Falwell Says the Antichrist Is Alive & He's Jewish

Falwell Says the Millennium Bug May Herald Salvation

Falwell Wants the Biggest Church in America

Falwell Is A Messenger of the SBC

Did Falwell Accept A Bailout From Moon?

Falwell Will Preach Anywhere, Even In Hell

Falwell Backs Clinton

Falwell Gets A Life Saving Donation

Foolwell Backs Benny

Falwell Says the Antichrist Is Alive & He's Jewish

Jerry Falwell said the Antichrist is probably alive today and is a male Jew.

In a speech about the concern people have over the new millennium, Falwell told about 1,500 people at a conference on evangelism that the Antichrist is a Jew. "Who will the antichrist be? I don't know. Nobody else knows," said Falwell. "Is he alive and here today? Probably. Because when he appears during the Tribulation period he will be a full-grown counterfeit of Christ. Of course he'll be Jewish. Of course he'll pretend to be Christ. And if in fact the Lord is coming soon, and he'll be an adult at the presentation of himself, he must be alive somewhere today."

According to the Bible, the Antichrist will spread universal evil before the end of the world, but will be finally conquered at the second coming of Christ.

Falwell, the chancellor of Liberty University in Lynchburg and founder of the now-defunct Moral Majority, said that he did not intend for his statement to be anti-Jewish. He said he meant only that the Antichrist must be Jewish because Jesus Christ was a Jew.

"If he's going to be the counterfeit of Christ, he has to be Jewish," Falwell said. "The only thing we know is he must be male and Jewish."

James Rudin, the director of inter-religious affairs for the American Jewish Committee in New York, said the comment surprised him because he knows Falwell is a strong supporter of Israel and is not anti-Jewish. "This is part of what I call millennial madness," Rudin said. "To single out any one man and particularly to identify him as Jewish plays into some latent and historical anti-Semitism from the past." (Las Vegas Sun, 1-15-1999, www)

Saying the beast will be Jewish is not anti-Jewish. He will be Jewish, but not for the reason Falldown says.

Contrary to what Falldown thinks and popular opinion -- YAHSHUA of Nazareth is not Jewish. In His incarnation He was not even an Ibriy. He was the son of Chavvah and YAHWEH. An egg of Chavvah was taken before she sinned and preserved until the time of His incarnation. That egg was fertilized by the HOLY SPIRIT and implanted in Miryam who was the surrogate mother of YAHSHUA. He had to be the son of Chavvah otherwise He would have been conceived and born in sin as all people are (Ps. 51.5).

Contrary to what Protestant teachers claim, the eggs of women are not free from the corruption of sin. Catholic theologians understood this and created the false doctrine of the immaculate conception of Miryam.

If you believe YAHSHUA was not conceived and born in sin you must believe the body of His incarnation developed from a egg of Chavvah that was not tainted with sin and a sperm divinely created by YAHWEH. That fertile egg was then placed in the womb of Miryam who gave birth to YAHSHUA. This Scriptural fact eliminates the false doctrine that Miryam is the mother of YAHSHUA (Mother of God) and a divine being who is co-redemptrix with YAHSHUA.

If you don't understand this simple fact meditate on it until the HOLY SPIRIT opens your mind (I Yoch. 2.27).


Falwell Says the Millennium Bug May Herald Salvation

Televangelist Jerry Falwell, who believes the end is near, sees more than a technological
glitch in the year 2000 computer problem.

According to his latest videotape, Y2K could well be a sign from God. "Y2K may be God's
instrument to shake this nation, to humble this nation," he proclaims. He is predicting "a
possibility of catastrophe," and is suggesting that Y2K could "start a revival that spreads
the face of the Earth before the Rapture of the Church."

The Rapture is when Christ will return and carry the saved up to heaven, leaving the
unredeemed to the wiles of the Antichrist. Falwell stops short of saying outright that the
Lord will come in 2000 but he tells his audience, "I wouldn't be a bit surprised if He did."
[Ed. note: I will be surprised because He said He won't.]

Falwell's $28 videotape, advertised on the Internet as "A Christian's Guide to the
Millennium Bug," is selling briskly: more than 1,900 copies since August.

Falwell is among a group of conservative Christian figures, including Ron Graff, Gary
North and Jack Van Impe, who are using the Internet, videos and books to assign
apocalyptic visions to Y2K. If there is a meltdown in 2000, Falwell and others suggest,
Divine Rapture may be accompanied by Civil Rupture, with dysfunctional computers
causing empty grocery shelves, failed banks, closed airports, missing Social Security
checks and dead 911 lines.

While counseling against panic, Falwell says he intends to stock up on food, sugar, gasoline
-- and ammunition. "Because if I'm blessed with a little food and my family is inside the
house with me, I've got to be sure that I can persuade others not to mess with us," he says
in his video. He ads, however, that he "wouldn't want to hurt anybody." [Ed. note: Falldown
is living and thinking in the flesh. He has a negative survivalist mentality. He will be a
primary target because he lives in a million dollar mansion. If he lived in an average home
he wouldn't have to worry about people coming to take his valuables.

All believers should prepare for the coming disaster and trust in YAHWEH to see them
through it. If people come to get what you have give it to them trusting in YAHWEH to
supply your needs. It is very possible that YAHWEH will prompt some of His children to
gather supplies to have for unsaved people He will send to them. Some may have guns and
others may not, but we should share what we have and trust YAHWEH to supply our needs
from then on.]

Such ominous forecasts, critics complain, are giving a more fearful edge to expectations by
some that the millennium could herald Christ's second coming and other spiritual
occurrences. Such doomsayers, the critics add, are creating undue apprehension and
unlikely-to-be-fulfilled religious hopes. "You have a lot of individuals connecting a
technology-based problem with a theology," said Lawrence F. Roberge, professor of
environmental science at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "This is serious
because it can make it much more difficult for the government to maintain civil order" if
Y2K disruptions occur. "I think there's an irresponsibility about this, a cavalierness."

Y2K's global reach makes it a more appealing sign of Christ's anticipated return than the
natural disasters like earthquakes and floods usually cited by modern-day prophets, said
Hillel Schwartz, a cultural historian and senior fellow at the Millennium Institute in
Arlington. If Y2K is believed to be "the worldwide cataclysm... then it surely must be a sign
of the second coming."

"You have these little Elmer Gantrys out there who want to make a name for themselves,"
said Vinson Synan, dean of the divinity school at Regent University, the Virginia
Beach-based college founded by Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson. [Ed. note: That is
true, but they also want to make a lot of money.]

Christians who spurn alarmist rhetoric about Y2K are beginning to organize across the
country -- with a different message. Any disruptions, they say, can be opportunities to bond
communities. "We've taken the approach that as Christians we simply want to be good
stewards, prudent, wise, and prepare for any eventuality as best we can," said the Rev.
Duke Bendix, associate pastor of Herndon's nondenominational Grace Covenant Church,
one of several area congregations studying the possible impacts of Y2K. [Ed. note: That is
the correct attitude.]

In a series of meetings, including one to which the community was invited, Bendix said
Grace Covenant members were advised to collect paper copies of medical records and bill
payments, stock extra water and food, and get a wood or kerosene heater. [Ed. note:
Everyone should do this and be prepared for any natural disaster. The more people who are
prepared to ride out a disaster the fewer people emergency agencies will have to help. They can concentrate on helping the truly needy.]

"The other thing we talked about is how to provide support to the broader community if, for
example, electricity is shut down for a few days," he said. His church expects to equip itself
as an emergency shelter, "like how they use schools in a hurricane."

Bendix rejects alarmist views or theological meanings in the Y2K glitch. Instead, he said, it
is "a statement about man being very fallible and not as wise as he sometimes thinks."

Some churches are taking a look at the Y2K issue after prompting by members who work in
the computer field. "I listen to Christian radio stations, and some of the stuff there is just
inaccurate fear-mongering," said Todd Miles, of Centreville, a Y2K assessment consultant
for the U.S. Navy and a deacon at Annandale's Parkwood Baptist Church. He persuaded
his pastor to organize a series of seminars for members next year "to try and dispel some
of the myths and anxieties."

In Warrenton, the Decker Tapscott has suggested that members of his Faith Christian
Church contact banks and telephone companies to ask what they are doing to prepare for
Y2K. For now, his church is not planning to expand the food bank it maintains for the needy
because "it would create a measure of hysteria." [Ed. note: That's a fearmongering
mentality. Other local assemblies are expanding their food banks without creating hysteria
-- why can't he?]

Other evangelical organizations are attacking the computer defect with prayer. "We
believe that if we make a prayer investment into the key areas that research shows will be
affected by the Y2K problem, the fallout will be modified and the suffering will be less,"
said Gary Bergel, president of the Leesburg-based Intercessors for America, a 25-year-old
Christian network that encourages prayer and fasting.

Religious broadcaster Robertson has given Y2K considerable air time on his Christian
Broadcasting Network. A CBN spokeswoman said that more than 120,000 viewers have
requested free information on Y2K offered by the station. Robertson allows Y2K pessimists and optimists equal time. "There's no question there's going to be serious disruptions," he said. Unlike Falwell, however, he has not attached apocalyptic meaning to Y2K, but simply reminds viewers that a "time of crisis is oftentimes the great moment of revival." [Ed. note: Normally that is true but since we are living in the apostasy of the last days (2 Thes. 2.3) there will be no revival after Y2K strikes.]

Last month, both the 5.2 million-member Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the
Assemblies of God, one of the country's largest Pentecostal churches, weighed in with
pastoral letters counseling against expecting either significant religious events or
catastrophe when the millennium arrives. "We encourage our people to not engage in
activities such as hoarding food, withdrawing money from banks, believing doomsday
scenarios, or expecting the economic, political, and social collapse of western civilization
when the clock strikes January 1, 2000," Assemblies of God advised its 2.4 million
members. [Ed. note: That is terrible advice. Believers should be prepared at all times for
any and all emergencies as I noted above. This kind of mentality needs to be erased.]

Shaunti Feldhahn, a former risk analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York who
grew up in Falls Church, has formed Joseph Project 2000. She said her network encourages
churches to work with local governments to prepare for any disruptions. "We say stop
worrying about whether this is the second coming and the end of time and let's put our
heads down and think about ways the church can be prepared to minister. It's the antithesis
of some of what we are seeing now, which is grab a dog and shotgun and head for the hills."
(Washington Post, 11-23-1998, www)

The Millennium Bug is not a judgement from YAHWEH and it will not lead to a revival. We
are living in the apostasy of last days (2 Thes. 2.1-3) and there will be no revival of any
kind. The so-called "revivals" of the ecumenicalists are proofs we are living in the
apostasy of the last days.

Falldown and the other religious businessmen who are pushing Y2K videos and goods, such
as Charles Missler, Grant Jeffrey, Jack Impe, Ray Brubaker and the Prophecy Club gang,
are out to make a quick buck. They don't truly care about warning people of the danger that is just over the event horizon -- all they want is more money.

The Y2K disaster will not usher in the Great Tribulation. We are still 7 to 20 years away
from that dreadful period. The New World Order must be set up before the Great
Tribulation starts (Daniel 7.23). Once it is established a ten nation confederacy will be
formed to run it (Dan. 7.24). They will put together a world wide peace treaty which will lead
the peoples of the world to celebrate shouting, "Peace and safety!" (I Thes. 5.3). Soon after that a ruler of a Middle Eastern nation, from the ancient Yavan (Greek) empire of
Alexander (Dan. 8.8,9), will confirm the peace treaty which will mark the beginning of the
Great Tribulation (Dan. 9.27). That will be the breaking of the first seal.

The second seal will be broken (Apok-Rev. 6.3,4) when this ruler seeks entrance into the
confederacy and is opposed by three nations. A war will break out and he will defeat them
(Dan. 7.8,20,24). It will mushroom into a world war creating massive famine and pestilence
(Apok. 6.5-8). One fourth of the world's population will die and believers in YAHSHUA will
be blamed for the war. The wicked will launch a massive pogrom, slaughtering them by the
millions (Apok. 6.9-11).

The few believers who survive the holocaust will be raptured just prior to or when the sixth
seal is broken (Apok. 6.12-17). Believers must be raptured before or when this seal is
broken because that is when the wrath of the YAHWEH and the Lamb is poured out on the
wicked. We cannot be here at that time "For YAHWEH has not destined us for wrath, but
for obtaining salvation through our Lord YAHSHUA Mashiyach" (I Thes. 5.9).

Falwell Wants the Biggest Church in America

Jerry Falwell plans to build a 12,000 seat church which would make it the largest seating
capacity of any church in North America.

Jerry recently had $100 million of his $110 million dollar debt wiped out by A.L. Williams
and others. Now that his debt is minimal he wants to build a super church building. Thomas
Road Baptist Church has 22,000 members, but only 7,500 attend service each Sunday. His
present seating capacity is 3,300. (PBC, October 1998, p. 4 -- http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Maybe Jerry wants to be able to preach one sermon each week instead of two or three. I'm
certain he also wants the notoriety of having the biggest church in America.

Big time bishops think that numbers is what it is all about. They fail to understand that
there is no command to build the biggest church building they can. They are commanded to
make disciples (2 Tim. 2.2) and shepherd the flock (I Keph 5.2). They have other duties, but those are the two primary ones. Sadly, very few bishops know how to do this and fewer still do.

Jerry is a leading ecumenicalist who has no idea what his job is and seeks fame, glory and
wealth. He has wandered away from the faith because of his love of the world and the things in the world (I Tim. 6.10).

Falwell Is A Messenger of the SBC

Jerry Falwell has officially registered as a delegate to the Southern Baptist Convention and
took several delegates with him to the convention in Utah.

"We have officially joined about a year ago," Falwell confessed. "I've been attending the
Southern Baptist Convention for many years. This is the first time we have taken 10
messengers and voted.

"There is now no reason why we shouldn't be a part of it. We now feel the liberty to support
the convention and to participate. We are still in good fellowship. We have not abandoned
the Baptist Bible Fellowship."

Can anyone trust the judgment of Falwell who allowed Roman Catholics and Mormons to
be part of his defunct Moral Majority and who has allowed notorious Bourbon Street
preacher Bob Harrington back into his pulpit. He even invited Billy Graham to deliver the
graduation address at his college. (Plains Baptist Challenger, June 1998, p. 1 -

Jerry is a devoted ecumenicalist who will join hands with anyone whether they are truly
born from above or not. He cannot be considered a conservative or fundamental believer.
He is a liberal compromiser who is willing to do most anything to gain fame and wealth.
Jerry isn't any different than the rest of his ilk. All televangelists are glory hounds and


Did Falwell Accept A Bailout From Moon?

A November 1997 Washington Post article said Falwell accepted a donation from a Sun
Myung Moon business, but he denied it.

Falwell has said that he would accept donations from unificationists, the American Atheist
society and Bill Clinton. (Plains Baptist Challenger, March 1998, p. 3 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

Faldown will take money from anyone or any company. While I attended Liberty Baptist
College he proclaimed from the pulpit that he would never ask for money for himself or his
family, but he would "beg, borrow or steal for the Lord."

If you examine that blasphemous statement he is placing himself above YAHSHUA and
saying the Creator of the cosmos needs help to get His work done. Faldown is backslidden
or possibly not even born from above. I cannot see how any true child of YAHWEH could
make such a statement, but I guess someone could be so backslidden that he could make
such an inane statement.


Falwell Will Preach Anywhere, Even In Hell

Jerry Falwell said he will preach anywhere, including hell if they let him out.

Falwell said A.L. Williams recently bailed him out, not Sun Myung Moon, but he has taken
money from Moon in the past. He went on to say, "I preach for the Moonies, the
Mormons, the Catholics, the Jews, the Buddhists," and "I'll preach in hell if they promise
to let me out."

He brags that he does not compromise the truth and added, "I go to a lot of places other
preachers won't go as long as I don't have to restrict my message."

Falwell sounds like Billy Graham as he made his long slide into apostasy. It should be noted that Beverly LaHaye, Bob Schuller, Gary Bauer and Ralph Reed spoke at the 1996
Moonie sponsored Family Federation for World Peace conference. (Plains Baptist
Challenger, March 1998, p. 8 - http://www.llano.net/baptist)

There is nothing wrong in preaching to the wicked, but it is wrong to take money from them
even if there is no quid pro quo. Once someone starts taking money from the wicked he is
eventually compromised. This was a major cause of Graham going apostate and it has
ruined Impe, Lindsey, Hanegraaff, and thousands of other men.

It is absurd for Jerry to say he would preach in hell if they would let him out. No one in hell
can be saved so it is pointless. I know Jerry said it to emphasize the fact he will preach
anywhere, but it is wrong to make such an inane statement.

Jerry is obviously backslidden and close to becoming apostate. It is only a matter of time
before he joins Graham, Impe, Hanegraaff, Lindsey and the rest of the apostasy crowd.


Falwell Backs Clinton

Jerry Falwell has asked for "one million prayers" for Clinton and has vowed to never
publicly bash his leader.

"You will not see me on television, or in the newspapers, bashing our nation's leader,
criticizing his character or convicting him of any crime," Falwell declared. (Spotlight,
3-23-98, p. 2)

It looks like Falldown has done another 180 turn around. He was selling the "Clinton
Chronicles" which exposed the crimes of Clinton, including murder. Now he claims he won't
speak against Billy. If he made this inane statement it's obvious someone got to him and he
has compromised with the devil one more time.

Falldown is extremely backslidden and walking down the path to apostasy. It is only a
matter of time before he joins other corrupt Protestants like Billy Graham, Jack Impe,
Hank Hanegraaff, Paul Crouch, Pat Robertson, Ken Copeland and thousands more.


Falwell Gets A Life Saving Donation

A massive gift from a retired life insurance tycoon Art Williams has put Liberty University
back in the black.

Williams donated $70 million to the university to erase a decade of debt and free its
founder, Jerry Falwell, to resume his role as an outspoken emissary for Christians.

"The university is back to where it was, and I'm back on the road again," Falwell
proclaimed. "It's like being let out of prison, to get back to what I do best."

Falwell, 64, founded Liberty College in 1971, and helped fund its expansion with bonds
issued by his Old-Time Gospel Hour television program. But Liberty found itself
overextended with numerous building projects and short-term debt after several
televangelist scandals in the mid-1980s. Falwell stepped out of the spotlight in 1990 and
devoted much of his time to dealing with the financial problems at the private university.
(Las Vegas Sun, 2-02-98, www)

This is a terrible blow to the Gospel of YAHSHUA Mashiyach. Falldown is a political hack
who cloaks himself in religious garb. He openly admitted what he does best is preach
politics and not the gospel. That is what he meant by the phrase "I'm back on the road
again." If you doubt that he is a political hack read the following article.

The devil stepped in to save Falldown from obscurity. He has used him in the past to bring
together false religions. Falldown is a major ecumenical puppet of the devil and he will use
him again to bring Catholics closer to Protestants. The devil will also use Falldown to
recruit true believers into his Republican Party.

If you think Falldown is a true man of "God" you are not born from above or you are
backslidden or apostate. Falldown claims the Roman Catholic Church is a true religion. It is
the leading false religion in the world--the modern day manifestation of the ancient
Babylonian religion. Falldown also believes Babylonian Talmudic Judaism is a true religion
and it is the second leading false religion in the world--the other half of the modern day
manifestation of the ancient Babylonian religion.

Falldown also fellowships with Sun Yung Moon, charismatics, pentecostals, Promise
Keepers and just about anyone who claims to be a "Christian." He has also cut a deal with
the Republican Party which is an anti-Christian organization that is no better than the
Democratic Party. I have no proof, but I am certain that the CIA has been given Falldown
financial aid in the past to push its propaganda.


Foolwell Backs Benny

Jerry Falwell pledged his support to Benny Netanyahu to keep Israel from giving the
Palestinians their land back.

Benny came to America to raise support for his position to keep all the land that the Jews
stole from the Palestinians. Jerry met with Benny and boldly told him, "There are about
200,000 evangelical pastors in America, and we're asking them all... to use their influence
in support of the state of Israel and the prime minister." (Spotlight, 2-16-98, p. 2)

Falldown is most likely not born again and if he is he is extremely backslidden and on his
way to becoming apostate. His undying support of the renegade Jewish government in
Palestine seriously grieves the HOLY SPIRIT. Falldown is also an ecumenicalist who
supports the Roman Catholic Church which is an abomination to YAHWEH. He works with
some cults such as Moon's cult and the charismatics. The pentecostal/charismatic
movement is a cult and very few people in that satanic movement are born from above.

I hate to think there are 200,000 evangelical bishops (pastors) in America who support the
terrorist Jewish government in Palestine. If there are just 20,000 that is one more proof we
are living in the apostasy of the last days (2 Thes. 2.3; 2 Tim. 4.3,4).

If you think the Ashkenazi-Edomite occupation of Palestine is a fulfillment of prophecy that
the northern tribes and southern tribes of Yisrael would be regathered into Palestine
(Yechezqel-Ezek. 37.16-28) you don't know the Scriptures and you don't know history. That
prophecy has yet to be fulfilled for when it is David will be king and they will obey the
commandments of YAHWEH (Yech. 37.24).

The occupation of Palestine by the Ashkenazi-Edmoites is a fulfillment of prophecy (Yech.
35.10-36.5). When YAHSHUA returns He will execute every Ashkenazi-Edomite alive on
Earth (2 Yahshua-Is. 63.1-6; Apok. 19.13). None of those wicked people will escape

When the Yahudiy were taken into Babylonian captivity they adopted the ancient
Babylonian religion. Most stayed there, but 42,300 (Ezra 2.64) migrated to Palestine where
they joined forces with the Edomites who controlled the land. They formed a religious,
political and economic union and intermarried. The Yahudiy and Edomites became one

The kings of their nation were called Edomites while the religious and economic leaders
were called Yahudiy, but they were one people not two. When their bloody civil war was
stopped by General Titos their land empire was destroyed so they went underground and
ruled behind the scenes.

They controlled the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church was their creation.
They have controlled the Western World through their religion and wealth as well as the
Eastern World through their religion and later through their wealth.

The ancient Babylonian religion created by Nimrod and his wife Semiramis was spread to
the East after Nimrod was executed by Shem. The Babylonian/Edomites/Yahudiy have
controlled the Eastern nations for millennium through the myriad religions they created to
oppress them. In the 19th Century they took economic control of those nations.

In the 8th Century A.D. the Ashkenazi invited Babylonian/Edomite/Yahudiy priests to
convert them to Babylonian Talmudic Judaism. The Ashkenazi were converted and they
adopted the name Yahudiy which later was transliterated Jew by the English. About 90% of
all Jews are Ashkenazi with the remainder being Sephardim (Babylonian-Yahudiy- Edmoites). Both divisions have no lineage to the ancient Yahudiy and cannot be consider Yahudiy. The minuscule amount of Yahudiy blood in the Sephardim is so small they cannot be considered descendants of the Yahudiy, especially since they have intermarried with numerous other groups in the last 2,000 years.

The only people who can trace their lineage to the Ibriy (Hebrews) are the Anglo-Saxon- Keltic people. The Jews are impostures just as YAHSHUA proclaimed (Leviy-Matt. 15.7-9; 22.18; 23.13-39; 24.51) and He will genocide them when He returns to Earth. Amen!

The Greek word "hupokrites" that is translated "hypocrites" means "an actor under an
assumed character" (Strong's 5273). The English word hypocrite meant imposture and that
is what modern translations should render the Greek word.

YAHSHUA called them impostures because that is what they were and are. Jews are not
Ibriy or even Yahudiy. They are Babylonian-Edomite-Ashkenazi and their fate is sealed (2
Yah. 63.1-6).

"It is most difficult to free slaves from the chains they worship." DOV