Recently on the "Coast to Coast" radio talk show, I tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the UFO phenomenon that are specifically addressed to me.

Here, then, are my straightforward, honest answers to some of those questions:

1) Is there a physical, underground U.S./Alien Joint Bio-Lab in Dulce, New Mexico?

My answer:

To the best of my knowledge, there is no hard, tangible, solid, irrefutable, physical, documentary evidence whatsoever that supports the allegation that there is a physical, underground U.S./alien Joint Bio-Lab in Dulce, New Mexico.
But my personal opinion is that there is "something" there. What that "something" is, I do not know. There is something "real" there, but we still do not know for sure what "real" is. What is "reality" to some people may not be "reality" to another person.

By the way, speaking of Dulce, most people have never heard that in 1967 the U.S. government had experimentally exploded an atomic bomb underground, just about 21 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico. It was part of a post-war program called "Plowshare". The U.S. government exploded a nuclear device about one and a half mile underground. That specific experiment was called Project Gasbuggy.
It was experimentally conducted to ease the flow of natural gas in that region. At least that was what the government had said.
Three years ago I had a unique chance to visit Ground Zero there, thanks to the kindness of a Jicarilla Apache resident of Dulce who took me there.
It is my opinion that initially there had been some minor radiation leaks in that area. Some ranchers even told me that the government may have been monitoring the radiation level found in some particular animals, such as certain cows in that region.
Also, I had heard about some recurrent problems in fertility among some women in the Dulce area.

These are questions that still need to be addressed and answered. It is still inconclusive.
Here is my crazy, wild hypothesis on Dulce:


2) Is Area 51 in Nevada still active?

My answer:

Yes, definitely. Even today, if one goes to the large parking area of E.G. & G. Terminal at Las Vegas' McCarren Airport, every weekday it is still filled with vehicles of employees who report to work at Groom Lake, Nevada (Area 51). There are still anywhere from 7 to 8 flights daily going to and from Area 51, on unmarked 737 jets that arrive and depart from the E.G. & G. Terminal.

In the past three years, there has been sizeable additions, clearly visible, to the Area 51 complex. Two years ago, a new 155-foot three-sided bluish radar tower was constructed by the tarmac. More new buildings, water tanks, etc., have been added in the past 3 years.
Last year, they just finished the construction of a humongous, new hangar towards the south of the complex. This new hangar is close to 4 times the size of the H-18 Hangar, until then the largest one on the complex.

Also, as of two months ago, they just completed the paving of the Groom Lake Road, from the complex all the way to the East perimeter boundary. A new communication tower has also been constructed near the East Guard Shack, near the boundary line.
Most people have no idea that Area 51 today has anywhere from about 1800 to 2200 part-time and full-time employees, all working on diverse, separate projects of highly compartmentalized programs conducted by defense contractors such as Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, General Atomics, TRW, etc. etc.
Some employees are assigned on a daily basis. Some stay at the base for a few days, a week, weeks, etc., depending on their assignments.
Both the Area 51 complex in Nevada and the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah are definitely and actively pursuing diversified defense-related projects.

But what does this all have to do with UFOs?
Absolutely nothing.
To a segment of the population, Area 51 has become associated with "extraterrestrial technologies" only because of the allegation (i.e., from Robert Lazar) that there had been a back-engineering program conducted in secrecy at an allegedly, relatively small complex, allegedly hidden along the slope of Papoose Mountains, by Papoose Lake, about 10 miles south of Area 51.
There is no visible evidence of the existence of this S-4 site, as far as any detection by satellite photo is concerned.
The alleged S-4 site has become associated with Area 51 only because of its proximity to Area 51.
The bottom line to S-4 is that it is still an allegation only. That does not mean that it does not exist. It is inconclusive.

3) What is your take on the alleged crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell in 1947?

My answer:

Again, the bottom line is that there is no hard, tangible, solid, physical, irrefutable, documentary evidence for that.
It is difficult for me to conceive in my mind that any such highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization, traversing through this vast space and arriving at our earth would even "crash".
The concept of something "crashing" is a typical human concept. It is part of a typical human concept, bound by a limited, "linear", "empirical" thinking.

Any highly advanced civilization (that could even penetrate our dimensional barrier in a non-linear fashion) would never have such accidents, in my opinion.

If there were indeed such a "crash" near Roswell in 1947, the only way it could have been a "crash" would have been if it were intentionally "staged".
My belief is that the Roswell incident (the "crash") was staged by the "entities" themselves or through an elitist group within the shadow government, in collusion with those "entities", for a purpose yet unknown.

and, finally,

4) Do you believe that there are actual, physical extraterrestrial craft being piloted or maneuvered by actual, physical extraterrestrial entities from outer space?

My answer:

The UFO phenomenon is definitely real, no question about it.
However, so far I see no actual, physical, solid, tangible, irrefutable evidence that there are actual, phyiscal extraterrestrial entities piloting or maneuvering actual, physical extraterrestrial craft.
But, then, what about the UFO phenomenon?
It is still a mystery.

Here is my take on the entire UFO phenomenon.
I owe everything to Dr. Jacques Vallee:


In my opinion, the so-called abduction phenomenon is a real phenomenon, "real" to the "abducteees".
It is "real".
However, we still do not know for sure what "real" is.
My opinion is that there are many levels of "reality".
What is "real" to one person may not necessarily be "real" to another person.
This is the greatest challenge in ufology.
This may be a crazy thing to say, but maybe this life here itself may not really be "real".
This is why I say that ultimate "reality" can be experienced only after our physical death.

Norio Hayakawa



Hayakawa & Hilder's UFO/Area 51

By: Anthony J. Hilder

It’s the dawning of a new day. The first light of the sun cast its beams of warmth upon the crowd of protesters that had gathered at the foci of the Jumbled Hills which hide the Groom Lake Base, “Area 51,“ from the outside world. Dreamland, as its often called, is Hitler’s nightmare come true.

0fwa-a51guardshack.bmp (694470 bytes)

The guard shack at the rear gate to Area 51.
Note 3 surveillance cameras on the roof and a satellite dish. 
The windows are tinted.  Beyond here they have a license to kill.

Here in the High Desert, 85 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, as the crow flies, America’s Money Monarchy oversees the secret aeronautical and medical experiments first startad during the Fuhrer’s Third Reich in Nazi Germany. Does the U.S. Military conduct Mengelian type medical experiments on human beings in the underground facilities at Area 51? Are they cloning? Are they creating robotons that look like they stepped out of a Fritz Lang Movie to do the devil’s dirty work?

Evidence points to the fact that their IGORS (the Invisible Government Obedient Robotons) may have created entities in their Frankenstein Factories that could pass as some form of Alien life, form. Dr. Josef Mengele was working on Genetic Engineering Programs in Nazi Germany before he came here via Operation Paperclip. Have they continued “those ungodly experiments.”

Do we have evidence to support the existence of Operation Paperclip? Absolutely! Its a stretch for people to believe that the OSS, (later to become the CIA) would actually continue to develop the high Hitlerian techno-terrorism first developed by Hitler’s henchman. Yes, but read Operation Paperclip, if you can still find a copy in book stores. It’s conclusive.

Are there anti-gravitational flying Discs and Derbys being flown out at Area 51 and S-4, 9 miles to the south of their Top Secret underground base? Absolutely! Robert Lazar’s startling testimony validates that. Are there tunnels winding underneath the Tikaboo Valley? Is there an underground city with experimental laboratories existing at Dreamland beneath their tarmack, the longest runway (6 miles) on Earth? Absolutely!

Our “People’s Rally” at Area 51 took place at 6AM, on the 6th day of the 6th month of the year 2000 as scheduled. It’s the third year in a row that people from all over the nation have gathered there to protest The New World Order, and expose the Oligarchy of Evil that is attempting to make Hitler’s dream of a Fourth Reich and a “Nu Vurld Order”… come true.

Why is the Rally staged on the 6th day of the 6th hour of the 6th month? Norio Hayakawa and I thought it would draw attention to the Luciferian aspects of the Orwellian operation taking place there. It’s not just Biblically significant. Those who oversee this Frankenstinian Facility have a history of using symbols that are associated with Satanism that date back hundreds of years. The Pentagon, for example, though built in the past 50 years is the interior of the Satanic Pentagram, which is used symbolically in ritual killings and the worship of Lucifer. Check it out. Only a fool would believe “they” built the largest building in the world, not knowing its Satanic significance.

The nation’s capital city was laid out by the Masonic Order. For instance, the Obelisk, which is the Washington Monument in the District of Columbia, according to our sources is actually 666 feet in length. Above the ground, it’s 555 feet high. Traditionally 20% of the structure lays beneath the ground. It’s not just standing upon the grass. That means that below the surface its base is 111 feet, making the total length of the structure 6-6-6. Is this a coincidence once again, I think not. The configurations of the streets in our nation’s capital is set up like the Goat of Baphomet, which is sort of the Satanic Mascot for Masonry. Incidentally, the masons laid out
the capital street structure.

General Albert Pike, whose huge bronze statue rests between the Government’s Office Building in the Nation’s Capital wrote the Masonic Bible “Morals and Dogma”. General Pike proudly claims that “those initiates’ in the higher degrees of the Masonic Order should follow the Luciferian doctrine.” Pike went on to say “yes, Lucifer Is God.” Lest we forget Albert Pike was co-founder of the Ku Klux Klan. But does all this relate to Area 51? You bet. But I don’t want to write a book about it now.

We know that Dr. Henry “Bore” Kissinger is one of the key players in their game of international Chess. He supports the Communist Chinese through Kissinger & Associates, engineered the defeat of our forces in Vietnam, and has engaged in countless acts of “High Treason” for 40 years. Herr Kissinger considers our people to be expendable pawns, sacrificeable, sheeple, mere “useless eaters” in their game for Global Government. Kissinger suggests in his speech before the Bilderbergers in 1991 in Evian, Les-Bains, France that the people will be willing to relinquish their rights to a World Government if there was “a threat from beyond” (outer space), whether “real or promulgated.” Is there such a threat in the works being developed at Area 51? We considered that a very real possibility that must not be ignored. These people are deadly serious, and like Adolf Hitler dream of a world dictatorship.

Our purpose in promoting this annual Rally is to draw attention to the tact that this Evilarchy oversees “the strange experiments” being conducted there. They are in fact developing laser and magnetic pulse weaponry, Alien like aircraft, and possibly Frankenstinian entities which might appear to be Alien, (like the greys and Chupacabras) that could be programmed and targeted against the people of the entire world. This is “the one thesis” that America’s Illuminati does not want discussed on the Internet, Talk Shows, and Television. For this reason, the Free World Alliance has decided to produce a new video tape heralding this theme entitled Amerika’s Top Secret Area 51. Is it Important that this thesis be spread throughout the world? Most certainty! By exposing their “ALIEN” activities we can hopefully stop them before their kill, control and incarcerate programs are put into place.

What do the Igors (the Invisible Government’s Obedient Robotons) of today who work in Area 51 and S4 have in common with their counterparts in Nazi Germany some 60 years ago? The answer? They just go along to get along. One worker said, I am just obeying orders – “I do what I am told, and I keep my mouth shut.” That was their defense in the Nuremberg Trials, too. I don’t think it’s going to work again.

When these Igors are brought to trial in the United States for complicity in “Crimes against humanity” will the American Jury buy their defense? I suspect with passions for retribution running so high that when the American public finds out “the real truth,” they will behave more like the Italians did with Benito Mussolini and his girlfriend were hung and quartered in the streets. If the “ghetto sentiment” after the Rodney King decision resulted in the burning of Los Angeles, the torching of the Igors in days to come, is not at all inconceivable.


When we approached the Rally Site, the Warning Signs reminded us that “the Igors had permission to kill” any American that might accidentally cross over the unmarked border line. KVBC (Channel 3) the NBC News Affiliate out or Las Vegas was already there on the scene. I spoke with Chara Kimiko, their beautiful anchor lady, who made the ambiance in the area strikingly more attractive. Her camera crew was already at the top of the hill, (still on public land), where they were photographing the foreword guard shack, which they showed to Las Vegas’ audiences the following day. It had never been seen before on commercial TV and further validates that “AREA 51” is not abandoned as the Government would like us to believe.

Considering it was 6:00AM on a Tuesday morning and  the event was held 125 miles (by road), out of Las Vegas, having 91 people showing up to challenge “the dawning of a new day” with NBC Television there to cover the story. One couldn’t be disappointed. All things considered, it was a success. The vast majority of protestors were Latino enthusiasts who took the 400 mile trek from Southern California to the High Desert. For the past three years, Victor Camacho, Los Angeles #1 Late Night Talk Snow Host, has been pushing the “hot button” of the “hot topic.” Consequently, the Latino community is starling to wake up, Big Time!

But courage and honesty has its price. When Victor arrived back in LA, he was told that at the conclusion of his 5-hour show, he was to be replaced. When I say Victor Camacho’s show was  #1, I am talking about the number of listeners in both English and Spanish over Los Angeles Radio. He was Numero Uno! Obviously, the powers that be couldn’t afford to have so powerful a personality informing his people as to what really was going on regarding the New World Order. His contract with the Station stipulates, that they have to pay him through August, not to be on the air. Had he gotten too close to the truth? You decide!

At my insistence, we hold to the 6th day to the 6th hour of the 6th month, as in the past. But logic demands that next year we hold a Rally on Memorial Day Weekend. That will quadruple the attendees. We will draw attention to he fact that the Money Monopoly that controls America’s Commerce and Currency are responsible for the creation of the World, Vietnam and Korean Wars, which is our point in the first place. Only by exposing the creators of World War II can we prevent the creation of World War III, Let’s do it!

What did we get on film? The Alliance’s Camera Crew videoed Area 51’s guard shack at the back gate. Jorge Arnu with dreamlandresorts.com was a major help in getting us to the right spots at the right time. Jorge works with Joe and Pat Travis at the Little A “Le” Inn. Late Monday afternoon on June 5th we encountered a large red truck with huge steel eye beams for support which drove up to the guard shack carrying something that they wanted “hidden from view.” It might only have been steel supports to shore up their underground tunnels but God only knows. The truck was a 22 wheeler. As we filmed, one of the guards in Desert Storm fatigues left his cover from behind the smoke colored window of the guard quarters and stepped up to the truck’s driver as they filmed us with one of the three security cameras positioned on top of their wooden structure.

That night a group of the more adventuresome amongst us drove 40 miles north of the rear gate to a spot in the middle of what looked like nowhere.

Jordan was at the wheel. We observed a strange, glowing, green orb-like abject that streaked from the sky, landing to our east. It didn’t appear like a shooting star, it was too big and too green for that. Approximately where it stopped, we stopped, and took a small dirt road off eastward in the High Desert to where the road ended after 100 yards at a barbed wire fence. It was pitch black and there was a light that flashed on and off maybe a mile and a half beyond the fence for intervals of 6 to 7 seconds. It was 1:30 in the morning and we heard heavy drilling, or earth moving equipment - out there in the dark. We couldn’t tell which. There was no visible light coming from the sound. J.C. Steele and myself decided to travel along the northern exterior of the fence till good sense overcame our curiosity and we returned back to the group.

Our curiosity increased the following night when we returned. The flashing light was still there, but it had moved a quarter of a mile to the north and the sound was as loud as ever, it was 3 o’clock in the morning. The moonlight made us far more visible than the night before, so we decided not to explore further, but stood facing south, looking at the night sky. It was from this vantage point that we saw a giant orange orb at what we guessed to be 12 to 15 miles back towards Area 51 to the south. It was flying horizontally east to west at an altitude of approximately 4,000 feet and at a speed we guessed to be 8 to 10 mach. It’s impossible to be accurate as to its size but if I were to venture a guess it would have to be 200 to 300 feet in diameter. After that we saw two more whitish objects with a yellow hue appear approximately 3/4 of a mile apart come together instantly and then return to their original position and disappear only seconds later to appear again, and they were gone. So much for that. We didn’t come for the light show.

Area 51 isn’t about Alien Space Craft or “Greys,” or “little Green Men from Mars.” It’s about the development of technology which is being tested and will be used for war, a war we suspect, that will be launched against us, unless we are successful in exposing “the creators of global conflict”... and dislodging them from positions of political power. Remember that Wars, like bridges, are engineered. It is our goal to expose “the engineers” of this evil, and their game plan for Global Government.

It is my opinion, having talked to dozens of eye witnesses over the past decade, and reviewing the hard data that does exist regarding Area 51 that the American Illuminati will at some time in the future attempt to stage A WAR OF THE WORLDS to frighten the hell into us. What is their goal? Quite simply, it’s to bring about a New World Order and as President Bush said “a thousand points of light.” We have but two options when it comes to this War for the World, WIN or DIE! It’s like that with all wars. Battles are won before the confrontation begins.

BE ADDED WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.  Please visit again soon!!!   9  August, 2000

The Panic Project Area 51

Area 51, also known as Groom Lake and Dreamland, is but the tip of an iceberg, whose "main body" lies hidden in Nevada's jumbled mountain. Beneath the Air force's Top Secret Base experiments are taking place with aircraft which would appear to be alien and extraterrestrial.

Only nine miles south of the Groom Lake facility, which has the longest runway in the world is S4, another Top Secret Military Facility adjacent to the Papoose Dry Lake. It is said to house nine captured alien craft. Whether they were created elsewhere on a planet far away or built with U.S. and German technology remains a mystery. What we do know for certain about the strange phenomenon that is going on out there? The various anti-gravitational flying craft generally described as UFOs, that appear around these Top Secret US Facilities are most likely terrestrial.

The most important revelation that you will discover is that those who control America's seat of political power have "contingency plans" to bring about World Govemment. These "periless plans" may well include " the illusion" of an attack upon ~e world frorn outer space. They may well try to pull off a modem version of Orson Wells' broadcast of H.G. Wells' "WAR OF THE WORLDS." This "Panic Project," as we call it, has been designed to get "hold out nations" who would fight for their sovereignty to voluntarily surrender to the dictates of a World Government.

Herry Kissinger clarifies the Establishment's Alien Agenda with this statement. "Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order, tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted by the World Govemment." Kissinger made this statement in Evian-Les-Bains, France in 1991.

1999 Area 51 People's Rally Report
ON 6,6,6, 1999
by Segundo Enolagay

It was the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month. Nearly 200 people from various ethnic backgrounds, eight states and four countries had gathered outside of Area 51, America's top secret military installation to protest an emerging Luciferian New World Order. Area 51, often called Dreamland, or Groom Lake, has been the home of Black Op's weapons testing of bacteriological, chemical, nuclear, biological weaponry and a wide variety of space-age military craft such as the S.R.71 Blackbird, the F. 117, the U-2, and the current Mach 10 plus Aurora.

What the protesters were objecting to was not the military's privacy in testing the exotic weaponry, but rather secret experiments allegedly being conducted upon human beings in what the organizer, Anthony J. Hilder, referred to as "Frankenstein Factories" the actual "staging" of an INVASION FROM SPACE to panic the public into surrendering their national sovereignty and the development of bacteriological, biological, and chemical warfare weaponry to be used on unsuspecting civilian populations.

Nevada's Nellis Testing Range, which is as large as the state of Rhode Island and encompasses Area 51, was the testing ground for the first atomic bomb. It is located 120 miles north of Las Vegas in a remote area of the high desert, along with what is now officially named the Extra Terrestrial Highway, and is home to consistent "sightings" of anti-gravational flying discs, most commonly referred to as U.F.O.'S

Consequently, tens of thousands of hopeful U.F.O. aficionados have been lured to the area over the years to see and photograph the strange lights in the sky. Television crews from as far away as England, the Netherlands, France and Germany have shown up at Joe and Pat's LITTLE A "LE" INN" to get the latest scuttlebutt about the BLACK OP activities Hilder served as a guide and consultant for Japan's Asahi television network whose staff flew to the U.S. to film an introduction special for the X-FILES, which aired to 60 million across the island Empire.

Robert Lazar, a scientist who worked as a reverse engineer at S4, nine miles south of the secret underground Groom Lake facility, claims that the military has nine captured alien flying craft that they have been analyzing and testing there for the past several years. This adds credence to the fact that the thousands who have witnessed sightings from the adjacent Tikaboo Valley weren't looking at "pie-in-the-sky" but rather manned alien aircraft or carbon-copies of "the real thing".

What concerns Norio Hayakawa and Anthony J. Hilder, who initially started these protests on the same date last year, is the giant leap leftward towards a Global World-being directed by a Cabalistic Cartel whose agenda is the establishment of a Luciferian New World Order. Hilder and Hayakawa, who see Area 51 as a testing ground for future controlled "catastrophic" events, trace the source of the high-treasonous activities conducted there to individuals like Bush, Clinton, Kissinger and Gore who work through organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the privately owned Federal Reserve, the Trilateral Commission, the Skull & Bones and the Club of Rome.

They claim that this Cashist Cartel has taken control over Area 51's research facilities and plan to use the weaponry developed there to bring about One World Government. They charge that major government investigative agencies such as the C.I.A., D.l.A., l.S.A., N.S.A., F.B.I. and the Justice Department have been compromised and serve as willlng tools for the establishment of an Orwellian Evilarchy where truth, justice and the American Way would be conside red mere anachronisms of the past.

One very credible individual featured in Hilder and Hayakawa's video presentation...THE PANIC PROJECT, accompanied by two young ladies, witnessed from a position approximately two miles from the protest site, what can best be described as a dress rehearsal for a "MOCK INVASION FROM SPACE". They believe that the "staged event" which continued for approximately one-hour and five-minutes and included some twenty-five or more anti-gravitiomal flying craft, will may well be repeated over a major American city to panic the population into accepting a One World Government if demonstrations such as these fail to draw attention to the existence of these "BLACK PROJECTS".  Speakers at the 666 seminar compared this frightening scenario to a government-sponsored H. G. Wells scripted...War Of The Worlds.

Hayakawa's concerns extend to the fact that dozens of workers from the facility are developing a variety of unexplained illness resulting from their handling of biological, chemical and bacteriological warfare weaponry. The protesters, many of whom were Hispanic, believe that the weaponry may eventuall~ be used upon the American population by agents of the Clinton-Gore administration and pawned off as terrorist attacks emanating from the Islamic world.

The purpose of the "PLANNED TERRORISM", according to Hilder and Hayakawa, is to compel the Congress of the United States to pass knee-jerk leftislation, intended to transfer powers from the people to the president & the poilce, thus "setting the stage" for marlial law, the surrender of national sovereignty and the acceptance or GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

Hilder, when promoting the 666 PROTEST over K.X.N.Ts 50 thousand watt LOU EPTON show, discussed cross-specie gene splicing, human cloning and experimentation on live human beings that may be taking place in covert government Frankensteian laboratories housed many levels below in the labyrinth of tunnels that exist under the facilities runway. Hilder claimed that it is a "continuation of programs first started by Dr. Joseph Mengele in Nazi Germany". If aliens, as some claim, are being held at the facility, they may well be "creations" such as the Chupacabra, rather than beings from some remote galaxy.

The rally's press conference and seminar, which was held the night before at the LITTLE A "LE" INN in Rachel, Nevada, a trailer town some 20 miles north of the Groom Lake Road rally site, featured Ted Gunderson, former 27?-year veteran F.B.I. agent-in-charge of the Bureau's operations in L.A., Dallas and Memphis.  Gunderson is in full agreement that the nation is being betrayed internally through intelligence agencies who were once loyal to the people and now doing the bidding of the Illumianati elite. According to Gunderson, these agencies have now been compromised and some of their operatives are guilty of HIGH TREASON. Gunderson presented F.B.I. video footage of a Satanic Sacrifice in which a man was beheaded while still alive. The audience sat spellbound for nearly three hours, hearing the grizzly testimony in both English and Spanish translated by a beautiful Latin lady, which added charm to the horror show.

Victor Camacho, Southern California's leading Spanish talk show host, who broadcasts nightly from 11:00 p.rn. to 5:00 a.m. in the morning, at 10.20 on the A.M. dial, brought up a full busload of Latino listeners who joined forces to protest the atrocities that are being committed by the Cabalistic Cartel attempting to establish a New World Order. At the rally's site, only thirteen miles away from the Groom Lake runway, (which is the longest in the world) the attendees heard Camacho, Gunderson, Hilder, Aaron Johnson and a number of Latinos from the group, rebuke security guards who maintained constant surveillance of the rally from a location a half-a mile away on the adjacent hills.

Hilder challenged the guards, whom he referred to as l.G.O.R.'S, the (Invisible Governrnent's Obedient Robotons), to come forth with the truth instead of slavishly submitting to the wishes of their masters as did Igor, the hunchbacked servant of the fictional Dr. Frankenstein. Both Hilder and Norio Hayakawa, the event's creator, have continuously encouraged the workers at the facility to come forward and expose to the public the illegal, unconstitutional and unethical experiments that are being conducted within the honeycombed labyrinth of laboratories ensconced beneath the high desert dry lake.

During the two day event, Hilder's website, FREEWORLDALLIANCE.COM had 35 visits from the military establishment at Groom Lake.  The Free World Alliance, now linked with VICTOR.CAMACHO.COM is translated into Spanish and "connected" with a dozen-plus major Latin websites in Spain, Central and South America. Additionally, it is being translated into German, French, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Swedish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Farsi and Greek.

One might assume that the government's I.G.O.R.'S. would refrain from using any exotic craft during the two day event, but Victor Camacho and eight others in his enthusiastic group witnessed a spherical orange colored flying object in the vicinity of the rally in the wee hours of the morning. Still another sighting was videotaped by Chris Miller while on his way home after attending the seminar. Ironically, Miller had shown video-clips of a half dozen or so spherical discs which he had videographed from Tonopah to the Tikaboo Valley in Nevada's barren high desert wasteland just hours before his departure.

The questions remain as to how long will it be before the world knows of the existence of the IlIuminati and their plans to establish a World Government upon the ashes of all nations. And just how comfortable would this Evilarchy be in executing a mock invasion from space, performing medical experimentson human beings or carrying out bacteriological, chemical biological and nuclear warfare attacks on  American cities using "foreign Islamic agents." under their control when the whole world knows of their intended game plan.

Copyright 1999 Anthony J. Hilder

America the Beautiful

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