Benefit from Aerobic Exercise

A recent study just found that exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, is connected with having a higher IQ. For the participants that were eighteen, being physically fit was also connected with an increased chance of obtaining a University level education. It was a large study based on over 1.2 million people. Interestingly, over 3,000 of the participants were twins and from the twin data; it was concluded that environmental factors, like being physically fit, were a far greater determinant of intelligence than even genetics. In fact, environmental factors were determined to be more than 80 percent of the equation, while genetics was less than 15 percent.

Study after study confirms the benefits of aerobic exercise and a chief physician at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital attributed the intelligence benefit to having an increased flow of oxygen to the brain. Because aerobic exercise increases the amount of oxygen in the body, it also contributes to having an oxygen-rich internal environment, which is called an alkaline environment. The foods we eat play a large role in determining if we're acidic or alkaline, but so does the amount of oxygen we take in. And within reason, the more oxygen and oxygen-rich foods we take in regularly, the fewer problems we'll see.

There are a couple of other benefits of aerobic exercise that don't get the face time they deserve.

Exercise helps detoxify our bodies - and just as pollutants gather in stagnant water, stagnant blood and lymph also gather toxins. Exercise helps improve circulation which means that environmental and metabolic toxins are less likely to become concentrated in areas of the body. And when toxins flow, they're more apt to be eliminated via the liver and colon.

Exercise benefits our lymphatic system and one of that system's primary functions is to eliminate toxins, especially metabolic toxins, from the body. But, unlike the blood that has the heart as a subconscious pump, the primary way to stimulate the lymphatic system to do this job is through body movement. When the lymphatic system becomes impure with waste, toxicity throughout the body is the result. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. tells us, "If the lymph is not kept moving, toxic-laden areas can become sources of infection and inflammation."

Aerobic exercise also increases the movement of the bowels which helps filth leave the body in a more timely manner. Of course, aerobic exercise encourages sweating and sweating is a primary way that toxins leave the body - through the skin. Bernard Jensen also tells us that our bodies should be releasing two pounds of toxins every day - just through the skin. And it generally takes aerobic exercise to make that happen.

There are quite a few benefits to aerobic exercise, but not many realize that helping the body remove stored toxins is one of them. It's well documented that environmental toxins have often extreme and adverse effects on the brain, body and intelligence. So perhaps helping to remove many of these poisons is another reason that people who exercise aerobically regularly are found to have higher IQ's. (naturalnews, 12.10.2009, Kim Evans, citizen journalist
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