Here it is – from THE Glenn Beck Show on Sept. 3, 2009: (the intro is classic)


BECK (that’s you): If you don’t know what a 9/11 Truther is, let me quickly tell you about them. Here’s a statement from a 9/11 Truther group; after the attacks they demanded: “A call for immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur.”

(My comments are in blue)

Glenn, if evidence suggests an inquiry… I don’t have a problem with an inquiry… do you?… Really, I mean if evidence suggests… would Jefferson?

Beck: They also have a list of questions on their site that, I guess, is supposed to peak your interest in the conspiracy theory that the Bush administration let the attacks happen on purpose.

Is “conspiracy theory” a buzz term to trigger bias in the malleable minds of your audience? And your “guess is” the reason the questions are there… is to “peak” interest in “conspiracy”, like a Fox News show would? I mean, that’s your thinking?

BECK: I too had a lot of questions shortly after 9/11, but none of them had anything to do with the “alleged” Flight 77 that “allegedly” blew up at the Pentagon. Nor was I asking if steel can melt or anything like that.

So Glenn, what were your insightful question? Why do you say “alleged”? Is it that you don’t believe Flight 77 “blew up” or that it was a “flight”?

BECK: Here’s what Truthers want answers to:

The Truthers have also questioned things like: “Was Flight 93 actually shot down by the military as a cover-up?”

That last one there, Glenn, about military cover-up… I’m not finding that quote anywhere… You wouldn’t be just tossing that in for arguments sake? You know like pace, pace, pace … LEAD.

And… though, I had not read these prior to you suggesting… the questions asked do look, frankly, pretty reasonable (aside from your psyop) and…

Guess what… the site mentions 8 more like…

Glenn Beck, even though I never took the time to read all those questions before , I think you might think that if those are legitimate questions then they are questions that can be asked … (did I get that right Glenn?)

BECK: If you believed our own government was responsible (as opposed high-level government officials?) for the 9/11 attacks, right there on the 9/11 Truther statement, you could proudly sign your name along with such luminaries as:

And coming in at No. 46: Van Jones, executive director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

OK Glenn, naturally you have reached your own understanding of what the 9/11 Truther statement said… and it’s your show, your boss, so your spin is your (or your boss’s) prerogative along with the progressive selection of signers you offer…

I did happen to go to the source (yes, I know… few do) and noticed you skipped many of the other signers like:

And many more including 1st responders and victim’s family members… check it out at

BECK: So on top of all the radical, progressive and communist nonsense coming from Obama’s green jobs “czar” Van Jones, you can now add “thinks the Bush administration blew up the World Trade Centers and covered it up.”

Do you know what people are saying about me on the Internet — that I’m a conspiracy theorist? If you actually believed this stuff — forget green jobs — wouldn’t you want to find out who was trying to kill innocent Americans? Wouldn’t that be a top priority?

OH MY Glenn, People questioning (with “real” boldness) the completeness of the official 9/11 Report (same Gov that deny using blackwater) are as bad or worse than Marxists and Communists… I did not know that… and we can thank you, Glenn, for that understanding… truly.

BUT WAIT… did I understand people are also calling you a “conspiracy theorist? Is that it? You are debunking because people are calling you names?

Back to those crazy truthers… They also have this on their site:

As Americans of conscience, we ask for four things:

  1. An immediate investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
  2. Immediate investigation in Congressional Hearings.
  3. Media attention to scrutinize and investigate the evidence.
  4. The formation of a truly independent citizens-based inquiry.

Looks like it is a top priority for some but Glenn…

I’m still trying to understand the risk, threat or danger posed by this “9/11 Truther” group. Clearly, Glenn, you are alarmed.

Why is that? The name calling you receive and being lumped in with other “conspiracy theorists”, no doubt, is traumatic for you, but beyond that, is there more to your fear of “truthers”?

Again, we have the good fortune of you, Glenn Beck, producing a wildly popular show that tells people what and how to think and of course what not to think…

From Jan 20, 2010, where you may have shed some light…


(as a side note you used the words President and Danger at least 5 times leading up to this…)

BECK: So he’s surrounded. By radicals. Surrounded by radicals here’s why the republic is in danger. And the president is in danger first.

You had also mentioned that there are two groups of radicals surrounding the president. A peaceful activist group and unrepentant bomber William Ayers groups (even though as you point out, he is not actually around the president).

BECK: Now why is the president himself in trouble. — let me use him as an example 9/11 truther – Another guy surrounding the president.

Glenn, If you remember, this is where you physically put Van Jones picture next to Ayers to make an association and said:

BECK: Okay 9/11 truthers… here’s a guy who thought the government was evil enough that it would murder thousands of US citizens just blow it up. Destroy a building and kill 3000 people.

I know it’s semantics to you but is that what he signed?

So… for understanding, even though you think all progressives are evil and George Bush is a progressive and you suggest that we currently have eugenicists as advisors… the real alarm for the safety of the Republic and the President is….

BECK: Well gosh. Are these people like you do you think that.

Maybe not, but, evidently like someone… Glenn…

BECK: Do you think anyone who does think… that we could just kill our own people should be… near the president.

Fear-mongering Glenn? And for the record… No I don’t think anybody that does think should be near the president… what do you think the THREAT IS?

BECK: I mean he (9/11 truther) thinks anybody who sits or sat in the chair of the presidency must be evil. He goes to church with a guy who thinks that America intentionally murdered people all throughout history.

BECK: Put yourself in the mindset of a 9/11 truther – you have access to the president of the United States the guy who was always been evil.

OK, Glenn… It’s a good thing that TV is not hypnotic because people could really ramp up the power of suggestive ideas even something as nut job as a view that people seeking truth (“truthers”) are by default dangerous Marxist Communist wackos that want to wack our leader…

To be clear Glenn…

The Danger… the National Security Threat of the “9/11 Truth Movement” is that the President is in Danger?

Glenn, you are asking your audience to intellectually associate everyone that signed (gov officials, celebs, victim families, 1st responders) that “” petition (“truthers”) with an intent to murder?

That’s what you are saying Glenn Beck? … really?

Oh… I see you used a clip from a Air-America shock jock – Mike Malloy – to support your conspiracy theory

Now, of course his name is not on that list and he is not part of that site… but he IS evidence to support YOUR conspiracy theory… GOT IT.

Master of “doubletalk” you are…

It seems to me Glenn, that you being the great champion of Jefferson and the Founding Fathers…

It seems Glenn, you, the great self-professed crusader of liberty…

You, would want to ask the signers of the … WHY do they question so boldly knowing the consequences of MSM?

Instead, you vilify them and accuse them of possessing designs of destruction and murder

You Glenn Beck… take these people and slander them for what? Asking questions?

Benedict Beck, it is amazing to witness the seduction of money and power…

Will people follow the money…

Does your audience even know who bought You?

It’s interesting to see how Rupert Murdoch just happens to sit as Co-Chair with Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs CEO) on Rockefeller’s PFNYC which is the NYC Chamber of Commerce…

Which just happens to have influence (power, control that kind of thing) over ALL of media (MSM) and banks (NY FED, JP Morgan, GS) …

Also, interesting to notice that the Hearst Corp CEO is a Board Member of PFNYC, which just happens to own National Geo and Popular Mechanics…

And, these two Hearst companies, just happen to be the main source of ALL debunking the 9/11 truther questions… You know Popular Mechanics, even you use them as a credible source without any disclosure of interests…

But then… that’s another post.

Makes one even ask questions about you, Glenn Beck, and if it could be possible that you might have personal gain in the positions you take which seem to be almost confusing at times… and then not? (Did I get that right, Glenn?)

And for the record Glenn…

I was not one who considered myself to be a “911 Truther”, but…

After actually reading the statement and hearing you slander these people…

Add me to the List Glenn Beck… 

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. Thomas Jefferson

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