All Jacked Up: The Explosive Junk Food Documentary the Food Companies Hope You Never See

Thursday, January 17, 2008 by: Mike Adams

NewsTarget) Back in early 2007, I was invited to participate in a pioneering new documentary that dared to explore the harmful effects of processed foods and soft drinks on teenagers. I flew to Los Angeles, spent two hours being interviewed on camera, and went back home, hoping my efforts would help educate parents and teens about the dangers of junk foods, fast foods and sodas. The documentary project has since achieved the status of an eye-opening film featuring top-notch health and nutrition experts along with "reality TV" footage of teens experiencing the traumatic repercussions of living on junk foods. Now titled All Jacked Up, this documentary by Faerie Films is poised to become the "Super Size Me" for a younger generation. I'm naming it one of my top recommended must-see films of 2008. (Want a sneak peek? We've got behind-the-scenes footage ready to view online right now, see below...)

All Jacked Up will simply blow your mind. If you thought you knew the whole story on food corporations, the processed meat industry and the harmful health effects of junk foods on children, think again: You'll be stunned, shocked and outraged over what you'll see in this film -- how the food corporations use manipulative marketing messages to take advantage of children and teens, how processed ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup rapidly accelerate diseases like diabetes in youngsters, and how junk foods destroy families, cause depression and even make kids suicidal. Once you pop this film into your DVD player and start watching, you won't be able to walk away. (See below to find out how to get a DVD of this film right now...)

As you might have guessed, my two-hour interview is used throughout the film, so if you're a fan of the kind of information I publish about food companies, you'll absolutely love to see those facts presented on-screen as part of a powerful documentary film that really gets the message across. Check out this behind-the-scenes exclusive footage of my interview with Bobby Rice, the star of All Jacked Up:

Essential Information for Parents, Families

If you have children (or know somebody who does), you need this film. The two hours or so that your family will invest in watching this film will be one of the simplest, yet most powerful things you can do for the health of your children (and yourself!). I invited some friends with teenage children over to my house to watch this film, and I'm not kidding when I say after watching the film, those children immediately and permanently stopped eating processed meat. In watching this film, those children were absolutely shocked by what they learned about processed meat, and on their own they immediately decided to stop eating hot dogs, bacon, beef jerky, salami, pepperoni and other similar processed meat products. I didn't have to say a word... the movie said it all!

All Jacked Up is on its way to the film festivals this year, and it will make the rounds through theaters only after it's been picked up by a major film distribution company. But guess what? I've talked with the principals at Faerie Films and they've agreed to offer the entire film on DVD directly to NewsTarget readers, even before it's released in theaters! I earn nothing on this deal (and wasn't paid to be in the movie, either), but I believe in the message of this documentary so strongly that I'm urging everyone to get the DVD and watch it.

Click here to order the DVD directly from Faerie Films

We even locked in a $5 off discount exclusively for NewsTarget readers, so you'll get the movie at the best price on the 'net. By purchasing this movie, you're also supporting Faerie Films, the studio that was courageous enough to tackle this issue and go to battle with the food corporations, exposing their exploitive, manipulative junk food marketing schemes and detailing how an entire generation of children is now being harmed by processed foods and junk beverages sugared up with corn syrup. Your purchase of this DVD goes to help fund continued moviemaking efforts like this, and that has a tremendous impact on the education of parents and families around the world, so if you get this DVD, feel good about your decision to do so. Order it at the discounted price directly from Faerie Films at

Here's the first exclusive clip from All Jacked Up, featuring a hilarious animation and a heated conversation about the economic effects of junk food on America:

Warning: Your understanding of food is about to be rocked by All Jacked Up

If you decide to get the film, be warned that you will likely never look at your food the same way again. Even though the film is focused on teenagers, the information applies across the board for people of any age. After viewing this film, you may find yourself instantly changing your eating habits.

Be warned: Some scenes in the film are disturbing. When it gets to the part about the factory farming of cattle and pigs to produce beef and pork, you may want to avert your eyes or mute the sound... it's just too disturbing for any compassionate person to watch without breaking down in tears over what these food companies are doing to living, breathing animals in order to sell more disease-promoting hamburgers to consumers.

But All Jacked Up isn't a movie about vegetarianism. It's actually a mainstream film, and it doesn't push any particular diet (although it does feature one segment with one of the raw foods Boutenko family members). It's focused almost entirely on showing you what's wrong with the "Standard American Diet" and the real cost of that diet in terms of disease, emotional distress and broken lives. It's up to you, the viewer, to decide what kind of diet you want to pursue after watching the movie, but make no mistake: You will automatically choose a healthier diet after watching this film! You can't help it. All Jacked Up speaks to your brain in a way that instantly changes your behavior.

In fact, if your diet isn't as healthy as you'd like it to be, I think watching All Jacked Up is a great way to jolt yourself back into a healthier lifestyle. It's actually a form of cognitive dietary therapy, and if you have children or teenagers, do whatever it takes to sit them down in front of this video and let them watch it. They'll be very interested in the film (because it features the real lives of other teenagers), and they'll emerge from the viewing with completely new ideas about what kind of food and beverages they want to consume. You don't have to say a word; the movie takes care of the message.

All Jacked Up is the secret recipe for changing the diets of your children for the better!

(Note: It's not for very young children, however. There are some disturbing "animal processing" scenes that are not appropriate for a six year old, for example. It's fine for teens, though. The children I invited to watch it were 12 and 13 years old, and they'll never touch hot dogs again...)

More Exclusive Video Clips Coming Soon

Faerie Films has gone to great lengths to make behind-the-scenes video clips available to NewsTarget readers, and we'll be featuring them on the site on a regular basis. Each clip will contain a short segment of interviews, animations or "reality footage" from the film. You'll be able to view them all free of charge through YouTube, so stay tuned to for announcements about upcoming clips.

And if you'd like the see the entire movie, just get the DVD: Click here to order the DVD at a 20% discount exclusive to NewsTarget readers.

You'll find All Jacked Up to be a life-changing journey into the dark side of food corporations, fast food restaurant chains and bogus "energy drinks."

If our country's health authorities had any brains, they'd air this film on national television every week for a year, just to educate and inform people about how to avoid the things that destroy their health. But alas, our nation's health authorities are little more than puppets, owned and controlled by the very corporations manufacturing and selling the junk products that are destroying the health of an entire generation. There's no way they would let this documentary make it to prime-time television. This is the movie they desperately hope you never see.

This is the documentary they wish would go away. It's just the kind of damning information linking junk foods with catastrophic health that Big Food wants to make disappear as quickly as possible. In fact, your act of watching this film is, all by itself, an act of passionate protest against the corporations that would love nothing more than to turn you into a brain-dead, disease-managed feeding machine that lives an entire lifetime as an ignorant, manipulated consumer. This movie is the red pill in The Matrix. It's the way you journey down the rabbit hole and find out what's really happening on the other side... all from the safety of your couch, of course!