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 Sandi was born in 1958 and at the age of  9 she allegedly received a revelation from God while watching Rex Humbard on television. “I heard God tell me that I was going to do that!” she claims. “I knew He meant that I'd preach the Word of God. In my ignorance, I thought I'd be a teenage evangelist. Wrong! I asked for a Bible for Christmas and began to read it like my life depended upon it! Then I was baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues....”
Her family was grounded and rooted in the Baptist church and she was thankful for their perseverance to preach a pure, unwavering gospel.  Her Father was baptized in the Holy Spirit at a Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting.  They started attending a full gospel Pentecostal church and wonderful times there.

According to her own testimony, Sandi and her family abandoned their Baptist church for the Pentecostal cult.  The Pentecostals and charismatics seek after signs just as the Jews of the First Century AD did.  YAHSHUA said everyone who seeks after signs is spiritually adulterers (Matt. 16.4).  Therefore all Pentematics, including the Querin family are spiritual adulterers.  We are not commanded to seek after signs, miracles, healings and prophetic utterances.  We are commanded to study the Word (2 Tim. 2.15; Prov. 22.17; 23.12), memorize the Word (Ps. 37.31; 119.11) and meditate on the Word (Josh. 1.8; Ps. 1.2; 119.15,23,27,48,78,97,99,148).  If the Pentematics spent one percent of the time on studying the Word as they do chasing after signs, healings, miracles and prophecies they would soon realize there is NO need to seek after those things.

We should not be surprised that YAHSHUA Himself would prophesy about the Pentematics.  He prophesied that come judgment day there would be many unsaved people argue that they should be allowed into Heaven because they prophesied in YAHSHUA’s name, cast out demons in His name and performed many miracles in His name.  On that fateful day YAHSHUA will answer the Pentematics, “Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness” (Matt. 7.21-23).

The Pentematics not only waste most of their time chasing after signs, they spend virtually no time in the Word.  I challenge all Pentematics to stop chasing after signs (speaking in jibberish, miracles, prophetic utterances, casting out demons and healings)   and spend their time praying (in their birth language), reading, studyng, memorizing and meditating on Scripture.  Do this for one month and see what wonders you will see.   I seriously doubt any Pentematic who is truly born from above will go back to the Pentematic lunacy.

I also challenge all Pentematics to take the Pentematic Challenge --



The following is a response by Sandi Querin to a letter written to her by a concerned believer.  My comments are inserted.

Dear R......

Querin -- I am sorry that the subject of people being demonized has caused confusion and frustration for you.  I apologize for any portion that has come from me.

The truth is that once a person is saved, they cannot be demon possessed unless they renounce Christ and quite aggresively seek out satan.  The Lord's grip on us is sure and steady.   He is everlasting as is His love for us and He wishes none of us to perish.   But, of course, He does give us free will.  We are a safe place once we are saved, the enemy may not enter in casually or lightly or at all.  Only if we over and over again pursue him.  Our salvation is sure. Because of foolishness, we are often tormented and oppressed by the devil, but this is not possession.

DOV – Querin is wrong.  A true believer can NEVER be demon possessed even if he renounces his faith and seeks out the devil.  Once saved, always saved.  If a person were to renounce his faith and become involved in Satanism it means he was NEVER born from above.   His alleged faith was in vain (2 Kor. 6.1; 13.5).  YAHWEH does not give us free will.  The only people who have ever had free will were Adam and Eve.

Querin -- However, the books of Acts and Joel tell us that Salvation and Deliverance are 2 different things.  Since the light cannot occupy with the dark, when you find salvation in Jesus Christ, Jesus abides in your Spirit.  The word of God is sure to tell us that we need to live a pure life, working toward sanctification so that we will be whole people (body, soul, mind and spirit) worshipping and serving Christ.  Of course, this "working" is not "works" as we would think, but a dedication to the Lord and the reading of His Word.  The Bible says that we must renew our minds by the reading of the Word.  As our soul, mind and bodies become sanctified unto God and yielded to Him, He then occupies those portions of our lives.   This is how sanctification works.

If someone was a satan worshipper and then found Christ.  There are many if not thousands of demons that dwell in that vessel and if their salvation is mis-handled, yes, some demons may abide in their soul and torment them until they are set free.  The book of Romans speaks of this and I have seen it over and over again, much to my surprise.  When a person gets saved, they must denounce the works of the enemy and his Lordship over them.   We cannot serve 2 masters.  People often walk about tormented and they don't quite know why, it is because a root or stronghold was allowed to stay, left unadressed upon their salvation, and until they tell it to "go", it doesn't have to.   Jesus gave us free will.  This is why we are instructed to stay in the word of God, so that the works of the enemy will be destroyed.  It is part of our journey. 

DOV – If a person who had been a satan worshipper and had committed myriad blasphemous deeds were to be truly born from above he could never he demon possessed.  When a demon possessed person is saved the HOLY SPIRIT moves in and all demons move out.  The HOLY SPIRIT does NOT share occupancy with demons!  There is no such thing as a demon possessed person who is saved needing to be delivered after salvation.  Salvation is total deliverance!  The idea that demons or a root of or stronghold can remain in a person who is truly saved until he lets it go is NOT Biblical.  This concept is NOT in the book of Romans or any other book of Scripture.  It is only found in the heretical books of the Pentematics.  Once again we do NOT have free will.  We do NOT tell demons to leave us – the HOLY SPIRIT does that for those who were demon possessed before they were saved.

Querin -- The prayer of Job (expanded version) touches on this lightly and I am afraid that I am unable to explain a lifetime of learning in these few paragraphs.  I do not know you and you don't know me; but you  must know that I go forward because of the Love of God.

 In Christ,

Rev. Sandi Querin

DOV – It doesn’t matter how long a person studies Scripture – they can be wrong about a great deal.  Apparently Querin has never bothered to study I Timothy 2.9-15 that clearly states that women are not to exercise authority over men or teach men.  Few Pentematics agree with YAHWEH on that command.  They argue that that command only applied to the church that Timothy was pasturing.   According to that illogical reasoning no command in the Bible applies to us today.  Querin is NOT a pastor and she is NOT a reverend.  She is a heretic, a false teacher and she may not even be saved. The Pentematics teach so many bizarre doctrines it’s best to avoid them at all costs.


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