1. Mortification of the body can reduce your stay in Purgatory.

2. There is nothing spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally wrong in girls marrying as young as 12.

3. There is nothing spiritually, mentally or emotionally wrong in brothers and sisters or aunts and uncles marrying their nephews and nieces.

4. The fundamental principle of understanding Scripture -- Take everything literally unless the Scriptures say it is symbolic or it is physically impossible for it to take place or be -- applies to prophecy, including the Apokalupsis.

5. During the Antideluvian Age fallen angels mated with women who gave birth to half-breeds.

6. After the Antideluvian Age fallen angels mated with women again.

7. Goliyath had angelic blood in him.

8. Fallen angels will mate with women just prior to and during the Great Tribulation.

9. Yochanan the baptizer was the greatest prophet of the Old Testament dispensation.

10. Yochanan was Eliyah who prepared the way of YAHSHUA.

11. There is no double fulfillment of Malachi 4.5,6.

12. Baptism is symbolic of the HOLY SPIRIT indwelling a believer and not symbolic of one dying to sin, being buried and raised in newness of life with YAHSHUA.

13. The Scriptural method of baptism is to pour water over a person's head just as prophets poured oil over the head of kings, priests and prophets they annointed.

14. Believers are priests of YAHWEH and must be anointed as such by pouring water over their heads.

15. Jehovah Witnesses (Watch Tower Society) believe that Miykael and YAHSHUA are the same being who is a created angel.

16. They believe YAHSHUA rose spiritually, not physically from the tomb.

17. They also believe YAHSHUA became Miykael again and returned to Earth spiritually in 1914 and is waging war against the devil through the Watch Tower Society.

18. They believe the best 144,000 JWs will reign with Jehovah in Heaven when YAHSHUA defeats the devil and the rest will live on Earth.

19. They deny the fact that man has an eternal soul and the wicked will be tormented through all eternity in the Lake of Fire.

20. They believe the HOLY SPIRIT is a force and not a member of the family of YAHWEH, the third Person of the Trinity.

21. They teach that people must earn eternal life through their works.

22. Babylonian Talmudic Judaism and Roman Catholicism are the two modern day manifestations of the ancient Babel religion founded by Nimrod and Semiramis.

23. The Roman Catholic Corporation and Babylonian Talmudic Corporation which have ruled the nations of the world for millennium will soon openly unite.

24. The papal blessing was increased by 25 percent.

25. John Paul II confessed that YAHSHUA was not born on December 25th saying that day is a pagan holiday.

26. Semiramis, not Miryam is the person the Roman Catholics call the "Mother of God."

27. The Old Testament image of YAHWEH the Father was derived from Yavan (Greek) myth of Zeus.

28. YAHWEH the Father is a male Being and not female.

29. There are a few physical descriptions of YAHWEH the Father and YAHWEH the Son in the Holy Word of YAHWEH.

30. The Father and Son have literal, physical bodies.

31. Most believers who are backslidden, depressed, frustrated, angry and miserable eat the Standard American Diet and seldom feed their soul with the Word of YAHWEH (Acts 17.11), prayer (I Thes. 5.17) and fellowship (Ibriy 10.24,25).

32. Most Protestant denominations, associations, ministries and local assemblies will unite and come under the authority of the Babylonian Talmudic/Roman Catholic Corporation.

33. Billy Graham, Frankie Graham, Luis Palua, Anne Lotz and Greg Laurie are ecumenical pawns of the devil, whether they know it or not, and are a partial cause of the apostasy of the last days that we are living in.

34. The Protestant pseudo-believers today praise Abraham, Mosheh, the prophets, YAHSHUA, true believers of the past and persecute true believers of the present.

35. No local assembly should have the word "baptist" in it because it is a word that automatically causes division in the body of YAHSHUA.

36. The baptist doctrine of baptism is NOT Scriptural.

37. Morris Dees' Southern Poverty Law Center is a hatemongering corporation that is working to destroy America.

38. Contrary to popular opinion and what Jerry Falldown says, YAHSHUA is NOT a Jew.

39. YAHSHUA is the Son of YAHWEH and Chavvah via His surrogate mother, Myriam.

40. The only time a female should ever drive is in an emergency and they should always be escorted by an adult male when they leave the home.

41. Child behavior is changing for the worse.

42. Every nation in history that has allowed females to have leadership positions in government has fallen to never rise again.

43. Even though it's wrong for women to rule a local assembly it's alright for them to rule a nation.

44. Believers who vote for females running for public office are ignorant of the Scriptures, backslidden or apostate!

45. Amy Grant is just one more phony who only cares about grabbing as much money and fame as possible, along with some adulterous sex like Bill Clinton.

46. If Amy Grant was truly born from above and walking in the SPIRIT she would have quit singing when she married and would have cared for her husband and children.

47. Amy Grant is a typical product of the apostasy of the last days.

48. There is far more religious freedom in Iraq than there is in Israel.

49. Any so-called preacher, bishop, Bible teacher, evangelist or cleric who supports the renegade, terrorist government in Israel is backslidden, apostate or not born from above.

50. Babylonian Talmudic Jews and the Zionist government in Palestine blasphemes YAHWEH and YAHSHUA of Nazareth on a daily basis and persecutes true believers in Them.



1. It is possible to buy people out of purgatory.

2. The Queen of heaven that Catholics worship is Semiramis.

3. People who have never heard of YAHSHUA can be saved if they sincerely believe in God.

4. Miryam was born without sin so she could give birth to YAHSHUA who is without sin.

5. Miryam was the surrogate mother of YAHSHUA.

6. Islam is a false religion that is based on Medieval superstition.

7. Not one aspect of the book of Mormon has been verified by archaeology.

8. Joseph Smith was a false prophet who made several false prophecies.

9. The Mormons condoned polygamy because there were more women than men in Utah.

10. Few bishops are taught by the HOLY SPIRIT.

11. Most bishops study the writings of men rather than the Word of YAHWEH.

12. Santa is another name of Satan.

13. Y2K is a serious problem, but it won't usher in the Great Tribulation.

14. Every believer must prepare for Y2K for we are warned by YAHWEH to prepare for evil that is coming down the road.

15. Politicians who do not succumb to every command of the Jews are targeted for removal from office.

16. The people who call themselves Jews have NO physical connection to the Yahudiy or Ibriy of the Bible.



1. Wearing a special piece of clothing cannot help a person escape the torments of an imaginary place.

2. Roman Catholics are taught to worship Mary.

3. The Mary that Catholics worship is not Miryam, but Semiramis.

4. Roman Catholicism is one face of the ancient Babylonian religion.

5. There is nothing you can do to surprise YAHWEH or disappoint Him although we can grieve Him.

6. The birth of Yochanan the Baptizer was a miracle.

7. We know for certain the cosmos is about 6,000 years old.

8. It is a sin for parents to send their believing children to public school.

9. The Shroud of Turin is the burial shroud of YAHSHUA.

10. Television and music videos are two of myriad brainwashing techniques the New World Order uses to manipulate people.

11. Movies, music videos and TV commercials and shows affect behavior.

12. The vast majority of believers spend very little time in prayer and the Word and over indulge in the lusts of the flesh and eyes and boastful pride of life.

13. The Millennium Bomb will not cause a revival just prior to the Great Tribulation nor will it be the last major event before the Rapture.

14. Believers should take no precautions against the Millennium Bomb, but rather trust YAHWEH to provide for their needs as we do all the time.

15. There is a great deal of fearmongering concerning the Millennium Bomb and most fearmongers are getting rich.

16. The Great Tribulation is still at least 6 to 20 years away.

17. The Rapture will take place between the breaking of the fifth and sixth seals.

18. Most churches will eventually condone homosexuality.

19. The sexual revolution was created by the New World Order Gang to weaken the morals of the American people so they would be more apt to submit to the New World Order.

20. People with weak or no morals are less likely to oppose tyranny.



1. Catholics are taught to worship Mary who is called the Queen of Heaven.

2. YAHWEH mocks the arrogance of men from time to time.

3. YAHSHUA will physically return and rule the Earth.

4. The practice of most assemblies and ministries of being unequally yoked with the federal
government by submitting to the government to get 501C3 tax exempt status is not Biblical
and it is a cause of the apostasy of the last days.

5. Miryam, the surrogate mother of YAHSHUA, has never spoken to anyone on Earth
since she died in England some 1900 years ago.

6. Big Brother, the New World Order Gang, wants to be able to track your every move,
record your every word, everything you see and your every thought.

7. Children should be beaten with a rod.

8. Most parents are incapable of properly disciplining their children.

9. Public school is not good for children.

10. SIECUS wants to teach young children to be sexual perverts.

11. The plague of alcohol abuse among teenagers is evidence we are living in the last days.

12. Pets go to Heaven when they die.

13. Having a large assembly is not evidence that a bishop is doing his job, but usually just
the opposite.

14. The members of the Bob Jones University board are backslidden.

15. The blind support by 100 million so-called "Christians" of the Jews in Palestine and
Jews in general is evidence we are living in the apostasy of the last days.

16. Jews are not the chosen people of YAHWEH.

17. Believers in YAHSHUA of Nazareth are the chosen people of YAHWEH.


1. The righteous works of men are like menstruel rags to YAHWEH.

2. The Roman Catholic Church and Babylonian Talmudic Judaism are the modern day manifestations of the ancient Babylonian religion.

3. The Roman Catholic Church and Babylonian Talmudic Judaism are Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes.

4. Babylon the Great will eventually unite all religions under its bloody skirt.

5. Adam and Chavvah were saved on the day they sinned.

6. Every child is conceived in sin.

7. The charisma gifts (I Kor. 12.7-11) were given to believers in the First Century as signs to believers and the wicked that YAHSHUA of Nazareth is the Mashiyach, the Son of YAHWEH, and once the Assembly was established and the Word of YAHWEH was completed these gifts were no longer needed and were not given.

8. The Asuza Street movement is not of YAHWEH , but of the devil.

9. Bill Clinton committed adultery with Monica Lewinsky and fooled millions of Americans by his denial, including Robert Schuller.

10. The head of the Southern Baptist Convention has called for Clinton to resign.

11. Henry Lyons finally admitted he committed adultery after denying it for months.

12. The myth that Jews never kill Jews was once again smashed when Babylonian Talmudic teacher Fred. J. Neulander murdered his wife.

13. The First Amendment does not keep religion out of government, but the government out of religion.

14. The next colossal industry coming in the near future is the cloning industry.

15. Clones will be pumped out by the thousands before and during the Great Tribulation.



1. The doctrine of purgatory is a doctrine of works for salvation.

2. YAHSHUA will bear the nail and spear marks in His body through all eternity.

3. The HOLY SPIRIT literally lives inside the body of all believers.

4. Those who deny the literal indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT are heretics.

5. Believers should be baptized in the name of YAHSHUA, which is the name of the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT.

6. The pentecostal-charismatic movement is of the devil.

7. Scientists, including the most famous, are influenced by pride, ambition, greed, belligerence and jealousy.

8. John Paul II worships Semiramis.

9. Jane Fonda is a hater of YAHSHUA and all who believe in Him.

10. Billy Graham agrees with the Roman Catholic hierarchy that those who have not heard the gospel can be saved by seeking God with a sincere heart.

11. Wives are to be submissive to their husbands.

12. SPIRIT controlled believers boycott the pleasures of the world, including sports, rock noise and Hollyweird.

13. Jerry Falwell is a registered delegate of the SBC.

14. Contrary to what the ECT 2 says, Catholics and Protestants are not brothers in the Lord.

15. New evangelicals are pawns of the devil.

16. Bill Bright and Bill McCartney are apostate, if born again, and doing the work of the devil.

17. Charismatics are pawns of the devil that he is using to unite all denominations and religions.



1. True apparitions are of the devil.

2. YAHWEH does not speak to Adamkind today, except through His written Word, the Scriptures.

3. There are some lost works that are inspired.

4. A person should be baptized immediately after being born from above.

5. The devil and fallen angels know the future.

6. Miracles rarely prompt a person to believe in YAHSHUA.

7. people who seek after signs, miracles, healings and speaking gibberish are no different than the unbelieving people of YAHSHUA's time who He rebuked.

8. Catholics and Jews will formally unite to form a super church and they will gather all religions unto them.

9. The head of the Roman Catholic Church will be the false prophet.

10. The massive use of legal drugs is a fulfillment of prophecy.

11. The brutality of juveniles is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

12. Earth will be struck by at least three large space objects in the near future.

13. Believers who trust in YAHSHUA will not be shaken.



1. Miryam, Keph, Yochanan and other saints accompany some believers to Heaven when they die.

2. A so-called "believer" who never serves YAHWEH may not be born from above.

3. It is not miracles and healings which prompt people to trust in YAHSHUA, but the preaching of the Gospel.

4. The sign gifts were no longer given to believers when the Word of YAHWEH was completed.

5. The Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of YAHSHUA.

6. There will be an economic collapse in America in 1998.

7. Kofi Annan will die in 1998.

8. The implantable biochip for people will soon be marketed.

9. The year 2000 problem will disrupt the world economy.

10. Scientists will eventually create new species with some being part human and part animal.

11. The mark of the beast will be a literal mark of some kind.

12. Watching fiction movies and fiction shows on television is a waste of time and emotionally unhealthy.

13. Prescription drugs kill more than 100,000 people in America every year.

14. The addiction to legal and illegal drugs is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

15. All women should remain at home and never work outside the home.

16. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of YAHSHUA.

17. Minors do not have the right to engage in sex.

18. Contemporary Christian noise is of the devil.

19. The pentecostal/charismatic movement is of the devil and it is a major cause of the apostasy of the last days.

20. Promise Keepers is a business created by the devil.

21. The hierarchy of the Church of England is apostate or not born from above.

22. Eventually, Protestants will take communion with Roman Catholics.

23. The Jews in Israel are excessively wicked, cruel and oppressive to the Palestinians.

24. Using the proper names of the Father and the Son is extremely important for believers.

25. Believers should always trust in YAHWEH and never in themselves, others or things.



1. Communicating with the dead is strictly prohibited by YAHWEH.

2. Everyone will eventually get a chance to believe in YAHSHUA after they spend some time in hell.

3. The Jews today claim spiritual descent from the Jews of the First Century.

4. Coddling children has helped them become rebellious.

5. Girls should be schooled at home and not in private or public schools.

6. Girls should be married off in their early teenage years to men who have established a career.

7. Preachers and evangelists who support Bill Clinton and those who do not speak out against him are backslidden, apostate or not born from above.

8. Believers who are members of the Republicrat Party (Democratic & Republican Parties) are part of the problem.

9. Believers who are members of the Republicrat Party are either ignorant of what they are, are backslidden or apostate.

10. Teresa and all deceased Roman Catholics who believed in the Catholic doctrine of soteriology are burning in hell.

11. Most so-called "conservative" fundamentalists are liberal.

12. Falwell will take money from anyone and any group.

13. Falwell said he will no longer criticize Clinton in public.

14. The goal of a bishop should not be a large assembly, but to disciple faithful men and feed his flock.

15. The bishops of most Calvary Chapels are apostate.

16. Earth will be struck by two comets and one asteroid during the Great Tribulation.

17. Fallen angels are working with the New World Order Gang to create a phony alien invasion.

18. The mazzarah is the gospel in the stars.

19. Believers should spend more time in fellowship with the Lord, the brethren and sharing the gospel every day than they do satisfying their lusts, including food.

20. The Word of YAHWEH cleanses the mind and keeps one from sinning.

21. When we sin we break fellowship with YAHWEH, and must confess it and get back into the Word to renew fellowship with YAHWEH.

22. Gluttony is a visible sin that disqualifies men from being bishops.

23. Believers who spend more time participating in worldly activities, such as going to sporting events, watching movies and TV, shopping, dancing, golfing, etc., more than they do in fellowship with YAHSHUA and the brethren, and sharing the gospel are backslidden or apostate.

The answers to test #76 are true except for numbers 1, 27 and 43.

The answers to test #75 are true except for numbers 1, 3, 4, 9.

The answers to test #74 are true except for numbers 7, 9 and 14.

The answers to test #73 are true except for number 12.

The answer to test #72 are true.

The answers to test #71 are true except for number 4.

The answers to test #70 are true.

The answers to test #69 are true.

The answers to test #68 are true except for number five.

The answers to test #67 are true except for numbers 1, 5, 6, 7 and 16.

The answers to test #66 are true except for number 2.

The answers to test #65 are true except for number 1.

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