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Hanegraaf Makes Up with Kilpatrick

At the bequest of Salem Communications, Hank Hanegraaff met with John Kilpatrick, Steve Hill and Michael Brown.

Hank had ridiculed them for the things they were doing at the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. He said their revival was a counterfeit revival and frequently used "inflammatory rhetoric" in condemning them on his radio show.

Kilpatrick countered by prophesying that Hank's business would fold if he didn't stop attacking him. [Ed. note: Hank claims Kilpatrick predicted God would judge him with death.] Kilpatrick finally apologized for his prophecy.

When Hank met with the men he was surprised at their "warm and genuine" behavior. "I didn't feel any hostility from them," he commented. "To his credit and my surprise, Michael Brown apologized to me. We embraced publicly and prayed together."

Hank did not change his mind that the practice of shaking, jerking and "falling in the Spirit" are not Biblical. He faxed a letter to his supporters faulting the Brownsville pastors for placing too much emphasis on spiritual experiences and not enough on Biblical faith.  Hank said he wants to speak with the pastors of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
which he criticized in his book.

Brown appears to hold no animosity toward Hank. "We are both passionate for the fundamentals of the faith," he said. "We have much ground in common. We recognize Hank as a sincere brother." (Charisma, February 1998, p. 17)

That's a lovely article, but it is nothing but Bovine Scatology. Hank hates the Brownsville clowns and just about everyone who doesn't shine his shoes. Hank is an extremely vindictive, mean spirited man who shows no evidence of being born from above. If you think my discernment of him is inaccurate talk to someone who has work at CRI.

Hank has fired more than 100 people since taking over CRI by trickery. He fooled Walter Martin into thinking he was a spiritual giant and grabbed control of it before Walter died.  Once Walter was out of his way he took total tyrannical control. He started firing people for no just reason at a dizzying pace. He eased Paul Cardin and Ron Rhoads out and has kept Elliot Miller on to put out the magazine. Elliot told me that he does most of the work at home and visits the office just two days a week.

Hank started a fund raising campaign to buy a campus for CRI, but the deal fell through.   He took a large amount for himself, but when donors filed a lawsuit he was forced to give back about much of it. He finally settled the lawsuit and paid off Brad Sparks who represented the plaintiffs. When I asked Brad why he took the payoff he said the suit was
destroying his life. Hank had mustered a gang of high priced lawyers to fight the suit and Brad's marriage was in jeopardy.

I doubt that Hank is accountable to anyone. His board is a mere rubber stamp. If it has the power to discipline or fire him they are either afraid to or blind to Hank's actions. He is not accountable to any bishop (pastor) and is not under the authority any local assembly. Any so-called "ministry" which is not supported by a local assembly and not under the authority of the bishops is not of YAHWEH. It is business which is doing the work of the devil.

YAHWEH always works through local assemblies and never raises up a man or a ministry to do His work apart from a local assembly. Hank, Jack van Impe, Billy Graham, Hal Lindsey, and everyone who operates outside the authority of a local assembly are working for the devil. This is to be expected since we are living in the apostasy of the last days.

Hank also is a heretic. He denies the literal indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT claiming the passages that clearly state He dwells in all believers are symbolic of a relationship. He uses convoluted arguments to defend his false doctrine proving he is "untaught and unstable" (2 Keph-Peter 3.16).

Hank also denies other fundamental doctrines such as literal hell fire, the Roman Catholic Church is Babylon the Great, the literal understanding of Scripture and the cessation of sign gifts (I Kor. 12.1-11). Hank is one of thousands of men that Paulos prophesied of (2 Tim. 4.3,4) and should be avoided at all costs.

Kilpatrick, Hill and Brown most likely are not born from above either. Very few charismatics and pentecostals are born from above. They teach so many false doctrines and practice so many absurd rituals that only a handful of them are saved and the few who are born again are backslidden or apostate. No SPIRIT controlled believer can be part of the Azusa Street movement.

The Azusa Street movement was started by occultists and it uses occult rituals such as speaking gibberish, wild dancing, shaking the body and rolling about the floor. No one can be born from above by believing its doctrine of soteriology. Some people are saved at charismatic services, but the few people who are born again are saved because they hear
the gospel preached and are not taught the whole charismatic/pentecostal doctrine of soteriology. They eventually come out of that satanic movement.


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