Obama appoints UN agent to take down America

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Co-chairing an international InterAcademy Council (IAC) study, "Transitioning to Sustainable Energy."

He is a "conspirator" aiding in the propaganda done by the "International Community" to de industrialize the United States of America. The operation is in progress to destroy the US and create  region or world governing arrangements and currencies. This is to replace the once sovereign USA. 

Chu "faithfully" propagandizes the flimsy notion of Global Warming.

Steven Chu is Obama's new Energy Secretary.

He said the threat of warming is keeping policymakers focused on alternatives to fossil fuel, even though gasoline prices have fallen over the last six months from historic highs.

"I'm hoping that the American people will wake up," Chu said, and pay the cost of rewiring. The only rewiring he wants is the destruction of "self government". He is in the "service" of the International Community enforcing Agenda 21 worldwide.  


Chu's treasonous organization (IAC) at it's site ... under "links" is connected to 4 major UN agencies, plus the World Bank, The European Union. Chu's group is actually an agent for the UN . Chu's IAC has been commissioned and has published UN propaganda for the Secretary General.

This is the exact same job he is doing for Obama. The Council on Foreign Relations members in both political parties Republican as well as Democratic are taking down America.

The United States is being murdered in front of your eyes.

Obama picked the last man who would ever fight for the American worker. Or the Constitution. Obama does what Zbigniew Brzezinski tells him to do .... he is the interface with the Rockefeller network.

Do my dear friends ...

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for a clue.