Many so-called "believers" in YAHSHUA YAHWEH of Nazareth (a.k.a. Jesus Christ) think there is a secret code in Bible that can be unraveled by using the Equa-distant Letter Sequence (ELS) method.

Michael Drosnin popularized this new technique with his book, "The Bible Code" which was published in 1997. Chuck Missler, Grant Jeffrey, Yaacov Ramsel and Paul Crouch jumped on the ELS bandwagon pushing it as a new technique to prove the Bible is the infallible Word of YAHWEH. Jeffrey and Ramsel also joined Drosnin in writing books about it and Crouch produced a movie, "The Omega Code" which hit the theaters in October, 1999.

Everyone who pushes this technique claims it has caused thousands of people to be saved and that it is a great new evangelism tool. The Scriptures refute this claim totally!

Most believers, especially preachers and evangelists, think people are saved by how well they preach or present the Gospel. Some yell and scream while others cry like Jack van Impe. They think that their theatrics will compel a person to believe in YAHSHUA. That is a serious misconception which is an annoyance to the spread of the Gospel. The HOLY SPIRIT can obviously save the elect in spite of their theatrics, but it grieves Him (Eph. 4.30).

The elect are saved by grace through faith in YAHSHUA YAHWEH of Nazareth (Eph. 2.8,9). The only way they can be saved is by hearing the Gospel (the Word of YAHWEH).

"So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Mashiyach" (Romans 10.17).

We clearly see that no one can have the faith to believe in YAHSHUA YAHWEH unless they hear the Gospel. Preachers, evangelists and any believer who shares the Gospel must read or quote the Scriptures. It is the Word of YAHWEH that the HOLY SPIRIT uses to convict sinners of their sin, the righteousness of YAHSHUA and the judgment to come (John 16.8-11).

If you wish to lead a person to YAHSHUA the best method is to read or quote the Scriptures. ELS, historical arguments and arguments against evolution, atheism, humanism, etc. have no value in leading a person to YAHSHUA. Theatrics and emotional appeals are also of no value. The Holy Word of YAHWEH is the only thing that you should use to lead a person to YAHSHUA.

There is nothing wrong in answering a person's questions concerning ELS, evolution, atheism, history, humanism, etc. We are commanded to do that (I Peter 3.15), but we are not to use them to try to induce someone to believe.

A second refutation of ELS is the Masoretic text. Everyone who uses ELS bases their work on the Masoretic text. For ELS to be accurate the Masoretic text must be infallible. It must be identical to the original manuscripts letter for letter. We know the Masoretic text is not a perfect clone of the original manuscripts so ELS cannot be reliable.

I must also note that the King James translation and the Masoretic text are not identical. Believers who think the King James translation is without error cannot believe ELS is real. It should also be noted that people who think ELS is real cannot believe the King James translation is the infallible Word of YAHWEH.  They must believe it is merely another fallible translation.

Anyone who still thinks ELS is legitimate, please contact me and tell me why you still believe in it.