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History That Must Be Told! Part 22 Editor: David J. Smith

History That Must Be Told!

Part 22

“Let us consider that arbitrary power has seldom or never been introduced into any country at once. It must be introduced by slow degrees, and as it were step by step, LEST THE PEOPLE SHOULD SEE IT APPROACH. The barriers and fences of the people’s liberty must be plucked ONE BY ONE, and some PLAUSIBLE PRETENCES MUST BE FOUND FOR REMOVING OR HOODWINKING, ONE AFTER ANOTHER, those sentries who are posted by the constitution of a free country for warning the people of their danger. When these preparatory steps are once made, the people may then indeed, with regret, SEE SLAVERY AND ARBITRARY POWER making long strides over their land; BUT IT WILL BE TOO LATE TO THINK OF PREVENTING OR AVOIDING THE IMPENDING RUIN.”

Philip Dormer Stanhope, Fourth Earl of Chesterfield
Statesman, and Diplomat Miscellaneous Works, Vol. IV, 1779

Could the removing of the safeguards of our constitution been in the works in secret for a long time? Will we wake up during the Obama Administration to find that the CHANGE he has called for, and the people gullibly accepted, will be from our constitutional republic to a socialistic dictatorship???


We have already seen all power being removed from the States and We the People to the international level, a totally planned society, operated by unelected managers, and cradle-to-the-grave control! Financing of this transition has been supplied by wealthy tax-exempt Foundations, such as Ford, Rockefeller, Carneige, Guggenheimer etc.


Those planning the collapse of our constitutional government, and then merging us into an international one-world-government, wrote that they needed catastrophies, major crises, collapse of local and state governments, high cost of government, and corruption of elected officials in order to succeed! Can we all honestly say these goals are being met by our subjugators?


1. Public Laws 87-297 and 101-216, signed by President John F. Kennedy, created the disarmament plan of America. It is called: General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. A map was sent to the United Nations in 1954 from our State Department showing which foreign troops would patrol which countries or sections of countries.


2. The United States would no longer be an industrial/manufacturing society, but a service oriented country. Millions would be laid off their manufacturing jobs. Has this happened? It started in the 1970s. The term “free trade” was the catch phrase to destroy the middle class manufacturing base. W. Cleon Skousen, assistant to J. Edgar Hoover, listed as one of the Communist objectives in his book, The Naked Communist, as being FREE TRADE!!! Foreign cheap goods could flood our market place, and America’s manufacturers could not compete. Tearing down of protective tariffs on foreign goods left our manufacturers vulnerable to bankruptcy, or move out of the country. THIS COMMUNIST/ILLUMINATI OBJECTIVE IS WORKING PERFECTLY!!!


3. Eliminate the 50 states and replace them with regional governments. The Federal Emergency Management Agency broke the country down into ten regions during the Nixon Administration. No one was told WHY this was done, so We the People could object to this breach of States Rights.


4. Merge civilian law enforcement with the military. This would pave the way for State Department Publication 72-77. That publication revealed that our military needed to be turned over to the U.N. in three stages, while building an INTERNAL security force to prevent riots against the overthrow of our Constitution when the people figured it out. This happened after 9/11 by creating Homeland Security, and bringing all civilian police and military under one banner. Has Barack Obama called for internal security forces equal to or exceeding our military???


5. By building the North American Union, which merges the United States, Canada, and Mexico into one OPEN BORDERS community. This policy has been a long range plan of the Illuminati/Communism as steps to form a World Government. What has Barack Obama stated consistantly? He has called for the tearing down of borders between the rich countries and the poor countries. This is pure MARXISM!!!


6. As a result of these assaults upon We the People and our republic, we will lose our Constitution and Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd Amendment, the right to own guns to protect ourselves FROM governmental tyranny!!!

  1. All businesses were to be nationalized! The Federal Government would own outright or a large portion of businesses. Have we seen a fabricated economic collapse, and businesses screaming for a “bailout?” In a 1942 United States Supreme Court Decision, Wickard v. Filburn, the Court wrote that if the government subsidized something it had the right to control it. How do we think the Federal Government has taken over the states’ responsibility and left the states without power?
  2. A crisis of illegal aliens over-running our country was needed to solve the problem of closed borders by allowing unrestricted immigration. This would produce the permanently open borders they are seeking. Create a problem, advertise the problem widely, and furnish the solution!!! This IS their agenda!
  3. Bring about the collapse of the American dollar as the world currency. Usher in the solution - instant transfer of funds by computer, no coins, checks, cash, gold, silver, etc. There would only be a NUMBER and a BALANCE sheet with your name on it. If you resisted the New World Order, they would cancel your number, and you would become destitute!!!
  4. Control of citizens is important in a world dictatorship! Therefore, everyone must be issued a National ID Card or papers. Congress has already passed the ID that would be attached to your driver’s liscense. Its usage has been delayed because some states have objected. It has been rescheduled for use in 2011.

Charles E. Merriam - Designer to Implement Socialism Step by Step!

Charles E. Merriam and two other men were hired by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s handlers to lay the plan to Socialize America. He said that there needed to be a stepby-step progression. One president would introduce one part of the socialist program, and the next president was to maintain what was already accomplished and add the next part of the plan. After a number of presidents, the plan would be finished. America would have socialism and not even know how it happened! Let’s investigate!!!


Road to CHANGE From a Republic to Socialism

You can understand that the United States is on the threshhold of destruction when statements by the Illuminati’s leaders are understood. Norman Thomas, a Socialist that ran six times as a candidate for President of the United States on the Socialist Party ticket, has stated: “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name Liberalism, they will adopt EVERY fragment of the Socialist program UNTILAmerica will one day be a Socialist nation without knowing HOW it happened.” He said that he could not get elected as a Socialist, but FDR could as a Democrat. They had the same program in mind for America!!!

Three months before his 1959 visit to the United States, Nikita Khrushchev, then ruthless dictator of the Illuminati’s International Communism stated: “We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but WE can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism UNTIL, they awaken one day to find they have COMMUNISM.”

FDR: Socialist. Prior to falling ill with polio, he ran on the vice-presidential spot with presidential hopeful James Cox in 1920. FDR made 6 speeches in support of world government at that time. People rejected the idea of giving up Constitutional government and having the States abolished.

In 1932, despite his handicap, he managed to become elected on the Democratic ticket as U.S. President, at which time, he tried again to get the States abolished and replaced by world government regions. His New World (Moral) Order, was called the “New Deal.” He wanted to merge the nations of the Western Hemisphere into one government. By 1943, he had Ten Federal Regions operating in the United States, with named persons as chairmen. Ralph Carr, then Colorado governor, blew the whistle on what FDR was doing. The Congress cut off the funding for Roosevelt’s National Resources Planning Board and ordered it closed down.

During his years in office, much of the basic documents and plans for today’s socialist CONVERSION [CHANGE] were formed. Rockefeller funded Charles E. Merriam who taught FDR to use “democracy” as a stand-in word for communism and internationalism (world government). He tried to PACK the U.S. Supreme Court to get his socialist goals approved.

Dualistic language (double meanings - double speak) came into great use to quell all opposition. FDR took the nation off the gold standard which has resulted in debasing our money. Lenin and Marx both agreed that to debase a nation’s currency is a sure way to overthrow it. The only backing we now have for our dollars is “the full faith and credit of the United States.” We have gone from a debt free nation 100 years ago to the greatest debtor nation the world has ever seen!!!

FDR is greatly venerated today by socialists in both the Democratic and Republican parties as being their great leader, their great hero. Helping the poor or enhancing the economy is one thing, but overthrowing our system of government is called TREASON! After Roosevelt altered the president’s office, the socialist take-over of the United States has NOT STOPPED. EVERY president since then has followed his lead. Roosevelt had hoped to be the first president of the world. His signing of the United Nations Charter could have advanced him to that status, but he died of a heart attack in 1945.


The New Deal Built the New World Order!!!

The New Deal had its feet of clay mired: one in the Red mud of Soviet Communism, and the second in the stinking cesspool of pagan plutocracy (government of the wealthy). When a nation fails to learn the true history of its past, the people are doomed to reside in a state of delusions. Once deception becomes more ingrained into the popular culture, it makes the task of tyrants easier. It will take time, but eventually the country will be transformed (CHANGED), and betrayal of our principle and heritage will be completed! The masses will cling to the BIG LIE (of innocent but necessary change) as FACT!!! The new gospel for the changing of the social order will become transformed into reality. Finally, only the very few will ever question its truthfulness. The others will not even know their government has been overthrown!!!

Most of us were born into a society that had long abandoned the principles of our Founding Fathers. The quiet revolution that has destroyed America was conducted in full view and sanctified by government approval. The past was buried without a solemn ceremony, and the New Deal was born to reconstruct a fatherland upon the ashes of the America that God had given us! The mother’s milk of this overthrow in fundamental values was, and is, based upon the Marxism of traitors. FDR was the supreme socialist and 32nd degree Freemason. High Freemasonry merged with the Illuminati in Germany on July 16, 1782 at the Council of Wilhelmsbad. His IDEAL was the total destruction of the balanced “Federalism” that shared power (executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government), State’s Rights, and individual Liberty.


Roosevelt shared a collective identity with Stalin, a lust for power that approached Hitler, and a deceit only surpassed by Winston Churchill. All four were allies of Socialism. Only slight degrees of differences disguised their mutual love for totalitarian control over their respective country and a global vision.

The New Deal was pure Socialism! Communists were proud of their involvement with FDR: “When the Great Depression of the 1930s created conditions that made working-class victories both possible and necessary, if reaction and fascism was to be defeated, Communists were at the center of building of the new unions of the CIO, and providing the grassroots force that propelled the New Deal government of Franklin Roosevelt, the most advanced government of non-socialist reform in U.S. history, to enact social security and unemployment insurance, minimum wages, and the 40-hour work [week], and create the National Relations Board to protect workers rights to form unions and other major reforms.” These were ALL CHANGES!!! What were these changes for? They were to advance Socialism in America!!!

For American citizens to look kindly upon Roosevelt and the expansion of central planning, shows a total ignorance of why our Founding Fathers fought the Revolutionary War of 1776! They distrusted and feared an all powerful central government. Yet that is exactly what we have today - an all powerful central government in Washington, D.C. When FDR’s close advisor, Douglas, said: “The present pseudo-planned economy leads relentlessly into the complete autocracy and tyranny of the Collectivist State,” it was one of the few honest statements made during the New Deal.


Examine the real historic record of the New Deal and ask if the prospect of liberty and the pursuit of happiness were fostered by converting our once free enterprise system into a system of federal alphabet despotic agencies that demand that they command and control everything!!! The future under Barack Obama will be worse than the New Deal introduced by FDR!!!


The hoax of the twentieth century was that the government was a force for REFORM (CHANGE) that leads to improvement in the condition of ordinary citizens. The New Deal was a COUP D’ETAT designed by plutocrats [rich men], for installing an oligarchy [government in the hands of the few], to achieve autocracy [government administered by someone possessing supreme power], administered by bureaucrats. Does this sound familiar???


FDR defined Freedom of Speech as Stalin did, i.e., he used the Marxist phrase “Freedom of Information” in his speeches - not freedom of speech!

FDR pressed for a bill that would eliminate the right to bear arms, the guarantee that allows all other rights to remain. Obama wants to regulate the bearing of arms, manufacturing of firearms and ammunition. Obama wants to disarm America, which is a Socialist/Communist goal!!!


FDR told Churchill that “an unwritten Constitution is better than a written one.” When Roosevelt was reminded there was the Constitution, he said, after his 1936 inauguration, “Yes, but it’s the Constitution as I understand it - flexible enough (to do what I want).” FDR admiringly told Churchill that Stalin didn’t have to worry about Congresses and Parliaments, “I’m the whole works.” In a letter to a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, FDR wrote: “I hope your committee will not permit doubt as to Constitutionality, however reasonable, to block the suggested legislation.”


FDR did not believe in Constitutional checks and balances. He tried to destroy it and was prepared to defy the Supreme Court and Congress. He did not believe in advice and consent or the rule of law. He waged war and made treaties without the consent of Congress. He did not believe in representative government and often said that since Congress did not reflect the will of the people they should be ignored.


Probably, the best example of FDR’s procedures regarding the rule of law vs the rule of men was said by his top deputy, KGB agent Harry Hopkins, to his aides: “I want to assure you that we are not afraid of exploring anything with the law, and we have a lawyer who will declare anything you want to do legal,”


FDR defined democracy just as Joseph Stalin did - the mere act of voting. Our current society is already brainwashed into accepting Socialism under the name of Social Security and Medicaid. Young people are indoctrinated to accept the all powerful central government instead of our Constitution that separates power into three sections, for our protection from tyranny. Black robed oppressors of the U.S. Supreme court enforce mandates, no matter how unconstitutional, upon the citizens of this once great nation. Anyone who speaks out against it as tyranny and treasonous is made to look like a vigilante against the government. The legacy of the New Deal conditioned the people to accept the New World Order. Barack Obama will follow in FDR’s footsteps to possibly finish the job of Socializing America!!!


Most inhabitants of the United States relish their subservient status and enthusiastically embrace their captivity. The most common attitude being pushed upon us is that the world has become a global village for housing the slaves of the elite. They want you to accept your role, enjoy your condition, and praise them as your masters!!! As long as any vestige of the New Deal ushered in by the FDR Administration is considered legitimate, the prospects for restoring a true Republic are futile.

The step-by-step TRANSFORMATION into a global union under the rule of master elites has switched into high gear. FDR thrived upon a manipulated, naive citizenry. All of our parents or grandparents bought into the big lie of socialism. Don’t believe that the next and final step, the New World Order, will be beneficial! All Communists are Statists, every Fascist is a Statist, and every form of Socialism is Statism. EACH ARE UN-AMERICAN! The New Deal set the stage for the New World Order!!!

By Delbert Clark, Washington

“There is a growing sentiment - it is still too inchoate to be termed a movement -among certain members of Congress with advanced social views and a willingness to break with tradition, in favor of drastic CHANGE in our form of government to facilitate nation-wide REFORMS frequently blocked by the very nature of our confederation. Since, obviously, there is political dynamite in any proposal to ABOLISH STATES in so far as they provide a check upon the Federal Government, no one has yet dared to broach publicly the thesis that the abolition would be in the public interest and is, in fact, a distinct possibility in the somewhat distant future. Yet there are those who feel that the CHANGE should be made...

“The time has come, THEY say, when we should realize that the functions of the Federal Government have become much more than those of a peace officer, when the PROGRESSIVE welding of forty-eight States into one nation calls for recognition, through revision of what has become a cumbersome instrument of government. (The word ‘progressive’ is a communist term.)


“This talk has arisen largely under the New Deal ...


“Among those who believe the courts should accept social and economic CHANGE as a controlling factor in approving or nullifying legislation, and who are profoundly dissatisfied with the artificial barriers provided by State lines, is Senator Wagner of New York.


“Senator Wagner, himself a lawyer and former justice of a high State tribunal, and sponsor in his Senatorial career of much social reform legislation, believes that adherence to the letter of a document (the Constitution of the United States) adopted nearly 10 years ago by thirteen seaboard States, with few of our present problems, tends to make of that document a DEAD THING, rather than the living organism it was intended to be. Such INTERPRETATION, he believes, is contrary to the best legal thought of our whole history, and he foresees what might amount to a blockade of ‘public welfare’ legislation unless State frontiers cease to be barriers in the path of SOCIAL ADVANCEMENT.


“... ‘Has the Federal Government acted within the limits of its delegated authority under the commerce clause, or has it overstepped the boundry that separates national action FROM State action?’


“Neither of these boundaries, said Senator Wagner, should be fixed or inflexible, because ‘changing social and economic conditions transmute personal questions into social questions and State issues into national issues.’ (This was nothing but slick talk to get around the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution).


“... The most common - albeit the most startling proposal - is to ABOLISH so-called States rights (Tenth Amendment) entirely, preserving State lines only for sentimental reasons, and reapportion the United States into eight or TEN great departments, to be locally self-governed but WITHOUT the power to hamstring the national government in its legislative acts.


“There is NO PURPOSE to abolish the Constitution or deprive the Supreme Court of its self-assumed power to pass on legislation [determine whether a proposed law is within the framework of the Constitution]. There would still be that system of checks - the whole Federal process remaining the same, EXCEPT that State governments as such would CEASE to exist.”


Remember, the preceeding was in 1935. What about Today’s Reality? The map below is from an official government publication supplied to the editor by the Second Amendment Committee located in California, Bernadine Smith, Chairman. Notice the date: 1991!!!

In the 1930s when people rejected the idea of abolishing the States, the method by which the effort was to be continued was revealed in the very last two paragraphs of The New York Times Magazine article. Judges were to be selected who would “begin with unanimity to INTERPRET law in the light of the CHANGES” desired by the designers of the New World Order.


Notice the concluding statement: “... if the Federal courts soon experience a MIRACULOUS TRANSFORMATION and begin with unanimity INTERPRETING LAW in the light of social CHANGE.”


Geographical, physical, economic, and social CHANGES were then engineered to accommodate and promote the TRANSITION with the Congress supplying continual legislation to advance the effort. By keeping the people in utter ignorance, what was once a theory in the thirties, has become an accomplished fact as of 1991. DUAL GOVERNMENTS have been in operation since the United Nations ten regions were installed. Constitutional government hangs on a thin thread!!! As soon as our guns [2nd Amendment right] are taken away, our Constitution and individual land ownership will cease, which is a stated goal of the United Nations. Our State Legislatures could stop this, as in FDR’s day, if they would!


Who Started the Transformation?

Luther H. Gulick, Charles E. Merriam, and Louis Brownlow were hired by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt [socialist] and became the central figures in the early planning for the overthrow of the American form of government. One of their intentions was to abolish the states and replace them with “regions.” They conceived the methodologies and techniques now being used in the gradual step-bystep transformation of the United States FROM a republic INTO a democracy, therefore, a link in a socialist new world order. They used “democracy” as a stand-in word for communist/socialist practices and principles that were to come.

Luther Gulick expressed his feelings for the states in this way: “Is the state the appropriate instrumentality for the discharge of important functions? The answer is not a matter of conjecture, or delicate appraisal. It’s a matter of brutal record: The American states are finished! I do not predict that the states will go! I affirm that they HAVE GONE!”


Charles E. Merriam was the go-between for the Rockefeller family and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Merriam stated: “Fortunately, our Constitution is broad enough in its terms, flexible enough in its spirit, and capable of liberal enough INTERPRETATION by the judiciary to permit the adaptation of DEMOCRACY to changing conditions without serious difficulty.”


In his book, entitled: On the Agenda of Democracy, Merriam revealed what is meant by democracy. It meant the adoption of communist/socialistic principles and goals. Many gradual step-by-step alterations were introduced leading toward the decline and eventual elimination of the state as an entity. Do we still have the Tenth Amendment called States Rights? NO! We are always trumped by the Federal Government. Charles E. Merriam was the mentor to F.D.R. and was funded by the Rockefeller family.

The National Resources Planning Board during the FDR Administration put forth the plan to abolish the States.


Re-Making of Human Society

In 400 B.C., Plato wrote a book called The Republic. Around 1600 A.D., Thomas More wrote Utopia. Around 1650 A.D., Francis Bacon told the world about New Atlantis. By 1700 A.D., an Italian named Campanella, described his ideal State as The City of the Sun. Then came an Englishman, Robert Owen, who wrote a book called New View of Society.


All of these plans abolished private property and human competition. All provided for collective ownership and rigid state control. They were an exercise in futility. Communism didn’t work then, and it still does not work. You cannot reward a non-worker by taking away from the real producer. This is exactly what Obama is advocating by saying, “spreading the wealth around is a good thing.” THAT IS PURE MARXISM!!!


In Russia, a few autocrats sought to weld 160,000,000 people into a centrally controlled government. They established in 1917-1921, not a social democracy, but a social treadmill that was forced to move along by the bayonet and the machine gun!!! The sound of firing squads was heard with almost as much regularity as the sound of the morning whistle summoning men to work. The dictatorship of the proletariat was and still is attempting to smother, BY FORCE, the desire to possess private property. Where Americans toil so that they can possess something for themselves and their children, Russians and all Communist countries now toil because they have bayonets at their backs.


The 20th century attempt to re-make human society in Russia alone took a staggering human toll. Without counting the murders of the Czar, his wife and children, and thousands of old nobility, the following have, up to 1931, been EXECUTED in the course of Russia’s “experiment:” 28 bishops, 1,219 priests, 6,000 teachers, 9,000 doctors, 54,000 officers, 200,000 soldiers, 70,000 policemen, 12,950 land-owners, 355,250 intellectuals and professional men [including bankers], and 815,000 peasants. A total, through 1931, of at least 1,750,000 were executed or massacred in the process of re-making Russian society! What will be the final toll of Americans when the military or U.N. troops FORCE the New World Order upon us???

In the same period 18,000,000 Rusians died of starvation, and one to two million Russians are still dying annually from hunger and cold. Not long ago, two thousand peasant farmers were shot in one day because they sought to hold back from government grain collectors enough of their own grain to keep themselves and their families from starvation! In the name of order, obedience and regimentation, Russian firing squads lined up 14 head men of peasant villages and shot them to death simply because these men and their humble village folk wished to possess the fruits of their own toil. Political opponents of the existing order are exiled or executed. Siberian prison camps have overflowed since the inception of Communism.

Free speech, as we know it in our capitalist country, is non-existent. When Lenin assumed power and began his “experiment” in re-making human society in Russia, he made the following announcement: “The dictatorship of the proletariat is nothing else than power based upon FORCE and LIMITED BY NOTHING - by NO law and NO rule.” America has been on this road since before FDR took office! The Russian revolutionists inaugurated their program with the avowed purpose of seizing ALL land and other forms of wealth, and holding it in common for all the people! Their confiscation scheme has been carried out since 1921, BUT instead of everyone having more than they had before, everyone has less until this writing!!! The “planned economy” of dictatorially decreeing everyone something RESULTED in no one having anything. Instead of common wealth, there is common POVERTY. Is this what Obama wants for America by “spreading the wealth around?” Capital may be destroyed by confiscation DISGUISED as taxation!!! All socialist countries are heavily taxed; therefore, their wealth is confiscated. www.newswatchmagazine.com

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