Two More States Take a Stand on the North American Union

Although it is more difficult to get state resolutions introduced and passed in even-numbered years due to fewer states being in session and election-year shortened schedules, the state legislatures in Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Utah have been considering anti-NAU, repeal NAFTA, and anti-illegal-immigration resolutions inspired by the John Birch Society this year. As has become usual in recent years, Utah leads the way with five such resolutions introduced and, so far, the impressive record of three bills passed (anti-NAU in House and Senate and anti-illegal immigration in the Senate), one defeated (repeal NAFTA in the House), and one bill pending (anti-illegal immigration in the House). There’s no accident about Utah’s successes. Members and allies of the JBS have worked long and hard to build rapport with their state legislators for several years now.

In late February both the Senate and House of South Dakota passed an anti-NAU, anti-NAFTA Superhighway resolution by votes of 24 to 9 and 56 to 13 respectively. With Utah and South Dakota joining Idaho, Montana, and Oklahoma, this means five states have now passed anti-NAU resolutions in both houses during the 2007-2008 time period. The total of states introducing anti-NAU resolutions has risen to 21 for these two years.

Hearings and/or votes on one or more of these NAU, NAFTA, and illegal-immigration resolutions are still scheduled in Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, and New Hampshire. To keep up to date on the status of these state resolutions, see the “Update on the Status of Anti-NAU, Repeal NAFTA, and Anti-Illegal Immigration Resolutions in State Legislatures, 2007/2008” at (JBS Staff, 3..2008)