1. & 2. We are the last generation and it is a wicked generation that seeks after signs and wonders.

3-5.  "The perfect" which is to come (I Kor. 13.10) is not the Second Advent of YAHSHUA IMMANUEL YAHWEH of Nazareth the Mashiyach.  It is the completed Word of YAHWEH because YAHSHUA is the Word of YAHWEH (John 1.1,2).  The "partial" (I Kor. 13.9,10) is the gifts of prophecy, knowledge and speaking a known language which you do not know.

6. The charisma (sign) gifts were given as a proof that YAHSHUA is the correct Messiah.  They were only needed for a brief period of time as a sign (proof).   The charisma (sign) gifts were all temporary.

7. Paul use to speak as a child, think as a child and reason as a child (used some of the sign gifts) until he matured in the Lord.  Once he reached spiritual adulthood he had no need for the sign gifts.  If you believe the sign gifts are valid today you would ONLY use them until you mature in the Lord.  Once you were spiritually mature you wouldn't need them.  If you think you should still need them for the benefit of immature believers you will only use them to edify the babes in Mashiyach.  You would not use them for your self edification.  This means you would never again speak in "tongues" in your private prayer life.

8. Paul stopped doing childish things (using sign gifts) after maturing in the Lord.

9. Do you know of a single incident in which a person praised YAHWEH in a known language he did not know and it was interpreted by a person who did not know that language -- and was verified by someone who spoke that language?  As far as I know this has NEVER happened.  There are only a handful of incidents in the last 100 years in which a person spoke a foreign language they did not know and someone who spoke that language interpreted it, but no one interpreted it who did not know the language.  It is possible that a demon could possess a so-called believer and praise YAHSHUA in a foreign language.  It is a fact that Pentecostals have been "speaking in tongues" and had a stranger in the audience speak the language and tell them they were blaspheming YAHSHUA.  The next time you "speak in tongues" consider the fact that you may be cursing and blaspheming YAHSHUA.

10. If a person speaks a known language that he does not know and it is interpreted by a person who knows that language it is NOT the Biblical use of those gifts.

11. The insertion of the word "unknown" into the King James translation (I Kor. 14.2,4,13,14,19) was a very serious mistake.  If they had not inserted that word the Pentecostal movement would never have left Azusa Street.  It would have died in 1906.

12. Missionaries have observed unsaved natives in Latin America and Africa speak in "tongues" during their religious ceremonies.

13. Those natives speak by the power of drugs or by the power of demons.

14. Since the wicked can speak in "tongues" you cannot know that you and others are speaking in "tongues" by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT rather than the power of demons.

15. There are examples of so-called "believers" speaking in "tongues" who cursed YAHWEH.

16. The devil and the fallen angels work tirelessly to deceive as many believers as possible by counterfeiting the gift of speaking a known language which one does not know.

17. & 18. You do NOT know what you are saying when you speak in "tongues" in private.  I suggest you record a session and find a linguist to try to translate it.   You will be shocked at the outcome.  If it cannot be translated it means you are talking gibberish.  You are NOT using the charisma gift of speaking a real language which you do not know.  There is NO "unknown" language that Pentecostals speak.  The word "unknown" is NOT found in the Greek texts.   And it isn't the language of angels.  That claim is nonsense.

19. & 20. If you have never recorded anyone speaking in "tongues" and had it examined by a linguist do it!  It would be better to know for sure what is being said rather than hope it's good.  It may turn out to be blasphemous.

21. All of the leaders of the Azusa Street movement had questionable backgrounds.  For more info on them click here.

22. The father of the Pentecostal movement, Charles Parham, denounced what William J. Seymour was doing at the Azusa Street Mission.  For more info on this click here.

23. Some of the leaders of the Azusa Street movement were involved in the occult.

24. The Azusa Street Movement not only could have been inspired by the devil -- the evidence proves it was inspired by him.

25. The devil has inspired hundreds of men and women to start false religions and cults.   A short list is -- Babylonian Talmudism, Roman Catholic Corporation, Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism, Scientology, Christian Scientists, Watchtower Society and the Worldwide Church of God. 

26. The devil have deceived the Azusa Street leaders as he did Mohammed, the Roman Catholic Corporate CEOs, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, William Miller, Charles Taze Russell, J. Stuart Russell, Ellen G. White, Mary Baker Eddy, Herbert W. Armstrong, David Koresh, Jim Jones and thousands of others.

27. Matthew 7.21-23 is referring to pseudo-believers of the last days who emphasize the so-called "charisma gifts."

28. The three things the unsaved people brag about (Matt. 7.21-23) when they are judged -- prophesying, casting out demons and performing miracles -- are the main things the pentematics brag about.

29. The warning by the Lord about false believers was a prophecy that most of the pentematics are not born from above!

30. It is not only possible that you may be among those that YAHSHUA says "depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness" it is highly likely!   Please, walk away from the charismatic or Pentecostal church you are involved in.   Find a non-pentematic church where the pastors teach the Bible book by book.