President Bush's pro-life facade

wpe2.jpg (2211 bytes)(ABOUT THE LINKS: The following links are in no particular order, except for the first few that seek to establish some of the positions held President Bush--and, in one case, the First Lady. Most are taken from conservative, pro-life, traditional values-type sources--in a word, sources that would be supportive of the President, if he were what he claims to be. In a few instances only a paragraph or two pertain to the subject, but are included because they are strong statements on the subject.)

George W. Bush on abortion

Bush - Is he really pro-life?

Bush history on life issues

Bush: USA isn't ready for total abortion ban

Laura Bush speaks out on abortion

Bush abortion comments spark debate

Bush's  walk doesn't match his talk on life

Bush: a pro-life President?

Is there a pro-life Presidential candidate?

Bush compromises on abortion

Establishment saves Arlen Specter

Specter supports Roe v. Wade

Why are we so Shocked?

The partial birth abortion scam wpe3.jpg (1974 bytes)

Money soaked in the blood of the innocent

Why Christians should not vote for George W. Bush

Olson, arguing in favor of NOW against pro-lifers, is a Bush appointee

Evangelicals frustrated by Bush

Bush betrays pro-life cause again, backs federal aid to overseas abortion providers

President Bush's betrayal: Republicans continue assault on human life

Bush is no hero of the pro-life movement!

The exception makes the rule: "Pro-Life with exceptions" a contradiction in terms

A pro-life loss of nerve?

Hard sell on stem cells

Abortion 'high moral priority' for Bush, but not top political issue

Alan Keyes: President's pro-life rhetoric is political pandering

Bush betrayed pro-lifers again, but did they even notice?

Bush stem cell decision breaks campaign pledge and betrays pro-life conservatives

Pro-life groups say Bush abandoned principles with stem cell decision

Buchanan to Bush: Are you pro-life or not?

Abortion and the echoes of silent assent

Bush gets abortion criticism: Opponent Bauer attacks from the right

Bush, Estrada and NOW--allies against life and speech

Bush the Bold?

Loyal opposition: Bush campaign spins abortion waffling

Look who's championing diversity

Bush advances "gay rights"

Lesser of two evils? It's more like the lesser of two lies

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