DNA database will be used to catch out owners who refuse to clean up their dog mess

The 'millionaires playground' Italian island of Capri will use a DNA database to identify pet owners who refuse to clean up after their dogs.

The Mayor of Capri, Ciro Lembo, has announced plans for a 'CSI-style' DNA database to catch the owners of dogs who soil the picturesque walkways on the Mediterranean island. Using sophisticated DNA testing normally reserved only for major crimes, dog owners will have to submit their dogs' genetic details to a central database. Samples of dog mess will be sent to a crime laboratory for testing to identify the guilty dog - and owner. Local police will then be able to match any fouling on the white-washed alleyways of Capri to any one its 1,000 resident dogs. The fine for dog fouling is 2,000 euro.

The unusual step is the latest scheme of Mayor Lembo, who is intent on maintaining Capri's reputation as a top tourist destination. The rocky outcrop in the Bay of Naples has been a favoured site for second homes since the Roman Emperor Tiberius held bacchanalia at his Villa Jovis 2,000 years ago. In more recent years it has played host to stars including Liz Taylor, Clark Gable and Rita Hayworth.

Mayor Lembo has been trying to protect the 1.2 sq mile island, which has a population of 7,305, from the disorder of nearby Naples and the tourists who swarm to the island every year. He has already tried to ban lawnmowers and leaf blowers in the peak summer season, but retreated after protests from gardeners. In previous years the island has also banned wooden clogs and the wearing of bikinis in the town.

Local law in Capri states that dog owners are required to clean up after their animals if they foul on the street. But on an island that prides itself on its 'bella figura' (beautiful figure) lifestyle, many avoid the responsibility of cleaning up after their pets. Officials have reported cases of people, particularly the elderly, falling over and fracturing limbs while trying to avoid mess.

Mayor Lembo said he loves dogs and hates only irresponsible owners.He said: 'In the past there have been unpleasant episodes, like tourists slipping and hurting themselves. The Italian newspaper La Stampa claimed the one-metre wide passageways of the 'historic centre' of Capri are so narrow 'to walk down them you often have to do a slalom'. Mayor Lembo is taking advantage of existing law requiring all dogs to have blood tests for canine leishmaniasis, a disease transmitted by sandflies. (Daily Mail, 4.11.2011) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1375613/Mediterranean-holiday-island-use-DNA-database-catching-pet-owners-refuse-clean-dogs.html


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