Rick Warren Says "great Spiritual Awakening" Coming

2 Thessalonians 2:1-3
Now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him,...Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first,...

APPRISING MINISTRIES - Posted by Ken Silva - June 14, 2008
. . . . The latest PD Encyclical from Warren in "Ministry Toolbox" at his Pastors.com , The five stages of renewal in the local church, gives us the following prophecy: "A great spiritual awakening is on the horizon." The Purpose Driven Prophet then reminds us:

In the last three years, I've told you this several times: I believe God is preparing the church for another reformation. The first reformation focused on what the church believed; this one will focus on what it does.
For too long we've separated the Word of God from the work of God. As the church, we're called to be the body of Christ - the whole body. (Online source)

I have already shown you here at AM, e.g. in Rick Warren Reversing the Reformation, that Warren-in complete contradistinction to "what the church believed" in the Protestant Reformation-includes the apostate Roman Catholic Church in "the body of Christ" of which he is speaking above. And not only does Warren include apostate Roman Catholicism but as you can see in the AM piece Rick Warren and Jesus he also includes apostate mainline denominations long ago killed by what Southern Baptist Bible scholar Dr. Walter Martin (1928-1989) called The Cult of Liberal Theology.

In fact in a Christian Post story about Warren we read:

Megachurch pastor Rick Warren suggested Sunday that mainline churches need to reconcile with evangelicals to counter its mounting problem of membership decline. "The reconciliation is that in a pluralistic world... we (Christians) need to be on the same team because we share the same savior," Warren contended Sunday, as he spoke with the dean of the Washington National Cathedral, Samuel T. Lloyd III,... (Online source, emphasis mine)

There Is Never A Time For Unity With False Brethren

For a man who has an earned Doctor of Ministry Degree from Fuller Theological (Cesspool) Seminary (Onine source) Warren sure appears to be woefully ignorant of the issues which separate genuine Christians from apostates such as the Church of Rome and liberal mainline denominations. We "share the same savior." Is he really this misinformed? Rome's "savior" is still suffering and dying over and over again on its iniquitous crucifix.

Dr. John MacArthur brings out the heart of the matter for the Christian:

What was at stake is whether or not we evangelize Roman Catholics, that's what's at stake... Are Roman Catholics the mission field, or do we embrace them as fellow believers in Jesus Christ? The mood at evangelicalism today is to embrace them... Reclassifying the Pope, reclassifying the Roman Catholics as believers isn't that simple...

It has massive implications that overturn centuries, if not millennia of martyrdom. In the long war on the truth, the most formidable, relentless and deceptive enemy has been Roman Catholicism. It is an apostate, corrupt, heretical, false Christianity, it is a front for the kingdom of Satan. The true church of the Lord Jesus Christ has always understood this. (Online source)

But then Warren says that we also "need to be on the same team" with those who not only ordain practicing homosexuals like "Bishop" Gene Robinson-who recently married his sodomite partner-but also place them in leadership over multiple churches? Really? And Warren says we are to "reconcile" with apostate Progressive Christians like Marcus Borg, and heretics like John Dominic Crossan, who deny the glorious Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ and say His body was probably eaten by dogs? I think not.

And just what kind of "spiritual awakening" is Rick Warren talking about allegedly "on the horizon"? A move further back into the religious spiritual bondage of medieval Roman Catholicism through the corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism of spurious Spiritual Formation stealthily slithering deeper into the evangelical camp via The Cult of Guru Richard Foster, which Warren himself promotes? Frankly, from where I stand Rick Warren sounds more like a politician looking to get elected than he does a Charles Spurgeon.

Why do I mention Spurgeon? Is it because I idolize a man; because I look to follow him? Nope; I bring Spurgeon into this discussion because this is what Rick Warren himself does when his Saddleback apologist Richard Abanes enlightens us concerning an exhortation from Warren:

I am calling for a return to nineteenth-century evangelicalism. It's more muscle and less mouth. It was the evangelicalism of Charles Spurgeon,... (Online source)

But then out of the other side of his own mouth Warren is also calling for evangelical non-protesting "Protestants" to reconcile with the Roman Catholic Church and liberal "Christianity". For you see the highly ecumenical PD Pope has already instructed us, "I see absolutely zero reason in separating my fellowship from anybody" (Online source). Does Dr. Warren really not know that Charles Spurgeon vehemently opposed and denounced both Roman Catholicism and liberal theology, in addition to properly separating his "fellowship from" each? - - - -