Israeli-Indian alliance to take out Pakistani nuclear program goes back to 1982

Wayne Madsen
Oct 2, 2010

Amid the current propaganda blitz launched by the neocon Rupert Murdoch-owned Sky News and Wall Street Journal to hype an alleged Pakistan-based plot to launch Mumbai-style terrorist commando raids on targets in France, Germany, and Britain, WMR has discovered a CIA document from 1982 that warns of a joint Israeli-Indian operation to take out Pakistan’s nuclear facilities.

France staged dubious evacuations of the Eiffel Tower and St. Michel and St. Lazare train stations in Paris, citing the “terrorist” threat from Pakistan. The Wall Street Journal, which, according to sources familiar with the management of the paper, maintains hiring practices that gives a preference to Jewish editors and reporters over non-Jews, reported that the CIA launched drone attacks in Pakistan in response to the spurious claims about imminent terror attacks in Europe planned in Pakistan.

The drone attacks in Pakistan come at the same time that the Pakistani military is pressuring the government in Islamabad to re-organize, a move that could lead to more strife and dissension in the country.

The Sky News report stated the attacks in Europe were being planned by “Al Qaeda” in Pakistan and it cited “unnamed counterterrorism and intelligence sources in Western governments” as its sources.

Clearly, the joint Israeli-Indian plan to militarily take out Pakistan’s nuclear potential in 1982 has given way to a tripartite alliance of the CIA, Mossad, and the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) to destabilize Pakistan to the point that it is declared a “failed” or “failing” state, leading to a joint U.S.-Israeli-Indian operation to seize Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and other nuclear materials.

The 1982 memo that predicted a joint Israeli-Indian military attack on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities was sent from Hans Heymann, Jr., national intelligence officer at Large, to Harry S. Rowen, the chairman of the National Intelligence Council. The memo, dated December 22, 1982, and formerly classified Secret, listed two “Possible Future Contngencies,” the first stating: “Key Pakistani facilities are destroyed by Indian and/or Israeli attack. What political and military consequences would ensue for Indian relations with Islamic countries, the USSR, China, and the US?” Heymann was a former Soviet economic specialist for the Rand Corporation. Rowen ultimately went on to become a professor at the Hoover Institution and Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University. Rowen was also a colleague of neocon policy guru Albert Wohlstetter and Pentagon in situ neocon and agent-of-influence for Israel, Andy Marshall. .

In 1982, Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program was well underway under the direction of Dr. Abdul Qadeer (AQ) Khan with a wink-and-a-nod from the CIA, which was using Pakistan as a base of operations for its Mujaheddin-led war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Pakistan tested its first nuclear bomb in 1998.

In a rare display of journalistic independence, CBS News’s Mark Phillips questions the motivation behind the latest “Al Qaeda” threat in Europe, citing one British source as stating the report, according to British Law enforcement sources, is a “load of old rubbish.” The European “terror” warning suspiciously comes at the same time strikes and protests against strangling austerity measures have swept Europe, from a general strike in Spain to coordinated labor actions in Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Latvia.

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