A false doctrine which most fundamental prophecy teachers propagate is that no one knows the day or the hour of the rapture. (For a new book about When the Rapture will take place click here)

They use Leviy (Matthew) 24:36 and Markos 13:32 to prove their point. These passages have NOTHING to do with the Rapture! They speak of the Second Advent of YAHSHUA (Jesus).

When YAHSHUA took His disciples to the Mount of Zayith (Olives), a few days before He was crucified, they asked Him, "Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?" (Leviy 24:3).

YAHSHUA described specific events which will take place beforehand. They are: The abomination of desolation (v. 15); the Great Tribulation (v. 21); false mashiyachs will perform great signs and wonders (v. 23,24) and; the sun will be darkened, the moon won't give its light, the stars will fall to earth and the powers of heaven will be shaken (v. 29).

These events occur before the Second Advent NOT before the Rapture! The quote of YAHSHUA that is cited in Leviy 24:36 and Markos 13:32 is given at the conclusion of His prophetic message.

When He said: "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone," (Markos 13:32).   He was referring to His Second Advent.

The Greek word "eido" that is translated "knows," means to be aware of something by seeing it or through intuition (Strong's 1492).  The other Greek word that is often translated "know" is "ginosko."  It means to know for certain (Strong's 1097), a knowledge that comes from careful study.

What YAHSHUA actually said is: No one alive in His time could see into the future and pick the day that He would return, not even the angels or Himself, but only the Father.

YAHSHUA didn't know the day of His Second Advent because He voluntarily gave up knowledge of certain things when He came to Earth. He did not give up His divinity, but voluntarily "emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men" (Philippians 2:7).

Paulos makes it clear in his first letter to the Thessalonians that believers who are walking in the light at the end of the age will know when the Rapture will occur.  We will know by the seasons (5:1).  That day will not surprise SPIRIT controlled believers who are "looking for that blessed hope, and the appearing of the glory of our great Mighty One and Savior, YAHSHUA Mashiyach" (Titos 2:13).

We also know: "From the time that the regular sacrifice is abolished, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days" until YAHSHUA returns (Daniel 12:11).  A person could simply count 1,290 days from when the beast causes the sacrifices in the temple to stop (Dan. 9:27) and know exactly when YAHSHUA will return.  This confirms that "eido," to know by intuition, is what YAHSHUA said.

Now that we know preachers who teach no man can know the day or hour of the Rapture are mistaken, can we know the exact day the Rapture will occur?

There are seven major feasts which were celebrated by the Ibriy (Hebrew) people (Leviticus 23). They are Passover (14th of Nisan), Unleavened Bread (15th of Nisan), First Fruits (1st day after the sabbath after Passover), Weeks-Pentecost (50 days after First Fruits), Trumpets (1st of Tishri), Atonement (10th of Tishri) and Tabernacles or Booths (15th of Tishri).

Four of these feasts were fulfilled by YAHSHUA during His First Advent. He died on Passover (Yochanan-John 13:1; 19:17,18) being the final Passover Lamb (Yoch. 1:29).  His death makes it unnecessary to sacrifice animals anymore (Ibriy 9:26).

He was buried on the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Yoch. 19:42) and rose from the tomb on the Feast of First Fruits (Leviy 28:1-7; Markos 16:1-7; Loukas 24:1-8) being the First Fruit (I Corinthians 15:20-23).  On Pentecost 120 believers were "filled with the HOLY SPIRIT" (Acts 2:1-4).  The fourth of the seven feasts was fulfilled leaving three that have yet to be fulfilled.

The remaining three feasts await fulfillment and they will also be fulfilled on the exact day of each feast.  The Rapture will be the fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets (I Cor. 15:52; I Thess. 4:16,17).  The Second Advent of YAHSHUA will fulfill the Feast of Atonement and the establishing of YAHSHUA'S Millennial Kingdom on Earth will be the fulfillment of the Feast of Booths.

Of the three major events to come the Rapture will take place first, therefore it will occur on the day of the next feast which is the Feast of Trumpets.  We cannot know years in advance which year the Rapture will occur, but we will know the day it takes place.

We know that the Rapture cannot take place until the peoples of the world say there is "Peace and safety!" (I Thes. 5.2,3), the apostasy occurs and the beast is revealed (2 Thes. 2.1-3). Once these three things take place sudden destruction (the Great Tribulation) will fall upon the wicked. Believers will be here when the destruction begins, that is why those who are watching for the Lord are not caught by surprise (I Thes. 5.4).

Paulos told the Thessalonians and all believers that we should not let the Great Tribulation overtake us like a thief (5.4). If we are walking in the SPIRIT (Gal. 5.16,25) we will be ready for the Great Tribulation.

The phrase "peace & safety" means there will be a world wide peace treaty in place before the Great Tribulation begins. The beast confirms this treaty (Dan. 9.27) and declares an era of peace. A few weeks later the pseudo-peace is broken. The peace is most likely broken when three nations of the ten nation confederacy tell the beast they don't want him to join their private club. He defeats them in war which begins a time of war, famine, pestilence and death (Apok. 6.3-8).

During this period, which may last from one to two years, one fourth of the world's population is wiped out and believers are slaughtered by the millions (Apok. 6.9-11). It is just before the sixth seal is broken (Apok. 6.12) and the wrath of YAHWEH and the Lamb is poured out (Apok. 6.16,17) that the few believers remaining alive are raptured. We must be raptured prior to the outpouring of the wrath of YAHWEH and the Lamb because we are not appointed to wrath (I Thes. 5.9).

We know the wrath is not punishment in the Lake of Fire because the context has to do with the Great Tribulation. We also know that YAHWEH will never subject His children to His wrath. He disciplines us, but does not pour out His wrath on us. The argument that He protects us from His wrath is not Biblical. There is no passage to support it.

The first five seals are the fulfillment of the prophecy that YAHSHUA made about the beginning of the Great Tribulation (Leviy 24.4-14). The suffering increases as the years pass, especially when the beast commits the abomination of desolation midway through the Great Tribulation (Leviy 24.15-22) and rules without the prostitute of Babylon (one world political, economic & religious system) controlling him (Apok. 13.1-10), until YAHSHUA returns and puts the wicked into their eternal misery.

Praise YAHWEH! We can know the day and hour of the Rapture. It is still a decade or more away so don't quit living for the Lord.

It should be noted that the doctrine of the imminent return of YAHSHUA is not Biblical. The Rapture could not have taken place at any time since the ascension of YAHSHUA. We know it couldn't happen until after Keph was martyred because YAHSHUA prophesied he would be killed for his faith (Yochanan-John 21.18,19). It also could not have taken place until the temple was destroyed because He said it would (Leviy 24.1,2).

We now know that it could not happen until the technology to implement the one world economic, political and religious system was invented. The Rapture could not take place until electricity, radio, television, computers and satellites were invented. A one world government and economic system could not function without these technologies. We also know the Rapture could not have taken place until a time when there could be peace throughout the world. That can only happen if there is a world government or confederation of nations.

We also know that YAHWEH "does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets" (Amoc 3:7). Is it possible YAHWEH has revealed when the Rapture is through the feasts?


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