Pharmaceuticals in the Water: Why Medication Contamination is a Danger to Our Health and the Environment (transcript)

by Mike Adams (see all articles by this author)

Welcome everyone. I'm the Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Today we're talking about the dangers of chemicals in your tap water. The Associated Press has done a study, and they're reporting today that all kinds of chemicals are found in your tap water, and this time we're not talking about lead, mercury, pesticides, synthetic hormones, or anything like that. Today we're talking about pharmaceuticals in your water. (This article is a transcript of the audio program Health Ranger Report #19, which is available at )

Sounds pretty crazy doesn't it? But it's true. Pharmaceuticals are now found in 24 major metropolitan cities. I mean the water supplying those cities is contaminated with pharmaceuticals. Not just one or two either, but six different pharmaceuticals so far – that's what has been found – including anti-depressant medications, anti-seizure medications, anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, even caffeine. Yes, there is caffeine in the water. You don't even need to drink coffee in the morning anymore!

Get up; slam some tap water, and you have your chemicals for the day! Well, that's just an exaggeration of course. They're not found in large amounts in the water, and we're going to talk about that over the next few minutes – talk to you about the dangers of these chemicals found in the public water supply and reveal what you can do to protect yourself from these chemicals. All that's coming right up.

All right, let's start with what has been found in the water and how it got there. That's a big question, and when I have been talking with people about this, they've asked me, "Hey Mike, how do these drugs get in the water supply?" Well, to understand that you have to understand where your water comes from.

Now this might be kind of a scary talk, actually. If you know where your water comes from you may not want to drink it anymore. In fact, I think anyone drinking out of the tap is probably not well informed yet. We're going to help you get informed here in the next few minutes.

Toilet water from the tap

Here is how the water really works. Many cities take their water from the rivers. Now, this is where you get your water, and they just treat it. So whatever actually comes downstream to those cities is put into their municipal water supplies. Now many consumers have the misconception that these cities actually remove all the dangerous chemicals and substances from the water before they put it into the pipes that go into your kitchen and your bathroom and your home.

That's not true. They don't remove everything. Sure, they remove the dirt, the sand, and the leaves but they don't even remove microorganisms and bacteria. No, that's not their job. They don't remove them. They just kill them.

Their only job is to sanitize the water so that what you get is drinkable. It will not kill you, but it's not clean. They use chlorine for that usually. They dump chlorine chemicals into the water; chlorine kills the microorganisms, and then you end up drinking chlorine and dead bacteria at the tap.

Kind of a scary thing, I know. I warned you this section could be a little strange, but we have not even gotten to the scary part yet. The scary part is that you see the city upstream – the one that's maybe a hundred miles upstream that's sending water your way. Well that city is taking all the raw sewage from all the people who live in that city – whatever is flushed down the toilet, which includes pharmaceuticals, caffeine, and toxic chemical products including toxic consumer products.

All that stuff ultimately is dumped into the river. Sure, it's treated first. There is some minimal treatment necessary. They're not just going to release raw sewage right into the river. To see that you have to go to China or other countries, but in the United States we don't just release raw sewage. They treat it, and then they take that treated sewage and dump it in the river.

How to drink water like an astronaut

That goes downstream, and that goes right into the intake valves of the next city downstream. That city then takes that same water into their water treatment facility, and then they clean out the particles and add chlorine. They serve that up to their citizens. What you're drinking, if you live in a city that's downstream from any other city, you're drinking -- I kid you not -- recycled urine from the city upstream.

I told you it would sound gross, but look, I don't hold back here, okay? You're going to get the blunt information from me. This is how it really works. You're drinking recycled urine. You don't even have to go onto the space shuttle and be a NASA astronaut in order to drink recycled urine.

They do that in space, of course, to conserve water, but we do the same thing right here in the United States to conserve water as well. I mean where are these cities going to get their water? They have to get it from the river that's flowing downstream. Whatever is in that river ends up in your water, and that's how we have pharmaceuticals now being found in the water supply in scary combinations.

Now I know there are many experts out there who say, "Well, look. The levels of these pharmaceuticals are not alarming. They're only being found in parts per trillion in some cases. Very tiny amounts – you could call them micro-doses of these pharmaceuticals – that cannot possibly harm anybody; could it?" That's what they're saying. Well, it's interesting.

Trust us, we're experts!

If you look at the history of conventional medicine and the history of the chemical industry, isn't it just one case after another of experts telling you that these chemicals are all safe? No, it couldn't possibly harm you!

Mercury is perfectly safe, they used to say. It couldn't possibly harm you. Let's use it for fillings and put it in your mouth. Yes, don't worry about it. They would say lead is perfectly safe. Don't worry about that either – so they have led gasoline.

For decades, when cars were driving around they were putting lead into the air and people were breathing the lead and children were having problems. That's why they finally came up with unleaded gasoline to get rid of the lead problem. We were told Teflon was safe, right?

Now we know if you heat the Teflon pan too much, it releases fumes into the air. It will kill parrots. Yes, if you have a parakeet or a parrot in your house and cooking with Teflon and if you get that pan too hot, you will kill the bird. That's how dangerous some of these chemicals can be.

We have a long history in this country of experts – so-called experts – telling you how safe all these various chemicals are: "Don't worry about it. Oh, go ahead and take Vioxx. Take these anti-inflammatory drugs. Take these Cox II inhibitors they call them. Don't worry about it; you're going to be perfectly safe."

Dead consumers don't complain

Yes, sure you are if you don't die from it. Yes, the ones who are left alive are probably okay, but what about the ones who died? Dr. David Graham once testified that one drug approved by the FDA killed more Americans than were killed in the entire Vietnam War. Think about that for a minute.

One pharmaceutical killed more Americans than the amount who died in the entire Vietnam War. That's over 50,000 Americans, and then the FDA turned right around and said, "Oh that's not too dangerous. Not dangerous enough to ban, let's keep selling that drug. Let's keep it approved."

You see, that's the kind of attitude we get from regulators and industry these days. No chemical is too dangerous for the masses even if it kills 50,000 or 60,000 Americans. You know what they say? "What about all the people it helped?" That's what they say.

It might have saved 10,000 lives they say. Do you know what it really did? It saved 10,000 shareholders for those pharmaceutical companies. That's what it did. It made them rich. Of course, the people who died don't complain, do they?

How a little bit goes a long way

Getting back to the water, now we have pharmaceuticals in the water. Of course, you're being told that it's all perfectly safe – don't worry about it. Here's the catch – no one has ever tested these in combination.

You see, they can say that one of these drugs in micro-doses is perfectly safe. They can say that another one is perfectly safe, and they can say that a third one is safe because maybe they've tested one at a time. No one in the entire world – not in any industry – no one has ever tested what happens when you combine these drugs.

What about the combination – the toxic pharmaceutical cocktail that we're now feeding essentially to infants, children, pregnant women, senior citizens, voters – we're feeding this intoxicating liquid now to all these people in society because it's in the water supply. What kind of impact will that have on you, your family, your friends, and your community?

No one knows. It's a grand experiment. No one knows what's going to happen.

Are we all playing the part of guinea pigs?

Every time you turn on the tap and drink some water or every time you use tap water to make soup, you're cooking some soup and you're filling up the pan with tap water. Every time you take a shower or a bath, you're either absorbing or swallowing trace amounts of different pharmaceuticals that you're never even given a prescription for. Isn't that interesting? I mean if you went out to a pharmacy and you said give me all these drugs, and I don't have a prescription, they would look at you as if you were crazy.

If you insisted on it, they might call the police and say that's illegal. You cannot have these drugs without a prescription, but you can go home, turn on the tap, and get all those drugs without a prescription. In fact, without any kind of medical examination whatsoever, and that's the scary part.

Why are we now dosing tens of millions of Americans with pharmaceuticals when these have never been prescribed to those people? They don't need these medicines. In fact, the medicines might harm them. I mean if you give these dangerous pharmaceuticals to people who don't have a need for them, they're going to be harmed, right?

The side effects kick in, but again the critics are saying, "Don't worry, these drugs are only present in very small amounts." That's when we started talking about the combination. What happens in humans when you combine all of these drugs in trace amounts – micro-doses, and you just let them keep consuming this?

Especially the infants, the children, and the expectant mothers – what happens? Well, the truth is it's a grand medical experiment now being played out on the American people, and it's being done without their consent.

You did not volunteer for this medical experiment. You were volunteered through no fault of your own. Yes, that's right. You're subjected to this without any consent on your part, and that's part of the crime here, I believe. Now normally who is responsible for keeping our water safe – the Environmental Protection Agency, right?

If it isn't proven dangerous, it's safe?

The EPA is supposed to regulate these dangerous chemicals. They're supposed to say you have to keep lead out of the water, and there is only a certain tolerable level of chlorine or mercury or cadmium or other pollutants. Well, guess what they're saying about these trace levels of pharmaceuticals in the water?

Guess what they're saying now? It doesn't matter. They say, "Don't worry about it. We're not going to regulate it. There's no guideline. There's no limit." They've said essentially nothing.

I think technically they've said some things like, "Oh we might be concerned about this." But they've done nothing – no action, just talk. That's disturbing because when we look at what happens downstream to the other living organisms that are impacted by the run-off from modern civilization, we see some very alarming things happening.

For example, the amphibians – the frogs downstream – some of those frogs are now growing dual sex organs. They're part male and part female, and they cannot reproduce, not surprisingly. This is a problem.

What if our next generation of children, because they're consuming this water and they're being exposed to toxic levels of these pharmaceutical chemicals, begins to have infertility problems? What if they have disfigured sex organs like those that we have seen in the amphibians downstream? Is that a possibility? Of course it is.

How to manufacture disease

We already see it happening to other animals downstream. We have dead zones in the oceans now everywhere where a river empties out of North America and goes into the ocean, like in the Gulf of Mexico for example – it's a dead zone. Fish can't even live there.

There is no life except, of course, algal blooms, which are large populations of algae, right? They can live there, but everything else is killed. Nothing else can survive.

A lot of that is agricultural runoff, but it's probably also at least partially due to the pharmaceutical runoff that we're now talking about -- the pharmaceutical pollution. You know why we have this problem now anyway? It's because Big Pharma – that means all the pharmaceutical corporations – is pushing its pills onto everybody for conditions that make no sense. They're inventing diseases just so they can sell pills to people.

They really are. These conditions like Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder – they try to diagnose all these kids with ADHD, so they can put them on drugs. And do you know what drugs those are? Those are amphetamines. They used to be called speed when you could buy them on the street – when they were illegal street drugs.

Now they're being prescribed to children and, of course, the kids are taking those drugs, and when they go home and they use the restroom and they flush the toilet, trace amounts of those drugs go right into the water supply, and they go downstream. That's what is contaminating the next city down the line.

This is where it's coming from. We're a nation of over-drugged people, and the drug companies are trying to push more pills onto us all the time. They're trying to tell us we're all diseased. They even say that being pregnant is a disease. They say that having a cholesterol number that's too far off of their number is a disease.

Are you a victim of disease, or modern medicine?

Hogwash – that's nonsense, scientific nonsense. I know people with high cholesterol numbers who are perfectly healthy. They're athletic. They eat right. They just have high cholesterol because there's a difference in their genetics. A difference in their biochemistry – the drug companies are trying to say those people are diseased. They're trying to say that you're diseased.

They will find something wrong with you – trust me. You go in and have a lab test done, and they read a bunch of numbers out on a piece of paper for you. They will find one number or more that they say is a disease. Yes, your blood sugar is too high. Your blood pressure is too high! Your blood cholesterol is too high.

Oh, do you feel lonely? Do you feel shy? Do you ever miss someone? You must be depressed. You must need an anti-depressant. Here take these pills! They're happy pills. They will make you happy.

Keep taking them. Keep flushing them down the toilet, and let the people downstream drink them after you. That's what they're saying and that's what is happening in this country now. We have a country that is intoxicated.

A country polluted with so many medications that it's now in the water. It's now to the point where if you water your lawn, you're actually putting pharmaceuticals on your grass. It's true. I mean it's to the point where if you're a farmer and you're watering your cattle, your chickens, and your pigs, you're actually giving them micro-doses of pharmaceuticals. This makes no sense. Hasn't someone noticed that this has all gone too far?

There is really no need in human biology for all of these pharmaceuticals. We were not born with a deficiency in pharmaceutical chemicals. That's what the drug companies want us to believe –that from the moment we're born, we need more drugs, and you're supposed to take more drugs as a child, and then as a teenager, and then as an adult, and then as a senior citizen. The only time you're allowed to stop taking pharmaceuticals is when you die – even if you die from taking the pharmaceuticals, by the way.

That's what they've sold to us. It's a huge fraud. But they've sold it to us, and many people have bought into it. That's why our water is polluted. Now we're going to talk about solutions – how can you protect yourself from these dangerous chemicals in the water? What can you do on a practical level?

Beating the system

What can you do to protect yourself? Okay, the first suggestion is don't drink tap water. I hope you're not drinking tap water anyway because there are other scary things in there beyond pharmaceuticals. I mean those pipes are for delivering dish water, okay, in my opinion – dish water, maybe bath water, certainly toilet water but not drinking water. If you want to drink some water, you should be drinking water that's filtered, and we will talk about filtration or distilled, or you should get water that's actually from a natural source like spring water.

Now, don't be fooled into buying Dasani and Aquafina – those are bottled water products that are actually made by Coca Cola and Pepsi. Yes, they got into the water business too because it's profitable, but do you know what they use for their water source? It's actually written right on the bottle – tap water. Hard to believe isn't it? Dasani and Aquafina made by Coca Cola and Pepsi are made from tap water.

Yes, they just turn on the tap, and you get the same water that they use. Of course, they filter it, and they add some additional minerals into it. Then they bottle it, slap a nice plastic colored label on the bottle, and hike up the price about 10,000% over the cost of the water.

It looks a lot nicer, but it's still based on tap water, which could mean, by the way, and I don't know this for sure, but it could mean that those bottled waters still contain trace levels of the very pharmaceuticals that we're talking about being pollutants. It's possible. I don't know for sure. I would be interested to know.

If I find that out, I will share it with you, but if they're using tap water, it makes sense that we should be reasonably concerned about the possible contamination of those bottled water products with the trace amounts of pharmaceuticals that the Associated Press has already found in the municipal water supplies, right? That all makes sense.

If a tree falls in the forest, and Coca Cola doesn't hear…

In addition, by the way, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and lots of other soft drink companies, they use tap water in their bottling facilities. You could be drinking a can of soda that's made with water and high fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid and all these other ingredients. Guess what? That beverage could be made from the same tap water that's contaminated with pharmaceuticals too. In fact, you could be drinking a beer, and that beer could be made from the same contaminated water.

You have to be very careful about what you're drinking these days. You don't know what's in it. These companies, by the way, are not even testing for the presence of pharmaceuticals in the water. They're not even testing for it according to a statement that was published by the Associated Press. Do you know why they're not testing for it? They don't want to see it.

First, they think the levels are too low to be of any concern. Secondly, if they don't test for it, then they cannot discover that it's there. I mean why bother? Until this becomes a bigger problem and there is more pressure from the public or from investors, they're not going to waste their time sounding the alarm on what may or may not be in their water. Step One is don't drink tap water. Step Two is if you want to drink tap water, filter it first.

Now I know that buying bottled water for drinking purposes is very expensive if it's natural water like spring water from a natural source. That can get very pricey. It's a couple of bucks a bottle and if you're drinking that every day, you're going to burn through some cash. It's a lot more economical to use a water filtration system. Now there are many different water filters on the market.

Something is better than nothing

There is one that I like called "Aquasana." You can check that out online. Oh, by the way don't forget to check out the rest of the website, and you can actually research some of these issues. Just type in the search box: "water filters" or "water contamination" or any of these other topics. You get a whole slew of articles on that subject, so be sure to use that resource.

Aquasana is a brand that I like. You can buy other brands at stores. There are consumer level products that you can just screw on to your kitchen faucet. Those help – they definitely remove many contaminants. The thing is I don't know for sure whether they remove all the pharmaceuticals or not. I mean we know they remove mercury and lead and lots of other contaminants, but those are heavy metals. Those have a completely different chemical composition from pharmaceuticals.

I am not sure that they're going to be a total solution for you. I am going to find out by the way. We're going to interview someone from Aquasana, and we're going to get answers on this and share them with you so that you can make an informed decision about the best way to protect you and your family from these dangerous pharmaceutical pollutants now found in the water.

Until then – until we know all the facts, one thing we do know for sure – this is basic common sense – we know that filtered water is going to be cleaner than non-filtered water. You don't have to be a genius to figure that out, right? Filtered is better so get your self a water filter even if it's not a super high-end one.

One that you can afford is better than one that you cannot afford and don't have. Get what you can afford. Put it in place and start protecting yourself.

The skin is your largest organ

Many people ask me, "Hey Mike, should I get a shower filter too?" I say yes, you should definitely get a shower filter because the water coming out of your shower is hot, right? Heat opens up the pores in your skin, and that allows your skin to absorb all the chemicals coming out of that shower faucet.

Whatever is in that water is getting absorbed into your skin and going into your blood stream. Guess what is in the water in most places – chlorine. Chlorine is linked to bladder cancer.

Yes, that's one more reason you should not go swimming in pools that are treated with chlorine by the way. It's linked to an increase in bladder cancer. Chlorine is a poison. That's how it works.

That's how it actually kills microorganisms because it poisons them. It kills them, and it's not very good for human biology either. If you're showering, then you're getting doses of chlorine in your skin and in your blood.

The best protection from that is a shower filter. And again, I am not pushing any particular brand, and I don't own stock in any water filter companies or anything like that. Just do your research; find a good quality filter, and put it in place. I am interested in you protecting your health – protecting your family.

I don't want to see any of you get bladder cancer from the dangerous chlorine that's found in the water supply. By protecting yourself with that filter, by the way, you may at the same time be protecting yourself against the pharmaceuticals that are now found in the water, and actually a lot of other chemicals too. I definitely shower with a shower filter, and I think you should too. Get that one and put it into place.

Synergy: The hidden variable

Now with that discussion, many people might ask what the real risk is. Is there really a risk here? Are these drugs dangerous in the levels? We don't know, do we? Some critics might say, "Hey Mike, you're scaring people for no reason. No one really knows if there is any risk." Well that's my point. That's exactly my point. No one knows – the risk is entirely unknown.

No one has ever done the research. There is no scientific data on this. No one can tell you that it's safe, can they? Not a single person – there is no scientist, no doctor, no expert, no government regulator who can tell you that all these chemicals in your water in combination are perfectly safe for your health. They cannot say that unless, of course, they're just lying to you, which they're probably very likely to do.

Many people seem to do that for a living. They love to lie to you about the safety of their dangerous chemicals. I'm here to tell you it's an unknown risk, and shouldn't we as consumers avoid unknown risks if possible? Shouldn't we reduce our exposure to those risks? I think so, and we're going to have more discussion about this.

We're going to talk about the real nature of unknown risk and why these people are lying to you about this issue. Again, some more ideas about what you can to protect yourself and your family.

Average consumers vs. informed consumers

By the way, I want to take a moment and just thank you for reading. I am here to serve my audience – to give you the information that you need to be an informed and skeptical consumer. You see, I don't have a boss.

That's right. I don't work for any company. I have been doing this for years, and I live a very healthy lifestyle myself.

I have worked to help hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people lead a healthier life and to teach them how to be consumers that are more skeptical. You should be skeptical and not trust what the corporations are trying to tell you. Don't trust what the government is trying to tell you either. Their regulators are corrupt, and we will talk about that in more detail at a later time. I will prove to you how the FDA is corrupt and in fact, in my opinion, criminal in its negligence.

How the USDA is corrupt and even criminal when it comes to issues like Mad Cow Disease. And today, we're talking about the EPA – the Environmental Protection Agency – and how it's negligent in protecting consumers from dangerous chemicals found in the water supply. There are many people who go around society and they just believe whatever the authorities tell them.

Those people, I am sorry to say, are foolishly behaving. They don't know just how much these corporations and these government regulators are working to exploit them and misinform them. That's right, many consumers are actually misinformed. They're told exactly the opposite of what is true. When a chemical is dangerous and might kill them, they're told that it's perfectly safe, and they should eat all they want.

When the economy is falling, the housing bubble is crashing, and the future of the U.S. dollar is at risk, people are told not to worry about it. Put all your savings in dollars! Buy now! It's the same fraud. Government regulators and corporations are so often in the business of misinforming consumers.

I consider myself a spokesperson for countering that – for speaking out for the people, supporting the people, and showing them how they can be skeptical, well-informed consumers on a variety of issues. Of course, we focus on health, natural health, and health freedom. Thanks for continuing to read. I promise to do my best to keep bringing you valuable information that you can use to protect your health.

Driving home with no headlights

Now, let's continue with this unknown risk situation here. When you have many pharmaceuticals in the water supply as have now been discovered and when you have them in combination, many regulators say, "Don't worry; it's an unknown risk. No one knows. It has never been proven dangerous."

Well, I have a question for you. Do you drive around at night in your car with your headlights off, because that's an unknown risk too. I mean do you really drive around a corner on a tall cliff where there is a large drop off with your headlights off because you like unknown risks? Of course not – but that's what they're telling you to do.

They're telling you to go ahead and drink this, eat that, put this on your skin, use that, take these drugs, take these pharmaceuticals, take this radiation, and take this chemotherapy. They're telling you to do all these things, and they're saying don't worry. It has never been proven dangerous. That's what they're saying. It's like driving around with your headlights off.

I think that's foolish. I think if you're going to navigate in this world – whether you're navigating the roads at night or navigating your own health journey – whatever you're navigating, you should do it with your headlights on. You should be informed. You should have all the information possible to make the best decision about how to enhance your health, how to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals.

Away from nature, toward disease

That's what we're talking about here – exposure to toxic chemicals. Now it's only common sense that the human species – the human race – is actually designed to drink pure water, rainwater, or water that is not contaminated with toxic chemicals – water that is pure and natural. Water with maybe just a few natural minerals in it because it came from the rocks in the streams and the rivers through which the water flowed.

If that's what humans are supposed to drink, then anything that deviates from that probably is not good for you, right? If you take pure water and you start putting toxic chemicals in it, it makes common sense that it becomes less and less healthy, right?

If you start putting mercury, lead, cadmium, or radiation, or if you start putting some kind of salt into it, or PCB's or pesticides, then it's probably not as good for you as the pure water. It would only make sense that if you find pharmaceuticals in the water, it's probably not as good for you as the pure water.

The question is well, how much? How bad is it exactly? And again, no one knows the answer to that. So the EPA says since we don't know, we will say it's fine. Where have you heard this before? You have heard this from the FDA, right?

You've heard it on issues like aspartame – the artificial chemical sweetener in diet sodas. They say well we don't really have any data that aspartame is dangerous. Actually they do. They just rather sweep it under the rug.

They're just not really looking at that data. They have it. They're claiming we don't really have the data; therefore, it must be safe. This is amazing logic. I mean if you demonstrated this kind of logic in a 10th Grade math class you would get an "F."

Rising up against the 'protectors'

The FDA applies this logic to the entire population. Don't worry, the FDA is in charge, and they're here to protect you. Yes, just like the EPA when it comes to your water. Don't worry, these chemicals are fine.

What can you do now to make a difference to help resolve this issue, help protect not only your family, but also your fellow human beings against this pollution? I think you can call your representatives at the state level, at the federal level. You can call them up, and you can express your displeasure with this whole thing and say, "I am not happy about the fact that there are pharmaceuticals in my water."

That's a reasonable statement, don't you think? Maybe they will start to look into it. If enough people call, they will start to look into it. Do that. Let your voice be heard.

Don't sit around and just let these companies put chemicals in the water without any kind of response from the public. We have to stand up for these things. We have to fight back. We have to shout out our truth and say, "Hey, we deserve to have clean water. Not water that's contaminated with pharmaceuticals! Take that stuff out or stop putting it in the water in the first place."

We're going to look more closely at fluoride at a later time. That's crazy stuff. It's not even natural fluoride by the way. It's a synthetic chemical. It's a byproduct of the pesticide and fertilizer industries, and they put that into the water on purpose. It's incredible what they do.

The next thing you can do is you can call your local water treatment facility, and you can demand that they run tests and inform you about what they find in the water. If their test finds that there are pharmaceuticals in their water, then you should request that they find a way to take those pharmaceuticals out. Find a way to give you cleaner water. You're paying for the water after all; shouldn't it be clean?

You can apply pressure as a consumer. You can do all these things, and you can spread the word. Talk to others about this issue. Say, "Hey did you know you should not drink out of the tap because there are pharmaceuticals in the tap water. Did you know that?"

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your co-workers. Make sure people are aware of this issue and how important it is to avoid tap water now. It's amazing what they're doing to our water in this country.

America's self-induced terrorism

You see it's not just the pharmaceuticals. It's also the fluoride and the other things that they allow in the water supply. The EPA says, "Oh yes, you can have these levels of these contaminants in the water, and it's all perfectly safe."

It reminds me of the fact that the water supply is considered a target for terrorism. I mean they've said this in Washington; the terrorists could dump poison into the water supply, and they could poison tens of millions of people very easily that way. I think, why they would bother?

America is already poisoning the water supply with pharmaceuticals and fluoride and other chemicals like chlorine. I mean we're poisoning ourselves. The corporations are the chemical terrorists of our water supply.

They don't even need terrorists from anywhere else to harm Americans. Our own companies are already harming us by our own failed regulators. We're being harmed right now.

You have to stand up. Join me and join others. Check out the rest of this website. We're going to do some reporting on this. Join us in standing up and demanding cleaner water and in demanding that the EPA regulate pharmaceuticals as environmental pollutants. That's the only way we're going to be able to take control of this issue, protect ourselves, and protect our children from these dangerous chemicals now found in the water supply.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. We're going to have some interesting issues coming up to help you be empowered, safe, healthy, and protected against what these corporations and government officials are trying to do to you. Yes, stay informed. That's how you protect yourself. Talk to you then!