Bob Jones University


Bob Jones U Bows to the Politically Correct Gang Again!

Bob Jones University is recruiting minorities to appease the politically correct gang which has accused it of being racist.

The school has created two new scholarship funds just for minorities. Jonathan Paite [a mouthpiece for the school] said the funds were created because there is a growing interest in the school by blacks. "Another reason is that we're so often pointed out as being racist," he explained. "We wanted to take a stab, at least, to overcome that streotype." [Rd. note: BS! The apostate wimps at BJU created the funds to please the PC Gang -- NOT to please YAHWEH Elohim!]

Bob Jones University was compelled to admit blacks in 1970 when the IRS threatened to revoke its tax-exempt status. The last controversy was two years ago when George W. Bush spoke there during the campaign. He failed to condemn the ban on interracial dating and the school's alleged anti-Catholic and anti-Mormon bias. Bob Jones III lifted the ban in the wake of the media's criticism.(OC Register, 2-15-2002, p. 30)

Bob Jones III is a super wimp and apostate! He should have told the PC Gang that his dating policy was none of their business and preached the Gospel to them non-stop. Had he preached the Gospel the satanic media cockroaches would have left him alone.

BJU should NEVER have gotten 501c3 status! It is a serious SIN and proof of apostasy when a local assembly, so-called "ministry," religious organization or religious school gets 501c3 tax exempt status!

I must also explain that Bible colleges and seminaries have NOTHING to do with Messianic Faith. The Bible does NOT teach bishops (pastors) to create Bible colleges and seminaries nor does it teach true believers in YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH to attend them to learn the Bible or be trained to be a bishop. The bishops in local assemblies are commanded to shephard (teach/train) the flock (I Keph-Peter 5.2) and to train faithful men to be bishops (2 Tim. 2.2). Virtually every so-called "pastor" in America is a lazy, spiritual bastard who doesn't know what his duties are, doesn't care what they are and is far too lazy and incapable of carrying them out. I know of NO so-called "pastor" who has even done a study of what his duties are and I know of no man in America -- save myself -- who is capable of carrying them out! If you know of a true bishop let me know how to contact him immediately!

To learn what the duties of ALL bishops are go to -- dov-bishops.htm

Every Bible college and seminar that has been created eventually becomes an institute of apostasy! There have been NO exceptions!

"What is more unwise than to mistake uncertainty for certainty, falsehood for truth?" Cicero, Roman orator, statesman and philosopher (106-43 B.C.)

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