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The Bush Betrayal


George Herbert Walker Bush, a long-standing fellow with the Skull and Bones, a Faustian Financial Fraternity at Yale University, left the presidency with a legacy of lies and betrayal. Like father like sons, Jeb and George Jr, laid nude in the tomb of the Bonesman Fraternity at Yale and was "born again" in the Satanic Order of the Brotherhood of Death (See Dr. Anthony Sutton's book on the Skull & Bones)....also see PINK ELEPHANTS

The Illuminati Elite who "controls" the selection of presidential candidates never gambles on a honest election. For the past 70 years, they have arranged for "'their" candidates to be nominated in every presidential election, excepting 1964 in when Barry Goldwater won the Republican nomination at the Cow Palace in San Francisco defeating Nelson Rockefeller. 

The Illuminati's selection of both Democratic and Republican nominees insures that they can't loose and that the people of the nation can't win.  If for some reason they can't "stack the deck" and give us a fast shuffle, they will fix the Electronic voting machines to achieve their desired results and usher in "their man" into the white house.

George Bush Jr. is their choice for the Republican nomination. He, like his father, lacks integrity, character and principle. He is devoid of punch, pizzazz and personality, his manner of speech is flat and phony, and thus makes the ideal candidate for the Cachets Cartel that controls the country. Junior Bush lacks all of the luster of a legitimate leader, he speaks in "liberalize" talking right and leaning left as did his father who parroted the Rockefeller, Kissing wing of the party. WE WELCOME YOU TO E-MAIL US UPDATES ON AND ADDITIONAL RESEARCH MATERIAL TO EXPOSE THE MONSTER BEHIND THE MASK.

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