Social Engineering in Israel

From the 1930s, Nazis were brought to what was to become the State of Israel and put in charge of the mind control and social engineering of the Jewish population. They brought in mind control and social engineering experts, who honed their skills in the concentration camps, to try to make our People into barbarians, which they considered to be the ultimate victory over the Jews - a victory over our morality and spirit.

The Nazis hid among the German-speaking Jews. Because there was so much assimilation in Germany, and many Jews were the products of intermarriage and spoke German and no Hebrew; the Jews could not tell who the spies were. Indeed, very few Jews today are able to accept that this country is a Nazi enterprise.

They infiltrated every sensitive position in Israel - the military and government, of course, but also the medical, psychological, clerical, educational and *social work* systems, just as they did in the US when they were brought there under Project Paperclip.

I don't know the exact percentages, but an inordinate number of Israeli children are in boarding schools, many having been removed from their homes on one pretext or another. I believe that it is the highest number of children in boarding schools per capita in the world. All of the boarding schools are under the control of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

Many more children are steered into special education classes in schools. The schools get additional budgets for every child in special ed. I was told by a kindergarten teacher that if there aren't enough children to justify opening up a special ed class in the first grade, they simply put the normal, but least bright, of the children in special ed. The decision is taken by a committee. Parents are not given the opportunity to input.

The son of dear friends of ours was slated for special ed at the end of kindergarten because he was overweight and clumsy. The school claimed that he had poor coordination as a result of retardation (this is a common excuse for steering kids into special ed). His parents, who were on welfare (most of the kids routed into special ed and boarding schools are from poor families), paid 1000 NIS, which in those days was an exorbitant sum, for their son to be tested by a famous specialist in child psychology whose opinion they knew the school would not dare over-ride. The child was found to have an IQ of 160.

Only the weak succumed to their sick propaganda and bizarre social engineering, those who are not truly Jews. Those who are Jews might not know exactly what is wrong with Israel, but they know that something is very wrong and they don't want to be soldiers. By nature, we are a nation of farmers and scholars.

Already, about 25% of our youth refuse to fight in the army on one pretense or another. The true Jews are not a belligerent People.

It is the Nazi spies among us committing the atrocities. Jews could not do those things. It is they who are doing things they want us blamed for.

The State of Israel is the ultimate Nazi experiment - the attempt to destroy us morally and spiritually. They know they can destroy our bodies. They wanted to know if they can destroy our Soul.

The answer is, and I'll address this in the second person because I know that some of you are reading this: No, you cannot.  A true Jew cannot be made brutal. The Jewish Soul is a part of God. You cannot destroy it.