Fighting Back Against Monsanto and GM Crops

First and foremost, stop financially supporting Monsanto as much as possible. This means scouting out and avoiding GMO foods on the grocery store shelf, not buying Monsanto`s products, and more. As Shelly Roche of says, "Vote With Your Fork!"

Shelly has a Roundup Challenge in which we the people can fight back by not purchasing Monsanto`s number one consumer product, RoundUp. You can find out more about that here. She also has a short list of ways to identify GMO foods in the grocery store so you can avoid purchasing them.

The Institute for Responsible Technology has a No GMO Challenge you can participate in right now as well as a convenient 9-page guide you candownload or order in print for helping identify GMO foods and food sources in products.

Finally, both of the current "Food Safety Act" bills in Congress are extremely GM-friendly and should be opposed for that and many other reasons. They`ve been covered well by Ethan Huff here at Natural News: Food Safety Health - Food Safety Freedom

These are the easiest ways you can participate in fighting back against GMOs. Spread the information about GMOs to as many people as you can and participate in local food markets and other sources of non-corporate food production.

Working together, everyone in the world, not just Americans, can fight to keep food and nutritional choices in our own hands and not at the mercy of bureaucrats and Big Agra. (naturalnews,

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