Treachery on the Highest Level – DHS Requesting Foreign Troops to Kill U.S. Citizens

[Ed. note: This story cannot be verified. It may or may not be true.]

January 29, 2010
by Robert Jones

[The warning was written by myself and the report from Moscow was emailed to me] – Robert Jones

Just got this in when I started up my laptop. After reading this report, the others before it, and listening to Lindsey Williams new info last night; the puzzle pieces seem to have a good fit concerning using foreign troops (especially Russian security forces [Spetznaz?]) for policing the United States WITHIN THE YEAR possibly [give or take] because according to Mr Williams elite contact--- there will not be a shortage of food as everyone has predicted (not that it is out of the picture mind you) ----the prices will be so high no one can afford them as a 30 to 50 % devaluation [no less than 30] will occur 2010. If the plans are to work this way then there would have to be a security force (bootstomping NWO thugs) to intimidate people not to attempt to steal food/ cause unrest to accept their solution (hence his warnings that the elite want you so poor you cannot resist) which will ultimately lead to a microchip through the NaZi-Pelosi plan healthcare which is not about healthcare it is about gun confiscation, RFID, [you fill in the rest] and it is the total takeover of all things. All of you reading this out there that still want to say that Steve Quayle is full of it as you have laughed at me as well you have been warned time and time again and if you still doubt the things coming and the fight of your life to follow............................just stick around a while.

Report From Moscow:

Beginning of email: This is the report on the briefing given to the political and military leaders of the Russian government 1-28-10 by a retired flag officer of the US Army in reference to Lt. Gen. Steven Blum Deputy commander NORTHCOM's request for 3 - 4 Brigades of Russian troops pursuint to an agreement between the US and Russia I refered to on the thread Striking Matches.

I had this all written and ready to post at 3:00pm local time 7:00am EST when my laptop CRASHED and I lost everything Grrrrrrr. Please excuse me for not rewriting this as quickly as I would have liked to I was more than a little frustrated.

My ride and escort arrived promptly at 9:00am, after passing through several layers of security and descending 4 stories under the Kremlin to a rather nondescript conference room which looked like it could seat about 30. With a little help from their IT people I was able to connect my laptop to their projector and test the sound system and placed the briefing packets I had brought with me in front of where people would be seated (I was not sure how many people would attend so I made up 30 packets). At 9:40am people started to filter in and the doors were closed at 10:00am, I found it interesting that even here in the depths of the Kremlin armed guards were stationed at both doors.

The briefing proceeded for 45 minutes and with a few exceptions you could have heard a pin drop for the entire presentation, I was a little concerned that is until I finished and asked if there were any questions. For the next 20 minutes the questions came fast and hard until Minister Lavrov asked “Knowing our capabilities as you do and how the American’s would react what would you expect our losses to be if we were to agree to send security forces to America as part of a larger international force?” I paused for a moment and told him that Russia should expect 75% to 80% causalities and that Russian/American relations would be seriously compromised for at least 2 generations.

And that was the end of the briefing, as the people left the room several came up to me before leaving to thank me for coming and making an “interesting and thought provoking” presentation. My wife’s cousin invited me to his office for some coffee and until I arrived I had no idea how far up the chain of command he was (he is a member of the Supreme High Command). We talked for about an hour concerning several aspects of the briefing when he handed me an unmarked file, I sat in total disbelief of what I saw. In my hands was a letter from Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Janet Napolitano officially requesting that the Russian Federation contribute 4 brigades of “Advanced Security Forces” as part of a larger multinational force to assist in quelling domestic violence within the United States of America. The letter was dated September 14, 2009 and signed by Secretary Napolitano.


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