Oil Polluting the Gulf has Long been Polluting Our Bodies

(NaturalNews) Think the oil is just polluting the Gulf? Think again... The Associated Press recently shared that of the 212 chemicals the CDC reported finding in human blood last year, more than 180 of those chemicals started out in oil or natural gas. So, while everyone's focused on the oil that's polluting the Gulf and oceans worldwide, oil has also been quietly polluting our bodies for years - and all too often disrupting our health.

How did these oil-based petrochemicals get inside of us? Oil-based chemicals are more ubiquitous than most people think. In fact, most people put petrochemicals in or on their bodies many times each day. If you're using mainstream toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, lipstick, shaving cream, or perfume, you're probably absorbing their petrochemicals. If you're eating non-organic food, you're probably consuming oil-based insecticides on your food.

Petrochemicals are also in the water supply. In fact, chlorine is made from oil and it's often purposefully added to municipal water supplies. But it doesn't stop there... Petrochemicals are in plastic, carpeting, nylon and polyester clothing, furniture, ink, crayons, candles, laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, and computers. And from all of these sources, they're absorbed into our bodies.

Propylene glycol is an FDA approved oil derivative that's found in ice creams, packaged cakes, and other junk foods. Propylene glycol is also common in personal care products - and in anti-freeze. In fact, propylene glycol was originally formulated as anti-freeze. Isn't it nice that children all over the world are eating anti-freeze?

The problem with petrochemicals is that they're hormone disruptors, and hormones affect our moods, sleep, growth, sexual development - and essentially the functioning of all our organs. With time and accumulation, petrochemicals can also damage our nerves, liver, and brain. And these chemicals can be at the root of birth defects, asthma, cancer - and more.

A Carnegie Mellon chemistry professor explains that the underlying premise of the petrochemical industry is that these molecules will "do what they're designed for and not interact with life. What we're finding is that premise is wrong - profoundly wrong." The professor also explains that a "whole world of low-dose (health) effects" are being discovered from petrochemical accumulation in the body.

All of this provides all the more reason to make the mainstay of your diet organic foods from nature, to deeply detoxify your body, and to use only natural cleaning and personal care products purchased from a health food store. These simple steps can dramatically reduce your exposure to oil-based chemicals - and also help you remove many of the dangerous substances that are already inside. (Natural News, 7.31.2010, Kim Evans, citizen journalist, See all articles by this author, Email this author)


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