Your Constitution at risk!

The mass media, controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones, and high freemasons, hand selected from the 33rd degree level. They want you to believe that anyone who says there is a conspiracy for world government, and, therefore, destroy the Constitution is a quack. They use such phrases as: “oh, another conspiracy theorist; right wing nuts, etc.”


The mass media was used to destroy the credibility of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s, even though he discovered only 10% of the Communist infiltration into the U.S. State Department. Even the Senate Subcommittee on Un-American Activities used the word conspiracy in its findings.


The key is: DISCREDIT ANYONE OF ANY CONSEQUENCE WHO COMES AGAINST THE CONSPIRACY! That was testimony in the Alger Hiss trial by a former Communist who left the conspiracy to fight and expose Communism.


All of the founding documents of the United States make clear that WE, THE PEOPLE, were to be free to enjoy LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY. **LIFE – increasing taxes starting in 1913 are sucking the LIFE out of Americans. **LIBERTY – Americans can be jailed for any infraction or held hostage in jail until fines or taxes are paid. **PROPERTY – Bank accounts can be seized; homes, automobiles and businesses seized to pay the ransom of taxes, penalties and interest.

How and why is this all happening to Americans? It is all based upon the Communist Manifesto! The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto are being enforced in America that usurps our Constitutional Rights. This is being done BY OUR OWN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. WHEN THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLS EVERYTHING – THAT IS COMMUNISM!


1st Plank of Communism: Abolish Private Property. This is being accomplished by land use laws, property taxes, zoning laws, environmental laws, etc.


2nd Plank of Communism: A heavy progressive income tax. There was NO income tax until 1913 when it began at 1%, never to go above 2%. What are you paying?


3rd Plank of Communism: Abolish all rights of inheritance. (Today, we have heavy legal and probate fees, plus inheritance taxes.)


4th Plank of Communism: Confiscate all property of emigrants and rebels (anyone who speaks out against the government). Unconstitutional Regional Government has been installed which controls all of the physical, social and economic assets of all the counties.


5th Plank of Communism: Centralization of Credit in the hands of the state. In America this was done in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. At first, it was simply the International Bankers who controlled the Federal Reserve; but by 1933, the U.S. was bankrupt and these bankers foreclosed on America. They created a new form of government called Socialism that has replaced our once Constitutional Republic. Public Law 91-151 prohibits any person to extend credit without a special license: a $1,000 fine or one year in prison could result (not yet enforced). A Social Security number is required in a business transaction.


6th Plank of Communism: Control all means of Transportation and Communication. The mass media has been in the hands of the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations for years [One of the Communist Rules of Revolution was to get control of all media and use it for their propaganda]. Presidential Executive Orders #10999 and #10995 provide for the take-over of all transportation and communications. They provide for the regulating of airlines, railroads, highways and the news media. Look at Homeland Security and the military that were in airports.


7th Plank of Communism: All production is to be controlled BY the State. There is a massive number of federal guidelines that industry must follow. The federal government is now involved in over 850 businesses. The Federal Bureaucracy forces farmers to grow [or not grow] specific crops and sell them below production costs. No wonder thousands of farmers leave the land every year and conglomerates take over. We have Corporate Socialism in America!!! The “bailouts” are transferring businesses to government control.


8th Plank of Communism: Equal liability of ALL to labor. Women are forced out of the home to work just to survive. Equal opportunity employment for both sexes is their goal. Executive Order #11000 will force civilians into government work brigades.


9th Plank of Communism: Combine agriculture with manufacturing, thus abolishing the distinction between town and country. We have seen the emergence of Urban Renewal, Population Control, Metro Councils, Regional Government Planning Programs, and the plans to eliminate Counties, Local Government and State Borders.


10th Plank of Communism: Control ALL Education.


Federal “aid” to education means we have government-controlled schools and curriculum.


All Ten Planks of the Marxists’ Communist Manifesto are being forced upon us in America. Repent and cry out to God for deliverance! Our Senators and Representatives seem to have no concept as to WHAT they are legislating upon our once FREE nation. If we continue on our present course, America will fulfill the prophecy by a presidential candidate in the 1930s that said they will give us small doses of Socialism until we wake up one day to find we have Communism.

Are we witnessing the Communization of America? Will our Congressmen/ women reverse this trend? I doubt it!

Giving Our Nation Away!

At one time, the United States was declared a Christian nation


[U.S. Supreme Court, 9-0 ruling, February 29, 1892]. The secret Order of the Illuminati, which merged with the highest degrees of Freemasonry at the Council of Wilhelmsbad, Germany in 1782, has their agents in every corridor of power in the nation. We wonder why the borders are so wide open that many millions of illegal aliens can march into this country? It dumbfounds us to think that federal congressmen/women would suggest GIVING them legal status and take our jobs. It makes us angry that illegals can get hospitalization, food stamps and subsidized housing when middle class Americans are screaming for help. To top it off, some cities are letting illegals put their children into public schools at taxpayers ‘expense. If you really want to become enraged, find out the truth about letting illegals VOTE! This means you and I have no nation called America anymore. Everyone has a choice of speaking English or Spanish. A nation is sovereign when it has its OWN language and is in control of its own borders.


The Dallas Morning News, Sunday, June 27, 2004, page 33A, ran an article with the following headline: “San Francisco considers giving noncitizens the right to vote.” The San Francisco officials are very liberal. They are using the excuse that by voting, the Hispanic illegal alien parents will send their children to school and get more involved in their children’s education. This sounds so good. The city officials want to pass legislation that will allow illegals to vote in school board elections. HAS NO ONE THOUGHT TO ASK: why are illegals not deported back to their home country? Illegals ARE FELONS!!!


If illegals can vote and live in this country ILLEGALLY, what difference does it make to be an honest, law-abiding citizen? Under California law, a voter must be 18 years of age AND a legal U.S. citizen!


There is an assault upon every Constitution of every State and the Federal Constitution to allow our nation to be overrun by foreigners, so International Communism and the Order of the Illuminati will not have to create a war to subjugate America. Right now, Americans are losing!


Those working for a One-World-Government are in complete control and none of our Senators and Representatives, except one or two, are standing against them. Maybe they are afraid of what happened to Senator Joseph McCarthy for standing against them. He was crushed in the eyes of an uninformed America. The CONSPIRATORS against our Constitution and our Christian Heritage won the day. They are still winning the day as our Congress looks on as if they were blind.

If America lets foreigners take over the voting booths, the schools, the hospitals and cities, we will become a has been nation. Every nation that has ever existed, that did not secure its borders, eventually lost out to the next bully on the world scene. Those bullies have taken our government.

The First Amendment

“Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.”


Throughout history, the worst enemy of mankind has been the people’s own government [examples: Ruby Ridge and WACO]! The First Amendment guarantee says that the federal government CANNOT interfere in: our exercise of religion, free speech to expose government misdeeds and wrongful intrigues, supression of newspapers, magazines, etc., that tell the truth concerning evil men using the federal government’s activities for their own gain, or the peoples’ grievances because of government going astray and seeking to hold the perpetrators accountable.


There was a trial of Peter Zenger in the New York colony in 1735 which exposed the truth about corruption in government. The government had arrested Zenger for exposing its corruption in his newspaper. The jury saw the wickedness of the bureaucrats and cleared Zenger because he was practicing “truth in print.” MOST importantly, this trial established the DUTY and RIGHT of each juror to judge both the law and fact. By doing so, they NULLIFIED A BAD LAW. They voted “NOT GUILTY!” THIS WAS SELF-GOVERNMENT preserving FREEDOM.


Aristotle [384-322 B.C.] wrote: “The tyrant ... controls every movement of the citizens ... keep[s] them under a perpetual servitude ... has his spies everywhere ... spreads dissension ... impoverishes [the citizens] ... [and] is obliged to make war ... to keep his subjects occupied ...”


Thomas Erskine [1750-1823] wrote: “The press must be FREE; it has always been so, and much evil has been corrected by it. If Government finds itself annoyed by it, let it examine its own conduct and it will find the cause.” Unfortunately, Mr. Erskine never suspected that the press would one day become controlled by the very enemies of a free state.


H. L. Mencken [1880-1956] stated: “I have long been convinced that the idea of liberty is abhorrent to most [men] ... What they want is security, not freedom. Thus it seldom causes any public indignation when an enterprising tyrant claps down on one of his enemies. To most men it seems a natural proceeding.”

Jonathan Mayhew wrote in 1750: “Those in authority may abuse their trust and power ... [such] that neither the law of reason nor of religion requires that any obedience or submission be paid to them; but on the contrary ... they should be totally discarded, and their authority ... transferred to others.”

The Second Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS shall not be infringed.”

This Right was placed in the Bill of Rights because of tyranny that our forefathers had fled to America to avoid. Our forefathers took up arms against King George’s Tax collectors because of excessive and unlawful taxes. Taxation without representation was frowned upon by the original thirteen colonies. King George sent his army to force collection of taxes, but our forefathers said NO!

How could anyone ever misapply the simple wording of this Amendment - the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms? It would only be those who are seeking to impose tyranny that would pervert the meaning.


William Penn once wrote: “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” Thomas Paine wrote: “... arms ... discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property ... Horrid mischief would ensue were (the law-abiding) DEPRIVED the use of them.” Could it be that there are those who want to work this horrid mischief upon every American?


The case of United States of America v. Timothy Joe Emerson will help make the previous question clear. Dr. Emerson, a Texas physician, was hit with a restraining order by his wife during divorce proceedings. Dr. Emerson did not know that federal law prohibits anyone under a restraining order from keeping a gun. He was arrested for unlawful possession of a fire arm - even though he had legally owned the firearm in question for years.


A federal judge dismissed the charges, partly because it violated Emerson’s Second Amendment rights. But the U.S. Justice Department appealed. Arguing before a three-judge panel on June 13, 2000, Justice Department attorney William B. Mateja dropped a bombshell, revealing the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S TRUE position on gun rights.


According to Mateja, the Constitution does not ensure ordinary citizens the right to keep and bear arms. The rights laid bare in the Second Amendment were only to apply to members of a state “militia.” That would be the National Guard today. So if you are not a member of the National Guard, you have NO right to own a gun!!! Does anyone smell tyranny coming?


Judge William L. Garwood was stunned and sought clarification. “You are saying that the Second Amendment is consistent with a position that you can take guns away from the public?” asked the judge. “You can restrict ownership of rifles, pistols and shotguns FROM ALL PEOPLE? IS THAT THE POSITION OF THE UNITED STATES?” Mateja answered, “Yes.” The judge probed further. “Is it the position of the United States that persons who are not in the National Guard are afforded no protection under the Second Amendment?” “EXACTLY,” said Mateja.  

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