The Great Reagan Legacy? What Crap!
J. Speer-Williams
Ronald Reagan brought presidential deception to a whole new level. Famous for his sound-bytes, Reagan provided adoring republicans all they needed to know about their "say one thing and do another" sort of  president.
It was Mr. Reagan  who promised to get government off the backs of Americans and their entrepreneurs. It was Reagan who said that government was not the solution to our problems, it was the problem.
"The nine most terrifying words in the English language," said Reagan, are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." (Please note that's ten words, not nine, but Reagan rarely researched the written material given him, but did practice his delivery.)
Was it Reagan, who joked, "If it moves tax it. If it keeps moving regulate it. And, if it stops moving, subsidize it."?
The Great Communicator talked a good game, but did little to improve our lives; and, he had eight years in which to do it. The Reagan promises to inaugurate a new era of liberty and free markets, were worse than empty promises, Reagan assaulted our liberty, our future prosperity, and free markets with unprecedented spending, increased taxes, more governmental regulations, bigger bureaucracies, and unwise trade policies.
But, rabid Reaganites never noticed Mr. Reagan's disseminations; they form their opinions from meaningless sound-bytes, rather than facts, that could cause them some painful self-inspection.
Government spending, during Reagan's administration, was double that of the preceding Ford and Carter administrations. In fact, Reagan's budget requests were only marginally smaller than what the democratic spendthrifts in congress wanted.
Reagan even asked for more foreign aid than Congress was willing to spend; but, he did push through congress a $8.4 billion increase to our enemies - the foreign, private International Monetary/Banking Cartel's International Monetary Fund, back when a billion dollars was still an astounding amount of money.
Reagan tripled our Gross Federal Debt, from $900 billion to $2.7 trillion (Pardon me while I caught my breath.). It took former presidents 31 years to triple our debt, but Reagan did it in a mere eight years. Inflation is a cowardly and hidden way to increase taxes on the American people, and Reagan did plenty of that.
Reagan promised to cut personal income and business taxes, but the so-called Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act - the largest tax increase in American history up to that time - was enacted in 1982. Then Reagan proposed increased taxes on the trucking industry, which drove up prices of food and other commodities, all prior to his increase of $165 billion on Social Security taxes.
Then in 1986 came Reagan's deceptive Tax Reform Act, (TRA) which shifted $120 billion from personal income taxes to taxes on small businesses, the fountainhead of what was once our middle-class affluence. The Reagan administration loudly promoted the lower tax rates of TRA, but said little about the increased taxes to our most valuable economic segment; nor was much made of how TRA repealed or reduced many tax deductions on all tax returns.
The government that Reagan claimed he wanted to get off the backs of the American people never came to pass, and Mr. Reagan made sure of it by initiating what would later become the greatest world-wide economic crash in recorded history, with his de-regulation of banks.
America is and was badly in need of government de-regulation of government, but not of the private banking cabal. Mr. Reagan de-regulated at exactly the worse place possible. It could even be said that Reagan is the "Father of the World's Greatest Depression."
It was, also, Reagan who appointed the little reptile - Alan Greenspan - as chairman of the Federal Reserve System, the gremlin, who along with Bill Clinton, carried Reagan's banking de-regulation policies to the ultimate crime against humanity.
And Reagan's trade policies? All protectionism, which drives up the price of imported consumer goods; but, that is all too boring to go further into.
I will say Reagan's lies sounded better and were more convincing than Obama's empty promises; but then again, Reagan was a far better actor than Obama is. But politically? There's little difference between what Obama is and what Ronald Reagan was.
The great Reagan legacy? What a crock of crap!
Until our republican voters wake up and stop supporting democratic politicians, who call themselves republicans - and until democratic voters come back to the real world of reality, and stop supporting fascists, who call themselves democrats, our lives, in our once great country, will continue to deteriorate.
One, two, three - Wake Up America!  (J. Speer-Williams 2.16.2010)
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