Legal Drugs Pollute the World's Water

Scientists in Europe have found that legal drugs are polluting its rivers and lakes.

Prescription drugs are being expelled from people and flushed into the rivers and lakes in such large amounts that they are seriously polluting these fresh water sources.  It is estimated that 95% of legal drugs end up in fresh water sources after passing through the body and sewage treatment plants.  European environmental bureaucrats will conduct an investigation into this problem.

This same problem plagues America as well.  "Just about everything people put into their mouths gets into the water," said Dr. Christian Daughton, chief of environmental chemistry at the EPA.  "Pharmaceuticals are perhaps one of the reasons for unexplained mass `dieoffs' in some organisms that we see from time to time."  The EPA, FDA and CDC have no intention to investigate this problem.  (Spotlight, 10-30-2000, p. B-2)

Legal drugs have killed more people directly and indirectly than illegal drugs by a factor of thousands.  Legal drugs are far more harmful and deadly to Adamkind than the illegal drugs.  All drugs are harmful to Adamkind and must be avoided at all costs.

The only way to treat ailments is through diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs, exercise, stress reduction, proper sleep and rest and consumption of pure water.

WAKE UP WORLD!  The drugs of the world pharmaceutical cartel and the illegal drug lords will NOT help you!