How to Host a Junk Food, Candy Free Party for Kids

Many party hosts feel they are giving kids the ultimate treat by spreading a table laden with every imaginable kind of junk food. A typical party table is graced with a white flour, frosted cake in the center decorated with a sugary, colorant laden picture of Superman or Barbie. There is likely to be an array of cupcakes made with the same awful ingredients, bowls of various types of colored candies, potato crisps, lollipops, ice cream and so on. Surprised parents and friends then wonder why, after gorging on this rubbish for a couple of hours, the party disintegrates into a frightening display of kids who are fighting, screaming and hyperactive. To avoid this scenario, try healthy snacks next time around.

Any parent who has hosted a party for kids knows that food actually plays a small role in the success of the event. Kids are far more interested in swimming or playing games. Having a theme and organizing a few games with prizes will make kids even happier.

Drinks and snacks are something the kids will come past for every now and then, so keep their blood sugar levels stable and introduce foods that are colorful but healthy. If they are amazed or disgusted at a display of healthy food, don't be discouraged. If they are hungry, they will eat.

Games and Health Food

Generally, small kids like to toy with their food. Why not turn this into a game? Hand each child a paper plate and let them make a clown's face or some other work of art out of slices of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks or brightly colored sliced fruit, nuts and raisins. Hand out prizes for the best picture and then give them time to eat their creations.

Another idea is to let them make their own fruit skewers out of strawberries, oranges, apples, sliced bananas, mango pieces and so on. Watch them carefully though, as small kids can stab themselves or others with wooden skewer sticks.

Party Food Ideas

Keep finger foods handy such as bite sized, boneless chicken pieces.

Small meat balls and healthy mini-pizzas are easy to make and set out.

Keep small bowls of grapes, watermelon chunks, cheese squares, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, dried fruit, nuts and popcorn handy.

As a table centerpiece, have a colorful bowl of fruit filled with oranges, apples, bananas, apricots, plums and any other appealing fruit that can be grabbed in passing.

If kids still look hungry, hand out some pre-made muesli bars or oat squares sweetened with dried fruit and honey.

Party Drinks

Keep plenty of water available in glass jugs. Add lemon slices and strawberries, which will add flavor and will look wonderful. Homemade, frozen fruit juice lollies can be handed out if it is a hot day. Make a fruity punch out of raspberry juice, pineapple juice and water.

For party favors, hand each child a small flower pot and some flower or herb seeds for them to plant at home. (Natural News, 12.10.2009, Fleur Hupston, citizen journalist, See all articles by this author, Email this author)

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