Corporate Media Gets You Ready for Your Forced Experimental Vaccination

Fox’s Shepard Smith almost said “draconian” and instead said “drastic” while reporting on Northcom’s involvement in plans to “administer” a toxic H1N1 vaccine, more than likely in October. Robert Gates, the Bush admin leftover at the Pentagon, is ready to sign off on marrying troops with FEMA when the engineered pandemic breaks out later this year. No mention of the egregious violation of Posse Comitatus this plan presents in the Fox News report:


Northcom has a plan “on the table” for “five regional military teams” to back up FEMA when the pandemic hits. Fox’s Brain Wilson reports the military will be involved in imposing “mass quarantines,” that is to say martial law.

It is becoming increasingly clear what the government has in mind for the serfs.

For all the details on the hyped flu pandemic, forced vaccination with experimental vaccines, and coming martial law, see our Flu Pandemic Resource page. (Infowars, 7.31.2009)

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