‘Fall of the Republic’ unveils Obama’s agenda for the destruction of America

As a member of both the editing crew, as well as the camera crew for Alex’s upcoming “Fall of the Republic,” I can say with sincerity that is more than just a film, it is has been a veritable odyssey of many months and hundreds of hours of video to not only analyze and uncover the agenda of Obama and his handlers, but to delve into the roots of good government and the age-old struggle for liberty in the face of tyranny.

The United States’ shift from the Constitution and Bill of Rights has been part of a larger shift of culture, undermining sovereignty and much bigger and older than Obama, Bush or Clinton, or any one President alone.

Over the course of interviewing more than 20 Ph.Ds, researchers and other experts in places from Ontario, Canada, to Washington, D.C. to Miami, Kansas City, upstate New York, Seattle, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Philadelphia and more, the film project became larger than just one volume.


Big picture experts and historians such as Dr. Webster Tarpley, Alan Watt and G. Edward Griffin, alongside legal and constitutional expert Dr. Francis Boyle, former fraud regulator and Professor of Law William K. Black and stock & trade expert Max Keiser all compliment the research and analysis put forward by Alex Jones in his most expansive and powerful film project to date.

Early on in the long 2008 presidential primary, Alex identified Barack Obama as just another front man for the same system that would have continued under George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John McCain. Since his inauguration, Alex has been at the forefront of exposing the real agenda of the Obama Administration.

From  The Obama Deception, released to cut through the hype and celebration surrounding the coronation of a carefully-crafted cult-of-personality, to a campaign to help actor  Charlie Sheen reach the President (presented now on DVD for the first time) and compel him to address the real questions about 9/11, Alex Jones shown the continuation of the Bush & Clinton regimes through Obama.

Some nine months into the Obama Administration, Alex and Infowars.com are still at the forefront of asking the real questions about the unprecedented rise to power of Barack H. Obama. All the more timely because it was also reported that Alex Jones was among those on a “White House enemies list,” according to the tabloid The Globe.

Only weeks before the release of Fall of the Republic, Obama has usurped, unconstitutionally, an additional title in violation of Article I Section 9 in the Constitution, by heading the Security Council at the United Nations. His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, too, has flirted with power, taking her turn at presiding over the international body and reveling in undermining the Constitution of the United States.

Fall of the Republic goes in-depth on the financial looting and deep degradation of our system of checks and balances in the undue power granted to the Federal Reserve system. It also exposes the carbon tax agenda that Al Gore and his allies seek to impose upon the American people. Climatologist Tim Ball not only exposes the phony scientific conclusions advanced by Gore and the highly-politicized IPCC, he also unveils the backroom collaboration by Gore with Ken Lay, the former CEO of Enron and Lord Browne, head of the world’s largest oil company, BP, in a scheme to make money off a manufactured crisis and help rebrand its affiliated companies as “green.”

Dr. Francis Boyle, a constitutional lawyer also analyzes Obama’s actions in continuing a number of controversial actions started under Bush or presidents before him—from wars, the indefinite detention, to signing statements and more. “Obama,” Boyle says, “was a constitutional lawyer; he should know better.”

Though he has willing sold out and America, and been put into office by powerful forces. At a base level, it’s a struggle for humanity, for due process and for a just and right balance of power that is timeless, and certainly at the heart of an important struggle for the a system defined in America but in the process of transforming into something else—where our rights are not guaranteed and our lives become increasingly controlled scientifically, systematically and slowly.

“With Bush, you knew exactly what you were getting. There was no iron fist in a velvet glove, it was just an iron fist, whereas with Obama you’ve got the iron glove in the iron fist. You know, very sharp guy, very smooth, knows exactly what he’s doing—for that reason far more dangerous than Bush,” says Boyle.

Boyle points out, many of the articles of impeachment introduced by Congressman Kucinich against President Bush—which included 33 items introduced, and some 60 considered by Kucinich—would, unfortunately, apply to Obama as well.

Max Keiser says he gave Obama a chance. He thought it premature to criticize him before taking action in office. “Now that he’s been in office a while, it’s obvious that he’s very tight with the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgans on Wall Street.”

Keiser highlights the actions of figures such as Robert Rubin and Larry Summers in the Clinton Administration. As Max Keiser, William Black, Wayne Madsen, Webster Tarpley and others all illustrate throughout the film, Rubin & Summers took action to set-up the financial landscape for the rampant, Wild West looting that took place during the Bush Administration without any interference from regulatory heads clearly in-bed with the tight Wall Street-clique.

Now, the very figures who contributed knowingly to the crisis of speculative, toxic paper and economic chaos—Rubin and Summers, among others—are now in charge of “solving the problem” and accelerating the corporate welfare, treasury-assisted transfer of wealth from the once prosperous American people to the dominant minority.

Keiser later calls these figures “arsonists” asking Congress vis--vis the Bailout for ‘more matches.’ Congress, he indicates, is readily aiding the financial destruction, handing a blank check to unchecked power, which has cashed it out to Wall Street cronies, foreign banks and beyond. Congress is essentially asking “where do we send the matches to?” “Is a ton of matches enough.”

The presence of figures like Paul Volcker even more so ties the financial takeover back to the interests of the Federal Reserve cartel and political powers dating back to at least the Carter Administration. Tim Geithner, as Secretary of the Treasury, had his last job with the NY Federal Reserve. And Obama has readily empowered expanded power for the Fed and reappointed Ben Bernanke even as Congress demands in open hearings to know the details about its transactions and institutional secrecy.

Fall of the Republic exposes the struggle to reign in the Federal Reserve through glimpses of more than 6 months of Congressional hearings, and a widespread, grassroots movement that has culminated under the banner of Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” bills.

While Congressmen from all stripes in both the House and Senate join that struggle and demand accountability for undisclosed lending, limitless printing and unknown arrangements between central banks and financial institutions around the world, the people are making their voices known at Townhall meetings and in city squares across the country. Many just want less spending and less government, and many others are now demanding publicly that the private Federal Reserve be abolished.

“If you think you’re the same as the bankers, you’re wrong,” says Webster Tarpley, who has written two biographies on Barack H. Obama and done extensive research into his backers. “Oligarchs are in a different world all together, with values opposite to human values.” The shift of power towards greater oligarchical rule—where the productive, industrial bases are totally eroded and the once happy and wealthy middle class is now eroded almost completely has now taken place in America.

Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente poses the question: ‘How can a country producing almost nothing print money without limit?’ The crash is, he suggests, all but inevitable. “There’s going to be a global currency,” he warns.

And he’s not alone. Geithner’s comment about embracing IMF Special Drawing Rights lays that globalization agenda bare. Tarpley warns about the “rush for the exits” by countries such as China and Japan, who hold dollars in the trillions and are seeking to drop them. The result, is a dire threat of hyper-inflation. “Once the dollar starts to go… there’s no useful way to stop it.” Tarpley warns.

Alan Watt, too, warns, “We are rapidly becoming a non-manufacturing country—undermining sovereignty and sustainability.” He calls it simply “a more sophisticated form of slavery.”

G. Edward Griffin who wrote the seminal work exposing the Federal Reserve in ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ shows how the creation of that institution makes economic crisis inevitable, because the fiat money system can be expanding at will through printing.

“In fact,” Griffin says, “When the founders of the Federal Reserve system met on Jekyll Island in 1910 and were drafting the Federal Reserve Act, one of the things they discussed was how to pass on the inevitable losses to the taxpayers. They knew that inevitably this would happen and there had to be some way to get out of it without destroying the banks… there’s no reason to believe the U.S. was given a ‘get out of jail free’ card or exemption.”

This meshes directly with information given by Wayne Paul in ‘The Obama Deception’, brother of Congressman Ron Paul, outside of an ‘End the Fed’ rally in Dallas. Wayne explains that it took only a generation after the passing of the Federal Reserve Act for our children to be pledged as collateral on the debt created by the fiat currency system. 

Just as astounding are the actions taken by the Treasury department under Bush’s Secretary Hank Paulson and Obama’s Tim Geithner. One of the most stunning clips in Fall of the Republic comes when Paulson, a Goldman Sachs insider, explains in heavy breath and stuttered speech why he never recused himself from the self-evident conflicts of interest in his actions, but instead procured a “waiver” from an ethics advisory board within the White House Administration. A waiver?

It’s a scheme as age old as war, and the practice of funding the debt of both sides of a war. It’s incumbent to the development any major industry in any nation for the past 500 years—to skew the system towards a debt-burden to be place upon the population.

Alan Watt points to that historical trend, and goes a long way in suggesting that we are seeing a continuation of a combine that was in place many hundreds of years ago. It’s face has been the great & terrible Robber Barons of the late 19th Century, the takeover of European finance by the Rothschilds family, the quests for global domination by groups like the Cecil Rhodes Round Table or the Fabian Socialists. According to Watt, it also goes back to actions undertaken by John Dee and other consorts of Queen Elizabeth I to act in accord on account of a large swatch of allied-economic and political interests.

In the modern era, we see great blocks of nations implementing identical policies and pursuing similar agendas, acting in accord and in cooperation with the United Nations treaty and other international aims.

‘Fall of the Republic’ goes far beyond the words and actions of Barack Obama and his controllers to the TV-based mind control that allows their dark agenda to take hold in the minds of the general public.

It poses the larger questions about our society and asks the average person to turn things around. Alan Watt, G. Edward Griffin, Alex Jones and others pull back the curtain and expose one of the shadow government’s most powerful tools ever crafted.

Somewhere behind the undue power seized by Washington and the disenfranchisement and debasing of the American people is a bigger picture still. Fall of the Republic takes you there, unveiling the power of the medium itself– TV and the mind control operation that has convinced a once strong people to sit back and allow the takeover to go forward uncontested.

It is clear that the Republic is indeed in great danger, and we must become aware and speak out to have any effect in stop a complete loss of our Constitution and our sovereignty. The Fall of the Republic is Alex Jones’ greatest video effort yet to bring that to the attention of the American people and demand that something be done.

We even looked back to the United States’ founding and met with the Oath Keepers on the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington in Massachusetts, the formative and first battle of the American Revolution, putting into perspective what it is that is being lost in the ‘Fall of the Republic’ and with it the greatness that has been America under the good guidance of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

So too, that group of former military and police officers, and legal scholars to boot, took a formative look at the fundamental importance of our form of government and the solemn, sacred oaths that all officers and representatives of that special self-government take to uphold and defend. (Look for an in-depth special presentation on the Battle of Lexington and orders that Oath Keepers will not obey on the Fall of the Republic DVD extras; pre-order here today).

For well over a decade, Alex has been breaking through the mental barriers presented by the left-right paradigm, and hidden behind the PR-crafted buzzwords that have come to define economic understanding, the illusive relationship between government control & monetary policy.

With the dark eugenical policies of population reduction advocated by those in the Obama Administration like Science Czar John P. Holdren and to agenda to control all commerce, industry and homes through the carbon tax schemes, Alex has also endured attempts trite accusations of “racism” and attempts to silence free speech and control dissent during campaigns.

Help him fight back by getting this DVD and sharing its most important and well-researched information with the people you know. Unless we take action, these problems will only further deteriorate. (Infowars, 10.10.2009, Aaron Dykes)

– Aaron Dykes, assistant editor, cameraman and researcher on Fall of the Republic; on DVD October 21st.


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