During the Seattle Conference many years ago a woman asked the panel if they agreed with Arnold Tuchenbaum that the 200 million horsemen army are demons released from the bottomless pit.

Grant Jeffrey answered in the negative and defended the position that he and Hal Lindsey have held for decades that it is an army of Oriental foot soldiers. He argued that since the Euphrates River is dried up to make way for the Kings of the East the army must consist of men because demons don't need a highway. "They appear to be real soldiers," he said. "Now some people have misunderstood the verse to say there are 200 million horsemen. There's not that many horses in the world--there are 35 million horses. But it doesn't say that. We must read Scriptures carefully. It says the army of the horsemen was 200 million. The horsemen I believe are the horsemen of the apocalypse. The army of those, especially the horsemen of war, is going to be 200 million. And China for the first time as a result of the 1978 one child policy has been selectively aborting females to such a rate, and India has followed unofficially the same policy, just socially as has N. Korea, they have five boys born for every girl. They are selectively killing female children at an astonishing rate in China and India. They have said, the Chinese officials according to the Toronto Star, they will have 70 million excess young men of military age in the next five years. That's China alone. You add that to the other countries--add all the rest of the army--you could have for the first time a 200 million man army and they have already prepared a military highway through the south of China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan heading toward Israel. The Euphrates River can be dried up for the first time in history because of the Aditur Dam. It sounds very literal to me."

Hal added that he "agreed with everything that Grant just said." He also noted that he just "received official figures from a report on China that they now have 360 million men of... that are in their army or in the reserves. So that means they could send 200 million soldiers to the Middle East and still have 160 million in reserve."

When Chuck Missler tried to make a comment Hal shut him off saying that demons lead this army, but the army consists of men. He added that the demons are "particularly vicious demons who have been kept in, uh, in chains. They have been guarded and not released, because if they hadda been released earlier there would be no human race here now."

Grant makes so many glaring errors it is no wonder most people are terribly confused about eschatology. If the teachers are confused how can the students be expected to understand prophecy?

The first mistake that he, Hal and many others make is mixing different armies to create a super army. He believes the 200 million horsemen army (Rev. 9.16) is the same as the army of the Kings of the East (Rev. 16.12). They are two different armies separated by more than three years. The 200 million demon army slaughters one-third of mankind during the first half of the Great Tribulation (Rev. 9.15).

There is no mention of how many soldiers are in the armies of the East, but it is highly unlikely it will be anywhere near 200 million. By the mid-point of the Great Tribulation one-half of the world's population is wiped out (Rev. 6.8; 9.15). A great number of people living in the Eastern Hemisphere will be killed for that is where most of the action takes place. It is not likely that half the people living in the Western Hemisphere will be killed in the first half of the Great Tribulation. Due to the massive number of deaths the Eastern nations will suffer it is impossible that the kings of the East will be able to muster an army of 200 million men and women.

Another mistake that Grant makes is thinking the army consists of foot soldiers and not horsemen. The argument that the armies are of the four horsemen (Rev. 6.1-8) and do not consist of horsemen is absurd. It is also very poor exegesis. The Scriptures are explicitly clear that the "number of the bodies of the soldiers of the calvary was two myriads of myriads" (Rev. 9.16). You cannot have a calvary of four horses. They cannot be the four horsemen because the first horseman is the beast (antichrist). He is not bound at the Euphrates River. Instead he is ruling the world under the guidance of satan (Rev. 13.2). The four angels cannot be the four horsemen because the angels have been bound and prepared for untold centuries for the "hour and day and month and year" (Rev. 9.15). The four horsemen slaughter one-fourth of mankind at the start of the Great Tribulation.

The description of the horses and their riders in the following passage would be meaningless if the armies are foot soldiers led by four horsemen. One-third of mankind is killed by the three plagues caused by the 200 million demon calvary (Rev. 9.17,18). The three plagues are the fire, smoke and brimstone that the horse spew from their mouths. If Grant is correct the four horsemen do all the killing for one-third of mankind is killed by the three plagues of the smoke, fire and brimstone. The 200 million Oriental foot soldiers do nothing.

This massive army is made up of 200 million demons riding bizarre horse-like creatures which are immortal just as the horses that believers ride when we return with YAHSHUA to establish His Millennial Kingdom (Rev. 19.14). The bizarre creatures most likely are the product of genetic experiments that satan and his fallen angels conducted with immortal horses they took from Heaven when they rebelled.

The four fallen angels are bound in the area of the Euphrates River along with their armies. They are bound underground or in another dimension until they are let loose on mankind. They do not come out of the abyss. An army of locust-like creatures are released from the abyss to torment mankind before the 200 million demon army is cut loose (Rev. 9.1-11). Those bizarre creatures are also the product of genetic experiments.

The claim that Red China is murdering baby girls and will have an excessive number of boys to make up an army of 200 million is meaningless. More than half the world's population will be dead before the final battle. There is no way the kings of the East will be able to march an army of 200 million men and women to the Middle East at the end of the Great Tribulation.

Grant and others also forget that Red China, India and the other Oriental nations could never equip an army of 200 million soldiers. Even if they could give them a gun or rifle most of them would be antiques that don't work. An ill equipped army that large could be useful solely to drain the enemy of its ammunition. A few nuclear bombs could easily neutralize them.

The demonic locust-like creatures from the abyss and the 200 million demon calvary cannot be hurt by the weapons of man and run wild until YAHWEH shuts them down.

Hal is correct in saying the demons are vicious for all demons are. Mankind would obviously have been wiped out long ago if the demons were given free reign to murder people. His comments were meaningless and the rude manner in which he cut Missler off makes me think he doesn't want anyone to contradict him on this point.

I have no idea why Hal is so adamant on this subject. He is obviously wrong and his vicious defense of it is not something a SPIRIT controlled man would do. I can conclude that he is defending his absurd position and the other mistakes he has made because he would be terribly embarrassed to admit he was wrong for more than thirty years about most of what he teaches. It boils down to pride.

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