Hanegraaff's Plagarism

It may surprise some to find that plagiarism among Christian pastors, writers, and communicators is at epidemic proportions in some circles, but there is practically no backlash or scriptural reproof ever mustered against the offenders. The fact is, plagiarism is theft and while "thou shalt not steal" is one of the "big ten," the 11th Commandment is not "thou shalt not lay with thine own sex." I don't say this to justify homosexuality -- far from it. The point is, while significant sectors of the Christian church at large are still attempting to stand against this particular sexual sin so clearly spoken of in the Bible, they routinely ignore sinful behavior that is so fundamental that its prohibition is codified in the Ten Commandments. [Ed. note: The failure of so-called "pastors" to discipline each other when they lead a sinful lifestyle is a major cause of the apostasy of the Last Days that we are living in (2 Thes. 2.1-3; 2 Tim. 4.3,4). Virtually no 501c3 CEO (a.k.a. pastor) is disciplined for pride, arrogance, lying, teaching heresy, making false prophecies, plagarism, slothfulness, greed, seeking fame, gluttony, refusing to discuss their heresies with concerned believers and failing to perform their pastoral duties! If 501c3 CEOs were disciplined there would be a handful of them standing. Virtually NO 501c3 CEO or true bishop (pastor) in America leads a sinless public lifestyle! A 501c3 CEO and true bishop must lead a sinless public lifestyle. Those who do not MUST be removed from their position! I should note that NO believer in the world leads a sinless private lifestyle.]

Furthermore, when a balanced scrutiny urges reproof against lying and stealing (bearing false witness also being addressed in the Ten Commandments), massive rebukes against those that would attempt to expose such misbehavior quickly becomes the order of the day. To put it bluntly, hypocrisy reigns in what laughably passes for "conservative" Christianity. [Ed. note: I know of NO true bishop in America who is "conservative." There may be a few out there, but it would be nearly impossible to find them. I must note that James Lloyd is NOT "conservative." He is guilty of every sin I listed above with the possible exception of gluttony.]

As a case in point, national Christian leader Hank Hanegraaff of the Christian Research Institute (CRI) in Southern California, the so-called "Bible Answerman," has been widely seen to have plagiarized D. James Kennedy's 1970 book "Evangelism Explosion" in his 1987 book Personal Witness Training. As these two books seek to provide instruction in evangelistic technique, "witness' these obvious similarities:

Evangelism Explosion (EE) --Kennedy, 1970

EE: "We will search the room for some indication of his interest. A specially placed and lighted painting; a group of portraits or children; trophies from gold, swimming."

Personal Witness Training (PWT), Hanegraaff, 1987

PWT: "As we enter and are seated, we look for items of interest, perhaps a portrait, trophy, or an award."

EE: "How did you happen to attend our church?"

PWT: "Earl, how did you happen to visit our church?"

EE: "Many people have mentioned to me that they sense something different about our church. They saw something different about the expression on people's faces."

PWT: "Perhaps the reason you noticed something special about the service and the people at our church."

EE: "But the same Bible says that the same God is also just and holy and righteous, that he is of purer eyes than to look upon iniquity."

PWT: "However the same bible tells us that God loves us. The Bible says of God `Your eyes are too pure to look upon evil.'"

This example of plagiarism by Hank Hanegraaff was drawn from the Christian Media published book on Hanegraaff (see more on this subject at the end of this essay). While the original research for this particular example came from a newsletter called "On The Edge," other examples of plagiarism from entirely different books allegedly written by Hanegraaff are included in our critical examination of the man in charge of "researching" and evaluating other ministries. [Ed. note: Hendrick's claim to be the "Bible Answerman" and the only one rooting out heretics is so absurd it is tragic. His understanding of the Bible is so limited he is NOT qualified to teach Sunday pre-school! He is one of the leading HERETICS in America today who denies the Trinity (he is a modalist), a literal Hell, a literal Millennial Kingdom and a literal New Yerushalom. He is a partial preterist who takes virtually all passages on eschatology to be allegorical. If he were walking in the HOLY SPIRIT (Gal. 5.16,25) he would step down as president of CRI and seek to be discipled by a man who is capable of discipling faithful men. He will NEVER do this because he is walking in the flesh and he LOVES MONEY, POWER, and FAME more than he loves YAHWEH Elohim. I KNOW that Hendrick does NOT do research for his alleged books and I seriously doubt he does the writing. He may give his ghost writers ideas.]

Indeed, when these and other allegations of Hanegraaff's misdeeds were made public, CRI's response was to spend an estimated $400,000 (an estimated 10% of the total CRI budget) in legal fees to suppress the facts that were being made public via a high profile lawsuit. Ultimately, CRI's deep pockets financially crushed the individual that was willing to stand up and tell the truth. [Ed. note: That is true! When Brad Sparks filed a lawsuit against Hendrick he sicked his lawyers on Brad. Brad had to give in and was paid off by Hendrick for his time. Brad told me he had to quit because it was ruining his health and his marriage. Hendrick will do anything and spend whatever it takes to keep from making restitution and suppress the truth! He is in an extremely backslidden condition and he is apostate!]

Along the way, Hanegraaff was exposed as lying when he claimed ministerial credentials. Just as the embarrassing truth about Hank's lies were being made public, Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel stepped in and ordained Hank in order to cover up the truth and save the offender any further embarrassment. To this day, the above named parties have never publicly repented of their misdeeds. (James Lloyd, 7.29.2002, www -- JLloyd2@cyberpc.com)

Chuck Smith sinned when ordained Heretic Hendrick to save him from being publicly shamed as he should be! Smith MUST confess his sin publicly and so MUST Hendrick. I doubt that either one will. Hendrick is a moneymongering, famemongering, powermongering demigod whose fruit is ROTTEN! His alleged conversion MUST be questioned! Smith most likely won't confess his sin because he doesn't need to. No one is confronting him about it.

Plagarism among so-called "men of God" is great. Chuck Missler is guilty of it also. The practice of hiring ghost writers is a form of plagarism. Even though it is permitted by the governments of the world it is NOT permitted by YAHWEH Elohim. It is a sin and the scoundrels guilty of it such as Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and hundreds of others will receive NO rewards from their efforts. Most will have great loss of reward because they write book loaded with heresy.

At least Tim LaHaye admits that Jenkins writes his books for him. Falldown had a homosexual ghost writing for him. He obviously has poor discernment skills. he also is NOT qualified to be a bishop (pastor) nor to teach the Bible. He is just a religious con-artist as most 501c3 CEOs are.