O'Reilly gets angry while interviewing Scott McClellan

'O'Reilly Factor' host Bill O'Reilly became visibly upset as he questioned Scott McClellan about Iraq war propaganda and the CIA leak case.

McClellan, the former Bush White House press secretary whose recently released book has caused a sensation with its scathing critiques of the administration he once worked for, appeared on the show to promote his memoirs.

O'Reilly was particularly incensed with McClellan's critique of President Bush's reasons for invading Iraq, overtly to find weapons of mass destruction.

"If the director of the CIA believes it, British intelligence believes it, John Kerry believes it, Hillary Clinton believes it, and President Clinton believes it..." said O'Reilly, "If they all believe Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, sir: don't you have a nerve accusing me of not being vigilant enough?"

O'Reilly later thundered, "If two presidents of the United States (sitting), the former CIA guy who works for both presidents, Tony Blair, and The New York Times all tell me and you [Saddam has] got [WMDs], we can't say 'no, he doesn't!'

McClellan attempted to explain himself continuously through the interview, but O'Reilly could not be satisfied. "The central theme of your book is wrong," accused O'Reilly.

This video is from Fox's O'Reilly Factor, broadcast June 2, 2008. (Raw Story, June 3, 2008, David Edwards and Mike Sheehan)