RAWkathon Event Broadcasts 14 Free Video Interviews with Leading Raw Foods Visionaries

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 by: Mike Adams (see all articles by this author)
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(NaturalNews) The raw food movement is sweeping the world, helping millions of people lose weight, reverse cancer, eliminate heart disease and restore vitality and enthusiasm to their lives. People are jumping onto to the raw food movement for all the right reasons: For health, beauty, simplicity and sustainability. Whether they're 50% raw, 70% raw or even 95% raw, they're all experiencing tremendous benefits from the raw foods diet (I'm 80% raw right now, by the way).

Now, one of the greatest content minds in the industry -- Kevin Gianni -- has put together a powerful collection of 14 video interviews with the top personalities in the raw foods movement. And get this... he's posting them all online for FREE during this RAWkathon Online Video Event, which starts October 19. Register here to view the videos for free: http://www.rawkathon.com/naturalnews

The video interviews are all-new interviews, just filmed over the last few weeks, and they include:

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Victoria Boutenko, Dr. Doug Graham, David Wolfe (of Sunfood.com), Viktora Kulvinskas, Nomi Shannan (of RawGourmet.com), Cherie Soria, David Rainochek (creator of JuiceFeasting.com), Frederic Patenaude, Dr. Rick Dina, Matt Monarch, Karen Knowler, Dr. Jameth Sheridan (of HealthForce Nutritionals), Happy Oasis and even a segment with yours truly (the Health Ranger).

You can watch 'em all for free by registering for the event with your name and email address. Simply tune in with your web browser during the week of October 19, and you'll be able to view each of the video interviews while they're posted during a 24-hour window.

Want to watch the videos anytime? Or do you want to buy the DVDs? Those options are available, too, but they're not required. That's the revenue model for this RAWkathon event, by the way: Give away the video content online for a limited time, and some people will gladly purchase unlimited access to the videos (or a full set of physical DVDs). The fact that it's optional means you can choose to enjoy watching all these phenomenal video interviews in whatever format suits you best! (NaturalNews receives a commission if you choose to purchase one of the upgrades.)

Kevin Gianni was the co-creator of the hugely successful Raw Summit event you may have joined in last year. It featured audio interview with top people in the raw foods industry, and hundreds of thousands of listeners tuned in to hear those interviews.

This year, Gianni -- a constant innovator -- has created the world's first raw foods VIDEO summit. Kevin Gianni is also a business partner of mine who co-created the Health Book Summaries service (www.HealthBookSummaries.com), which offers free downloadable PDF summaries of popular books on health and nutrition. When you register for the RAWkathon event, in fact, you get signed up for free access to the Health Book Summaries, too!

So get started right now at: http://www.rawkathon.com/naturalnews

There, you'll be able to read the table of contents on what's provided in the video event: Who covers what topics, strategies for success with raw foods and much more.

My take on raw foods

I'm a huge proponent of raw, living foods, and I make them the foundation of my diet. I'm juicing fresh vegetables every day, and eating a diet that's almost 100% based on plants (I take a few omega-3 supplements, however, that are not based on plants).

About 80% of my diet is raw, and ALL of my proteins are from plants. My two favorite protein sources are Sunwarrior (www.Sunwarrior.com) and Living Fuel (www.LivingFuel.com). The cooked part of my diet consists of soups, quinoa and Chinese-style vegetables stir-fried with garlic and onions. From time to time, I'll also eat whole grain bread, but it's rare.

The point in all this is that you don't have to be 100% raw to consider yourself a raw foodist. All you have to do is make raw, living foods part of every meal and do your best to transition away from animal-based products and onto plant-based products.

These videos, in fact, will reveal a wealth of wisdom and know-how for accomplishing exactly that. It's one of the many reasons why they're so valuable. I'll be watching them, too, because I want to learn from the very best, and these folks are among the very best in the industry.

I especially want to mention that David Rainochek is one of the most underrated, brilliant researchers in the raw foods movement. He's no celebrity (not yet, anyway), but having spent many hours with David, I can tell you he's one of the very brightest people I've ever met. His website is www.JuiceFeasting.com

I also want to mention that Dr. Jameth Sheridan deserves a lot of credit for his passion and commitment to creating superfood products that are widely considered the very best hard-core formulations in the world. They're not for beginners in the world of superfoods, but they are hugely impressive in terms of their nutritional density and formulation wisdom. Check out his company at www.HealthForce.com

Matt Monarch is also, I believed, destined to become one of the most respected voices in the raw foods movement due to his deeply-rooted integrity and commitment to living the lifestyle he shares with others through his books and products (www.TheRawFoodWorld.com)

Nomi Shannon is the author of The Raw Gourmet, which remains my favorite raw foods recipe book. I even wrote the introduction for Nomi's newest book, called Raw Food Celebrations.

All the speakers you see participating in this video event are outstanding in their own ways, of course. I haven't actually met them all, but I hope to soon.

Don't miss out on this event. Register now (free) at: http://www.rawkathon.com/naturalnews