There's no such thing as a virus that causes chronic fatigue syndrome

(NaturalNews) Beware, readers, when you see articles in the mainstream media claiming that a retrovirus causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). The stories quote new research published in the journal Science which claims that this virus -- known as XMRV -- was found in 67% of CFS sufferers but only 4% of the general population. From there, the media leaps to the wild conclusion that CFS is caused by this virus.

What you need to know is that this disinformation is laying the groundwork for a future CFS vaccine that will be pushed on the population in much the same way as HPV vaccines are now. The first step in getting the public to accept yet another vaccine is to brainwash people into thinking that yet another disease is caused by a virus. From there, it's only a matter of time before drug companies start talking about offering "treatment" in the form of a vaccine.

This is a play-by-play mirror image of the fraudulent push behind HPV vaccines. First, drug companies funded studies to "prove" that cervical cancer was caused by a virus (it actually isn't). From there, they pushed their vaccine, claiming it "saves lives" by preventing cervical cancer. Of course, we now know the cervical cancer vaccine is a pharmaceutical hoax. Even one of its own top researchers recently declared that HPV vaccines are "ineffective." (

So why is the XMRV virus found in more CFS sufferers than the general population? It's simple: People with CFS have compromised immune systems, and in this state of weakened immunity, they are unable to rid their bodies of not just XMRV, but many other viruses as well. The presence of this virus is a symptom of the disease, not the cause.

Every viral announcement is a covert push for a future vaccine

For their own protection, it's important that health consumers learn to recognize these hidden vaccine agendas when they see them. Every announcement about a virus causing some particular disease is actually a covert push for a future vaccine. That's why drug companies are busily funding all kinds of research that hopes to find (or fabricate) a viral cause for almost every major disease.

You'll see, on a regular basis, increasingly frequent news stories claiming researchers have "discovered" the virus that causes cancer, or diabetes, or Alzheimer's disease or even strokes. And then, months or years later you'll see the FDA approving some new vaccine designed to "prevent" that disease or disorder. Before long, that vaccine will be added to an ever-growing list of other vaccines already being forced onto the population, and the whole thing will be framed in the language of "public health."

This is Big Pharma's disease mongering engine hard at work. This is how they game the system and fool the masses. First, they blame a virus for a disease, then they push a vaccine as "treatment." But it's all based on junk science. There is no virus that causes CFS or even cervical cancer. In fact, it's scientifically and medically inaccurate to say there's even a virus that causes the common cold. People are exposed to these viruses all the time and they don't catch the cold. Only a person with a compromised immune system (lacking vitamin D, usually, and suffering from chronic stress) winds up showing symptoms of the cold.

The fall of the Germ Theory

The Germ Theory of disease is outmoded. Today, we know that the terrain matters more than the germ. In other words, it's what's happening with your own health that really determines whether you get the disease or not. The viruses are present all the time, just waiting for an opportunity for a weakened immune system to give them an opening. That's why halting such infections has more to do with boosting and protecting immune system health than eradicating the virus.

Read more about this in an amazing book called Good-Bye Germ Theory by Dr. William Trebing. You'll find it at (

Vaccines, of course, are based entirely on the mythology of the germ theory, a framework of belief usually credited to Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895), from whom the term "pasteurization" is derived. But Pasteur missed the bigger picture. His friend and colleague Claude Bernard (1813 - 1878) was actually more correct when he explained that it was the internal condition of the body that determined whether disease appeared rather than the mere presence of germs. An imbalance in the body's natural state creates a vulnerability that gets exploited by an opportunistic microbe. But without the imbalance in the body, the microbes may still be present but incapable of causing problems.

A French-American microbiologist named Rene Dubos (1901-1982) agreed with the "terrain theory" of disease, stating: "Most microbial diseases are caused by organisms present in the body of a normal individual. They become the cause of disease when a disturbance arises which upsets the equilibrium of the body."

To stay in business, the pharmaceutical industry must oppose the "terrain theory" of disease and push the germ theory at all costs: The entire vaccine industry depends on it. The idea is also quite seductive to many patients because it allows them to cast off any responsibility for their own health condition and blame a virus instead of their own dietary and exercise habits, for example. It's also an explanation favored by many conventional doctors because it allows them to simply prescribe a vaccine or an antibiotic instead of engaging in the far more detailed task of teaching patients how to make healthier lifestyle choices.

To this day, by the way, the pharmaceutical industry continues to try to find a microbiological cause for cancer. The whole point of this is to develop an "anti-cancer vaccine" and promote it as a cancer cure.

But the germ theory doesn't explain cancer... or CFS or any other degenerative disease. And those who promote the germ theory for such conditions are unwittingly playing right into the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. (naturalnews, 10.15.2009, Mike Adams)

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