Scare 2 What In The World Are They Spraying On Us G Edward Griffin Anthony J Hilder

Aircrap - Our declaration of policy and Goals


War Against The World

War has been declared upon the planet and every living life form on it. The Illuminazi Elite who creates our currency (through the privately owned Federal Reserve System) and controls our commerce through the IMF World Bank and a various trade treaties, has declared war upon the World. This Money Monarchys goal is not just to rule the world - but own it and everything and everyone in it. And that includes you.

This Evilarchy has determined (see Georgia Guidestones) that 90 percent of us –THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET ARE TO DIE. The Death Drops we are witnessing is merely their method for mass murder. Feeling that they are in irreversible positions of power but are now threatened of seeing their crimes being exposed to the world – have launched an ALL OUT ATTACK ON THE EARTHS AIR AND ATMOSPHERE. If one questions why they would initiate this mass murder and expect to survive it should be noted that in the past 20 years massive underground facilities have been built so that their people in positions of power press and politics would be able to survive. They have apparently developed underground facilities to avoid the Holocaust of the initial assault through the air. They have literally launched an ALL OUT attack on the Earths Atmosphere . These Malthusian Minded Maniacs – with the minds of MONSTERS have ordered Millions of Tons of Deadly Toxins contained in aerosol compounds composed of Aluminum Oxide, Strontium, Barium, and Sulfur Hexoflourides, which they are dumping upon us daily. Just look to the skies. This is not Conspiracy Theory, This is Frightening – This is Fact.

We know why they drop these daily “Death Dumps” on every nation on Earth. Their goal to reduce the population by 350,000 per day (As Was the suggestion by Jacques Cousteau). We with the Free World Alliance,,, and, have launched a counter attack exposing the crimes that they are now committing.

For this ruthless criminal cashist cartel to succeed they would have to convince the sheeple that the DEATH DUMPS that are being scheduled every day is for our own protection. These Illuminazis will try to explain why “They” have declared War on MOTHER EARTH – OUR TREES – THE ANIMALS OF THE LAND AND SEA – YOU – YOUR MOTHER – YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS.

For the slaughter they have envisioned to be successful they must first get their managed media to sell and for you to buy their BIG LIE. For the planet and its people to survive, under Clean Clear Blue Skies, and thrive again we MUST expose the truth.

We work together to save the world from the Warlords and Warlocks of Wall Street and Washington. Its not Optional, It is Mandatory! This is why the Free World Alliance and our Affiliate has started this worldwide expose.

You will be able to appreciate our achievements, we will publish them. We will continually list those coming on board, their victories and the data that they have collected from across mother earth. We shall publish the location of the bases that these

Air Frankenstein Flights are taking off from to distribute the poisons they disperse. Those who drop these poisons upon the planet to create the toxic fog and those who have worked legislatively to get various Governments to participate in this crime must be identified , Arrested, and brought to Trial for Crimes Against Humanity. They have out Hitlered Hitler at the height of his histeria. They must not be set free... they are killers and must be incarcerated.

In the past few months the rate of toxic disbursements have both accelerated in number and expanded in scope. The continuing accumulation of these poisonous particulates is extremely disturbing. I am calling this to both label and identify this process “AKILLERATION”. This means we will use this word when referring to the accumulation of toxins which are inhaled into the lungs and subsequently dispersed through our blood system into our Brains and Bodies of the victims. Additionally in the charting of this akilleration equation we will attempt to log the acceleration of dispensed toxic aerosols that are now taking place. May GOD Help US, until then our success in both collecting and dispersing this data is totally dependent upon moral and financial support from you. We are launching multiple films exposing this evilarchys intent, and those who are attempting to carry out their program for World Domination. There are those out there who liked what Hitler did in his attempt to achieve a New World Order. .... They will Love what the Illuminazi , modern day Frankensteins, are now doing. At the moment we are the only group on the planet who are identifying the problem and presenting a solution. Help Us help You. All of our films are given for free with a donation - which is at your discretion. The more fiat money you contribute the more movies we make. You can make one or a million. Remember a movie can reach a million before a book can be read by one.


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