Public Health Issue”

Curt Linderman
April 5, 2012

The primary concern that parents of children already affected by autism have with the CDC’s newest numbers is the lack of true concern from the government, the medical industrial complex and the main stream media. President Barrack Obama released his World Autism Awareness Day Presidential Proclamation on April 2nd 2012 (1) and called the epidemic rise in numbers a “growing public health issue”.

Groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics (2), Autism Speaks (3), the CDC and others have simply submitted press releases calling for more awareness, earlier diagnosis protocols and earlier interventions. To put this into the perspective of a fairly current “epidemic” that was and still is politically expedient to manipulate the masses with, this approach is akin to telling the growing AIDS afflicted population that with the rise in AIDS cases we need to have more hospital beds, medications to treat the pain and suffering and more medical professionals to support the afflicted as they die in record numbers.

What do you think the AIDS activists across this planet would do if President Obama issued a presidential proclamation stating that we need to be “more aware” of the growing AIDS crisis in this country and abroad? They would have taken to the streets and demanded action! In fact, violence might have ensued. They would demand answers about how to stop the epidemic and they have! Many in the autism community simply allow these despicable government and private organizations to perpetrate their condescending inaction without so much as batting an eye.

The new CDC numbers (4) are from a study done in 2008 on 8 year old children. How is it that the American government, while pushing their poisonous “swine flu” vaccines just a couple of years ago, could have swine flu numbers on an almost daily basis yet it takes eight years and millions of dollars to determine the autism numbers when the kids are so easily identifiable? Adding insult to injury, is the very real fact that states can declare an “epidemic” of measles, whooping cough or any other “vaccine preventable” disease at the drop of a hat and immediately go into attack mode against those “nasty unvaccinated children and their woefully ignorant parents”.

While the numbers are already outdated, they are indeed very frightening and should be causing far more alarm than they seem to be. 1-88 children in this age group have an autism diagnosis and these numbers break down further to 1 – 54 boys with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In a recent article posted by Marcella Piper Terry, (5) the math on the antiquated numbers works out to a far more concerning scenario than the governmental agencies and the industrial medical complex want you to realize. This is a growing pandemic that could very well destroy this nation. Given the CDC numbers, currently we should have 1-48 for 7 yr olds, 1-42 for 6 yr olds and going all the way to 1-29 3 year olds affected by autism!

These are not projected numbers, these are the numbers of children today that were not yet born to take part in the CDC study and these are also numbers that follow the math from the CDC study. As more vaccines have been added to the schedule and the toxic burden on our children increase exponentially from year to year, these numbers are on the conservative side!

Scared yet? You should be! If you are a young couple thinking about a family in the near future, you should be terrified! If you’re a soon-to-be grandparent, you should be appalled at the government and industries inactions and furthermore, you should be frightened for what your children have in store for you. Autism is a devastating disorder that can destroy families and in the vast majority of cases, cause bankruptcy or economic concerns that will most certainly “trickle-up” to your bank accounts and savings as well!

School systems are already over taxed with special needs children and this inaction from our government and lip service from pathetic “non-for-profit” organizations that pay their staffs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year should be outraging all Americans. Yet we sit idly in our easy chairs and watch the lies unfold before us, waiting for the evening news to end so that we can begin our “must see TV” evening of mind blowing idiocy as our country collapses beneath our feet. www.infowars.com/rise-in-autism-rates-growing-public-health-issue

Shame on all of us…

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