Water plant visitor says he’s been there before

To the Editor: Cumberland Times-News

— I would like to clarify the situation at the Frostburg Water Plant for your readers. First, I asked both Mayor Bond in person and John Kirby via e-mail to find out if Frostburg was using Chinese fluoride in our drinking water supply.

After two weeks of no answer to my request, I visited the water plant and was allowed in after about ten minutes to obtain the information that I requested only to find out that John Kirby sent a directive to the water plant to not allow me access. Clearly city hall was trying to block me from seeing if Frostburg was indeed using Chinese fluoride.

I have been at this facility numerous times before with no issue what so ever about being granted access.

After I obtained the information from Univar USA / Solvay Fluorides, that Frostburg was adding Chinese fluoride, I asked John Kirby through a freedom of information request to see certificate of analysis from the Chinese manufacturer and the material safety data sheets on sodium fluoride. 

A couple of days after my reader’s commentary (Chinese fluoride is a homeland security matter) ran in the Times-News, John Kirby sent me via e-mail the certificate of analysis from Chinese manufacture and the material safety data sheets that omitted the chronic toxicity section 11.2.

Solvay fluoride’s own data safety sheets admits chronic toxic effects of the skeleton, thyroid, testes, kidney, liver was observed. In addition, ambiguous carcinogenic & mutagenic effects observed, along with fetotoxic ( meaning toxic to fetuses) and fertility effects.

 In the comment section, it explained that chronic exposure may entail dental or skeletal fluorosis and that there has been a carcinogenic effect found in animals.

A risk of toxic effects on reproduction was also noted.  At the recent Frostburg Mayor and Council meeting I made available this information to them showing them that the Chinese fluoride had arsenic and lead contaminates within the sodium fluoride and asked them why they would knowingly put any amount of a human carcinogen or neurotoxin into the drinking water supply.

I read each one of the toxic effects to the Mayor and Council from Solvay fluorides data sheets. I asked them do you realize that the data from your own fluoride supplier admits that you are poisoning the citizens of Frostburg and the surrounding area regardless if it is a domestic source or imported?

I asked them why would you allow a potential enemy to have access to our drinking water supplies by administrating a very toxic industrial waste product of China, which could easily be contaminated with additional hazardous ingredients?

Finally, I asked them to make a motion to remove Chinese fluoride and all other fluoride chemicals from the drinking water supply, but they were not responsive to my request.   Bernard W. Miltenberger http://times-news.com/opinion/x58341438/Water-plant-visitor-says-he-s-been-there-before

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