Ken Adachi Films ‘Sylphs’ Dispersing Chemtrails

By Don Nicoloff

April 29, 2008

During an April 28, 2008 interview on the “Evident Footprints” Internet radio show, researcher Ken Adachi revealed a new dimension in the arsenal of techniques available as a method of combatting the intentional, toxic spraying of our skies, resulting in the phenomenon known as “chemtrails.”

Recognized for his diversely intellectual Internet web site, “,” Ken has been a staunch proponent of orgone technology originally developed by scientist Wilhelm Reich. One of Reich’s best-known inventions was the ‘orgone’ accumulator/generator known today as the “cloud buster.”

Taking the Reich technology one step further, Ken suggests that the generation of ‘positive’ orgone (OR) attracts the attention of ‘helpers’ who are equally concerned about the current ‘chemtrail’ phenomena now spreading to worldwide proportions. One need only telepathically ‘request’ the help of ‘sylphs’: multidimensional ‘nature spirits’. The sylphs then assist in the transmutation of ‘deadly’ orgone (DOR).

This author was familiar with ‘sylphs’, so the topic was not a new one. Sylphs are ‘elementals’ of the air and are depicted in many classical oil paintings, particularly those of a religious nature, and are often described in literary works as “the elemental watchers over mankind’s spiritual and physical well-being”. What became immediately apparent was the level of cooperation Ken had encountered, as he described his recent experiences to a worldwide radio audience.

Several visitors to Ken’s web site have recently forwarded correspondence and photographic documentation, proving that sylphs are not only assisting in the transmutation of chemtrail toxicity, they enthusiastically work in teams. Ken emphasized, “Along with the orgone generators, you can use your mind to help disperse chemtrails. You can direct your thoughts to communicate telepathically with these sylphs because they are intelligent beings. You ask them to help you clean up your skies of chemtrails.”

As further proof of this metaphysical phenomenon, Ken posted e-mail correspondence and a photograph of the sylphs on his web site. Along with the Italian writer’s testimonial, Ken included a photograph which clearly depicts the presence of sylphs.

According to Ken, “We create with our thoughts, but those thoughts need to have an EMOTIONAL charge behind them to act as a catalyst and speed up the ‘reaction’. This is the reason that fervent prayer often brings dramatic results. Focused thought coupled with an emotional charge is the 'secret' of effective thought projection (praying).”

After his BBS Radio interview, Ken forwarded this author an AVI video of the sky near his home in southern California. Several images of sylphs appeared within the now-decaying chemtrail cloud, and it was obvious that there were numerous sylphs taking part in the event. As we examined still images of the original video, we could detect no fewer than 20 of these elementals having assumed the shape of ‘nature spirits’, some as human faces, others as animals. Zooming in on these images became awe-inspiring.

You, the reader, may not yet own an orgone ‘cloud buster’, though you are urged to invest in one. They are not very expensive, and they are effective. And if finances are a problem, you can do a little research on ‘sylphs’, and see if Ken’s suggestion really works. They say, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” A fervent prayer’s worth a thousand sylphs -- at least.

Chemtrail/Sylph photos:

“Chemtrails Over Northern Italy” by Ken Adachi 2008

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