Flu Shot Humanicide:

~ Hitlerian Nazis all grow old and die,
   ~ but their father of lies lives on in the sky.
~ Satan raised a new fiend
   ~ to rule the world scene
~ with a “final solution
   ~ to preempt revolution
~ by sending the brave
   ~ to a plague-induced grave.
~ The few who are left,
   ~ of courage bereft,
~ will serve the elite
   ~ after freedom’s defeat.
~ At Bohemian retreat,
   ~ these Nazi elite
~ began to prepare
   ~ by cremating “Dull Care”.
~ Since their conscience is seared,
   ~ the way is now cleared
~ to fill Earth with men’s bones.
   ~  Read the Georgia Guidestones!
~ So, in 2009,
   ~ they took virus of swine,
~ and concocted a flu
   ~ to cause panic in you,
~ so you’ll take their vaccine:
   ~ their planned killing machine,
~ and you will not suspect
   ~ they intend to infect
~ everyone they inject.
   ~ For your family’s defense,
~ view this stark evidence.
   ~ Disk copies disperse
~ to each doctor and nurse.
   ~ Then mail back to me
~ my DVD,
   ~ so that I can resume
~ saving others from doom.


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