The following are some of the false doctrines/heresies that Hendrick Hanegraaff of Christian Research Institute (CRI) teaches and a clear refutation of them using Scripture:

Hendrick -- The HOLY SPIRIT does not dwell within the bodies of all believers. The "indwelling" is symbolic of a relationship believers have with the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT.

DOV -- For Hank to claim the numerous passages that clearly state the HOLY SPIRIT literally lives within the physical body of all believers are not literal is absurd.   The Bible clearly teaches that the HOLY SPIRIT literally lives within the physical bodies of all believers. Our bodies are called temples of the HOLY SPIRIT. To say the indwelling is merely symbolic of a "relationship" is to twist Scripture. Hendrick is one of the leading Scriptorturers in America today. (See John 14.17,23; I Kor. 3.16; 6.19; Kol. 1.27; 2 Tim. 1.14; Jas. 4.5)  For details go to -- dov-hankhs.htm

Hendrick -- Hell and the Lake of Fire are not real places. The descriptions of Hell and the Lake of Fire are merely symbolic of a harsher punishment that the wicked will suffer.

DOV -- All descriptions of Hell and the Lake of Fire are literal.  For details go to -- dov-hell.htm

Hendrick -- The blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT is not a specific act, but a continual rejection of YAHSHUA as Savior.

DOV -- This is absurd.  The blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT is clearly explained by YAHSHUA.  Study it for yourself (Matt. 12.22-31).

Hendrick -- The Roman Catholic Corporation is a true Christian (Messianic Faith) "church" that has some false doctrines.

DOV -- The Roman Catholic Corp. is the largest and most corrupt false religious corporation in the world.  It is incredible that a so-called "Protestant" could say it is a true church with a few wrong doctrines.

Hendrick -- Fallen angels have no extension in space (they cannot appear to people).

DOV -- The Bible clearly teaches that all angels -- holy and fallen -- can appear to people. Several appearances of holy angels are described (Genesis 18,19; 2 Kings 2.11; Dan. 10.1-21; Matt. 28.1-7; Mark 16.5-7; Luke 1.26-38; 2.8-14; 24.4-7; Acts 12.6-10) and the devil appeared to YAHSHUA (Matt. 4.3-11; Lk. 4.1-13). Paul also states that holy angels appear to believers (Hebrews 13.2) and that the devil can appear as an angel of light (2 Kor. 11.14). If the devil can appear as an holy angel so can the fallen angels.

Hendrick argues that angels cannot create a physical body so when holy angels appear to people YAHWEH must create a body and then destroy it after the appearance. This is his personal opinion which is not supported by Scripture. There is NO passage that says this. It is pure speculation on his part and by making that claim he is adding to Scripture (Rev. 22.18). It is a serious violation of the hermenuetical principle of accepting what YAHWEH Elohim say at face value. When Scripture says an angel appears to someone and looks like a man we must accept that angels have physical bodies.

Hendrick fails to understand that angels are not ethereal beings who have no bodies. Angels are physical beings who have immortal, physical bodies similar to the ones that we will have at the resurrection. They dwell in a different dimension than we do and they have the ability to move from their dimension into ours at will. When they enter our dimension we can see, touch and hear them. We cannot see, hear or touch them while they are in their dimension unless we are given the ability to as Elisha and his servant were (2 Kings 6.17).

When I tried to explain to Hendrick on his radio call-in show that angels are interdimensional beings he mocked me and quickly ran down a rabbit trail. During that call (8.08.2003) he refused to answer my question -- What was going on in 2 Kings 6.15-17? He ridiculed me throughout the call, twisted what I said, ran down rabbit trails, got angry at me, attacked me as though I was his enemy, refused to dialogue, finally cut me off, called me a heretic, appealed to his listeners to believe I was a heretic and claimed I believed the Mormon doctrine that the Father is just a man. One of the rabbit trails he ran down was if I believed the Father has a body I am a heretic. When I explained that the Father created a body to use as a reference point for His created beings he agreed with me saying that's a theophany, but at the end he said I believed the Mormon doctrine that the Father is just a man.

The Bible is explicitly clear that angels have immortal, physical bodies and that they travel in chariots of fire (spaceships) and on horses of fire (2 Kings 2.11; 6.17; Ps. 68.17; Hab. 3.8; Isaiah 65.15). When believers return with YAHSHUA to Earth at His Second Advent we will be riding immortal, flying horses just as YAHSHUA will (Revelation 19.11,14).  Hendrick makes a big mistake in thinking that pagan mythology is not based on real events. The legend of pegasus to him is a fairy tale just as the story of fallen angels mating with women. This is another false doctrine that he teaches.

Hendrick -- The sons of Elohim are not fallen angels, but believers descended from Sheth who married unsaved women (Genesis 6.4).

DOV -- Hendricks argument is based on the speculation of men who are afraid of the truth. Hendrick and many others claim that since pagan myths tell of the "gods" having sex with women that believers who think fallen angels had sex with women are interpreting the Bible based on pagan mythology. That claim is so absurd it isn't funny. It is a "straw man" that Hendrick and his ilk create so they can attempt to win their argument.  All pagan mythology is based on real events. The stories of the "gods" having sex with women is based on the event described in Gensis chapter six.  The context clearly demands that the sons of Elohim are fallen angels. All Jewish commentators taught this as well as all church fathers up to the Fourth Century A.D. It wasn't until Augustin, a Catholic Corporation leader, claimed the "sons of Elohim" were the righteous sons of Sheth. It is absurd to believe that the HOLY SPIRIT allowed all of the early Church fathers to be wrong on this point and gave special understanding to Augustin, especially since there is no evidence that he was truly born from above. He was a faithful Catholic Corporation priest who believed in Purgatory and prayed that his mother would be released from that imaginary place.  It is most likely that Catholics who believe in Purgatory have not trusted YAHSHUA to cleanse them of all of their sins. They have not believed the true Gospel, but are trusting in a false gospel created by the Catholic hierarchy.  I must also note that Augustin was the first to speculate that there will be no Millennial Kingdom. he argued that references to a 1,000 year reign of YAHSHUA on Earth was merely symbolic of His spiritual reign on Earth. He was one of the main proponents that virtually all Biblical eschatology is symbolic of spiritual truths and the prophecies are not to understood in a literal manner.

Hendrick -- Women can teach and exercise authority over men in a local assembly (church) as long as it is not "ultimate" authority. They can be assistant bishops (pastors).

DOV -- He argues that the command for women to cover their heads while praying and prophesying (I Kor. 11.5) modifies the commands for women to remain silent during Bible studies (I Kor. 14.34,35) and to not teach or exercise authority over men (I Tim. 2.12). He says they can speak in Bible studies, and teach and exercise authority over men under the supervision of the senior bishop. He also argues that since -- Myriam was a song leader, Hana was a prophetess, Deborah led Israel, women found the empty tomb of YAHSHUA and the daughters of Philip were prophetesses -- women can speak in Bible studies, teach men and exercise authority over men. The Holy Infallible Word of YAHWEH Elohim clearly states that females are NOT to teach men or exercise authority over them (I Tim. 2.12).  Until Paul gave that command to Timothy and all believers women could teach men and exercise authority over them.  All of Hank's arguments from of women in the Old Testament and the New Testament are meaningless.  There are NO examples of women teaching men or exercizing authority over them after Paul gave Timothy the command. 

Hendrick -- All prophecies in the Bible were fulfilled in 70 A.D. except for the physical return of YAHSHUA to Earth, the resurrection of the righteous and the wicked and the Great White Throne Judgment. 

DOV -- His position is the partial preterist position on eschatology which he calls exegetical eschatology. The partial preterist and full preterist heresies are dangerous.  People who hold to these heresies reject the literal understanding of Scripture.  They claim that virtually all passages on eschatology are symbolic.  They deny a literal Millennial Kingdom where YAHSHUA reigns on Earth.  They claim that Nero was the beast (antichrist) even though he was never in Jerusalem and did not commit the abomination of desolation in the temple (Dan. 9.27; Matt. 24.15; 2 Thes. 2.4).  Hendrick and many others deny clear prophecies and twist them to fit their heresies.

Hendrick -- There is only one resurrection. 

DOV -- He actually told me that Revelation 20.4-6 does not teach there are two resurrections.  The first resurrection is divided into four events (YAHSHUA & some O.T. saints (Matt.27.51-53), Early Tribulation Resurrection (I Thes. 4.16,17), two witness (Rev. 11.11) and the Tribulation saints (Rev. 20.4).  The second resurrection is of the wicked one thousand years after the resurrection of the Tribulation saints (Rev. 20.4-6).

Hendrick -- The mark of the beast is not a real mark, but symbolic of what one believes and does. 

DOV -- Hendrick actually believes the mark in the forehead is symbolic of what a person believes and the mark in the hand is symbolic of one's behavior.  He thinks that during the tribulation from 66 - 70 A.D. believers could not buy or sell anything because it was evident to the wicked by their actions that they were believers in YAHSHUA.  He gives no historical support for this and all historical works clearly show that believers could buy and sell things with no danger of being persecuted.  They were only persecuted if someone snitched on them.  They were forced to deny YAHSHUA and worship an image of Caesar.  If they refused they were put and prison and some were killed.  Anyone who believes the mark of the beast is symbolic, but the buying and selling is literal is woefully ignorant of Biblical hermeneutics.

Hendrick -- Believers will NOT have the name of the Father (YAHWEH), the new name of the Son (unknown) and the name of the new Jerusalem (Rev. 3.12; 22.4) on their foreheads through all eternity. This is merely symbolic of the relationship we have with God.

DOV -- The name of YAHWEH, the new Jerusalem and the new name of YAHSHUA will be etched into our foreheads through all eternity.  If you do not like that you can always ask to be thrown into the Lake of Fire.  It was the custom of many cultures in those days to place a mark (tattoo) on slaves in case they ran away.  Since we were bought by YAHWEH Elohim by the blood of YAHSHUA (I Kor. 6.20) we are Their property.  They have the right to place Their mark on us and They will.

Hendrick -- YAHWEH Elohim are not cosmic torturers and cosmic rapists!

DOV -- Hendrick has the bizarre belief that there is a difference between torment and torture. He has not explained the difference, but I assume he thinks torment is a pain that is self-inflicted while torture is a pain inflicted by another, such as YAHWEH. When he says that "God" is not a cosmic torturer he is claiming that the punishment the wicked suffer in Hell and the Lake of Fire are of their own doing. That is NOT Biblical. The Scriptures make it perfectly clear that the wicked suffer severe torture at the hand of YAHWEH Elohim. Their wrath is poured out on the wicked through all eternity (Rev.14.9-11). There is no end to their punishment (Leviy-Matt. 25.46; Rev. 20.10).  Since the wicked are tortured by YAHWEH Elohim through all eternity that means Hendrick is calling Them -- Cosmic torturers. He claims that to torture people is wrong and therefore what YAHWEH Elohim do to the wicked is wrong. That is blasphemy! Hendrick blasphemes YAHWEH Elohim every time he flippantly says They are not cosmic torturers.  Hendrick claims that "God" does not force His love on people and if He were to do this it would be rape and He would be a cosmic rapist.

YAHWEH Elohim force Their love on the elect. If you do not reject the clear doctrine of election you cannot deny that YAHWEH Elohim forced Their love on some people.  YAHWEH Elohim consecrated and appointed Yirmeyah (Jeremiah) before he was born (Jer. 1.5).   They poured out Their love on him and he had no choice in the matter.  John the baptizer was also loved by YAHWEH Elohim before he was born. He was appointed to be the forerunner and he was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT while in his mother's womb (Lk. 1.15-17).  Paul was knocked to the ground and told what he would do for YAHSHUA (Acts 9.1-20). He had no choice in the matter. He was a chosen vessel in the service of the Lord.  When Hendrick claims that "God" is not a cosmic rapist who forces His love on people he is wrong.  Since YAHWEH Elohim force Their love on the elect yjis means that Hendrick is calling them cosmic rapists.  That is blasphemy! Forcing divine love on the elect is NOT the same as a man raping a woman! It is absurd and blasphemous to even use such an anology.

Hendrick -- Our pets may be in Heaven with us.

DOV -- If Hendrick believes this he is mentally unstable.  It most likely is a ploy by him to get old ladies to send him more money.

Hendrick -- The devil did NOT possess the body of a dragon (serpent) in the Garden of Eden and speak to Eve to deceive her.

DOV -- The Bible makes it perfectly clear that the devil possessed the body of a dragon and deceived Chavvah (Eve) (Gen. 3.1-7).  The dragon   was cursed (Gen. 3.14) and so was the devil who inhabited the dragon (Gen. 3.15). The dragon became a serpent and its offspring were serpents -- not dragons.  YAHSHUA crushed the devil's head at the cross.  You can believe YAHWEH Elohim and Their holy, infallible Word or you can believe Heretic Hank.

Hendrick -- YAHWEH did not station real cherubim at the entrance of the Garden of Eden so Adam and Eve could not return (Gen. 3.24).

DOV -- This is another case in which Hank claims the cherubim and flaming sword are symbolic.  That is absurd.  Cherubim were stationed at the entrance to the Garden of Eden that had a high wall surrounding it.   They also had a weapon called the flaming sword.  It may seem odd, but angels have weapons (Gen. 19.11; Num. 22.22,23,31; Ps. 7.12,13; Ezek. 9.1)

 Hendrick -- There was no real Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden and no Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem.

DOV -- This is truly bizarre!  How did Adam and Chavvah sin?  If they did not eat a piece of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge how did they fall from grace?  Did they just say we believe you devil rather than YAHWEH?   But the devil didn't speak audibly to them through a dragon.  Did he plant thoughts in their minds?  Does the devil have that divine ability?  Do all angels have that divine ability?  Hank's claim that the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge are symbolic of whatever is so absurd he cannot be taken seriously.  He even says there will be no Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem (Rev. 22.2,19).  I think he claims it's symbolic of YAHSHUA.  Hank is so far out I all true believers must realize he is a cultist.

Hendrick -- YAHSHUA did not descend to Paradise when He died, but went to Heaven in the presence of the Father.

DOV -- Hank does not understand Scripture nor does he understand English.  He claims that when YAHSHUA said "Father, into Thy hands I commit My spirit" (Lk. 23.26), it meant He went to Heaven.  That is dead wrong!   Committing something to someone does not mean that object must go to that person.   It means the object is placed in the person's care.  In this case YAHSHUA committed (placed) His spirit in the care of the Father.  The Bible makes it perfectly clear that He went to Paradise (Eph. 4.8,9) and preached a victory sermon to the elect and a condemnation sermon to the wicked (I Peter 3.19).  There is no way any rational person can get around this.

Another problem Hank has with this false doctrine is the "presence" of the Father.  He claims that spirits do not have extension in space (God, angels, dead people).  YAHSHUA was resurrected with an immortal, glorified body.  When He ascended to Heaven where did He go?  YAHWEH (God the Father) has no extension in space so how could YAHSHUA be in His presence?  It must be symbolic.  Since YAHWEH is omnipresent everyone is in His presence at all times.   The statement that YAHSHUA went to the presence of YAHWEH doesn't make any sense.   People don't go to His presence -- we are always in His presence. 

Hank needs to reconsider his claim that spirits have no extension in space.  Since YAHSHUA has a resurrected physical body He must be somewhere in this universe.  Where is it?  Where is Heaven?  What is Heaven?  According to Hank Heaven isn't a place it's symbolic of a relationship the elect have with the Father.  But the question still stands -- where is YAHSHUA?   Since he has a body He must be somewhere.  When the elect die we go to be at home with Him (2 Kor. 5.8).  Is that statement also symbolic of a relationship we have with YAHSHUA?  Is everything symbolic to Hank?

This is what the Bible teaches: When the wicked die they are given immortal bodies and they are imprisoned in Hades (Hell).  They experience physical pain -- fire, heat, thirst.  When a believer dies he goes to a physical place called Heaven.  YAHWEH the Father (Rev. 4.2) and YAHSHUA (Rev. 5.5-8, 8.1) are seated on real thrones along with 24 men (Rev. 4.4).  The elect are given immortal bodies and a white robe (Rev. 6.11; 7.13,14; 19.8) and we worship the Father and the Son.   We must have bodies because the Bible says we will never again be hungry or thirst (Rev. 7.16).   Souls can't be hungry nor can they thirst.  Only bodies can thirst and hunger.   Bodies can cry and shed tears -- souls cannot.

I seriously doubt that Hank will ever escape from the Hank Cult because he rarely studies the Bible.  He studies commentaries.  I do not believe he knows how to study Scripture.  He shows NO evidence of that ability.

Plagarism by Hank

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