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WARNING: We don't have any cashist credentials, no degrees from Berkeley, Harvard, or Yale, and have no ties whatsoever to the Illuminati's "MANAGED MEDIA." SO WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH. Be prepared!

A.S.A.P. - Anti-Socialist Amendment Prevention (This is emergency legislation needed to be passed now.)


We know that the Evilarchy that controls this nation's currency, commerce, and crime will strike again -most likely using foreign agents under their control. They will use bacteriological, chemical, or biological warfare weaponry - and blame it on Mid-eastern "terrorists" in order to create a climate of chaos to bring about control. We are creating some guidelines for prophylactic legislation now - as we are about to be screwed bigtime by the Banksters.

The purpose for A.S.A.P. legislation is to prevent knee-jerk "leftislation" that will further enhance the Establishment's ability to control the country through Martial Law and literally enslave all American citizens.

After the Oklahoma bombing, the "Anti-Terrorist Act" (or, more accurately labeled Anti-Bill of Rights Bill) was introduced in exactly the same form as the Anti-Gun legislation was introduced after the killing of the kids in Columbine, Colorado.  Be forewarned: We may well be within three months of another "staged event" - so the introduction of legislation to thwart the Illuminati's plans for state-sponsored terrorism, brought through Martial Law, is essential. We don't have time to discuss it, but God willing we'll have just barely enough time to introduce it.


Essentially, a bill has to be written and passed that will prevent the immediate passage of ANY legislation that would transfer more power from the people to the President and the police. (For example, knee-jerk legislation that will either be introduced or is pending and would come as a result of acts of terrorism committed upon the American public.)

This bill must have a 9-month hold clause. This is to delay a vote being taken on the proposed legislation predicated upon emotional discharge inflamed by the Establishment's "managed media." It is to prevent the Globalists from slam-dunking the Constitution into the Banksters' basket as a result of "created" media demands for instant leftislation.



A very short bill stating specifically that NO Congressman or Senator can VOTE for any bill intro­duced UNLESS he or she has PERSONALLY READ IT IN DETAIL. Two independent Congressional Oversight Panels creating their own tests must give the public assurance that their "selected" officials are making decisions on their behalf, based upon the assets or liability of the bill they intend to vote on.

As is often the case, Congress simply abides by the wishes of their mentors in the Manhattan Money Mob or vote according to the wishes of lobbyists who have laid out loot for their next campaign. The public must be assured by the Congressional Oversight Panels (COPS) that their Congressman's or Senator's vote is predicated on wisdom rather than whim. In short, they must prove to the general public and their constituency in particular that they know what they're voting for or against. There can be no exceptions.



All bills, Executive Orders, charters, franchises, treaties, and amendments passed or granted within the 20th Century will be repealed if there is sufficient proof or doubt that they were not read or thoroughly understood by those who voted for them. If that proves to be the case, the Legislature may reintroduce the bill provided a TWO-THIRDS MAJORITY APPROVES. The same Bill, or Act, may then be reintroduced and voted upon, but only by those members of Congress that have thoroughly read and understand the legislation under consideration.

The Congressional Oversight Panels (COPS) need to review all legislation passed within this century to determine if the various laws, Executive Orders, and treaties, etc., that have been passed are in violation of the Constitution. Using existing forensic criteria, they will determine whether or not these laws were passed by a majority of Congressmen.

A prime example is the GATT Treaty, which is guestimated to weigh in excess of 360 pounds and reached a height of seven feet. When it is determined that these laws, like GATT, were passed by individuals who had not read them, they will automatically be repealed. If reintroduced, the Congressional Oversight Panel (COP) will set up a series of tests to guarantee that all persons allowed to vote for the bill will have read it.

NOTE: COP will be made up of private citizens that are not lawyers, have never held political office, do not work in or for government, and are not appointed by political personages. These two panels will be chosen from an independent lottery and will rotate every nine months to guarantee that no particular political persuasion is dominant amongst the Panel.


It is essential that Congress eliminate two existing acts, bills, treaties, or Presidential Executive Orders from the law books for every NEW bill that is introduced and passed by the Legislature. This law, when passed, is to remain on the books for a period of twenty-five (25) years, or until 80% of the laws on the books at the time of this bill's passage are retired to meet Constitutional restraints and to restore our freedoms that have been lost.


An emergency A.S.A.P. bill must be passed to release all classified government documents from the foundation of the nation up to and including the present date. This bill will demand that a quarter million of these documents be distributed to all libraries (both independent and private) in the United States, in all weekly and daily newspapers, and all licensed electronic media.


An A.S.A.P. bill that will require the release of all documents, classified or otherwise, con­cerning the development of a cashless currency and/or society will be released within two weeks of the passage of this legislation. With public hearings conducted by both the Senate and Congres­sional panels revealing which agencies, individuals, and organizations have been responsible for moving the nation in this direction.

In addendum, this bill will specifically prohibit the federal government, the Federal Reserve, or any private banking operation from using trans­ponders, biochips, retina scans, or electronic tattooing for means of identification or to identify banking transactions.


This bill will prohibit the use of human beings for medical experiments and the use of human body parts for the creation of any entity or clone. This bill also calls for the death penalty for any agent of the federal government, or hiree of the federal government, that is found guilty of having performed "medical experiments" on live human beings.


The immediate passage of the Rarick Bill is essential. It calls for the buyback of the Federal Reserve. It must be passed with an addendum imposing a 40-year mandatory sentence for anybody found guilty of manipulating the price of the commodity or stock markets. If any banking firm is found guilty, their assets are to be confiscated and placed in the Federal Treasury, and their executive officers are to be imprisoned for a term not less than 40 years each.


With this A.S.A.P. legislation comes the repeal of all existing Executive Orders and the prohibition of the President from making laws via Executive Order for all time.


All licenses heretofore granted to the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN) will be canceled and offered for sale to any American corporation whose ownership is not foreign but rather domestic.

NOTE: The managers of the mass media have proven to be in collusion with the cashist cartel that controls America's currency and commerce. The major networks' biased, bigoted, and slanted reporting for over a half century demands that their licenses be surrendered. In order to pro­hibit the same gang from resuming control under another name, no purchaser of the stock may hold in excess of 1% at a time, and may in no way be affiliated with the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, or the Federal Reserve.

All licenses given will not only be surrendered but will be revolving. This bill will put a limit upon the time that any group be francihised to control the public airwaves. Opportunities for ownership will be given out on a lottery type basis wherein the winning ticket will entitle the media group or individual the right to operate the network for a limited period of time. The individual network license rights can be purchased for a time not to exceed four (4) years.


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