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"CAMELOT KILLINGS"  The Murder of JFK Jr. and the Sisters Bissette

The Kennedy killing reeks with the stench of murder.  The smell of disinformation and misinformation laced with outright lies concerning the JFK crash rises from the "managed media" as if from a cauldron of crap. Thousands of hours of hyperbole, stock footage of young Kennedy as a boy in Camelot, quotes of his murdered father, of Jackie Onassis, footage from the Kennedy compound, puff stories showing Junior's human side, and hours of the faithful dropping off flowers outside of his New York apartment inundated the airwaves - but not so much as a moment of time was devoted to airing "the truth" as to how the Prince of Camelot came to meet the Grim Reaper. 

Not so much as a tidbit of truth was "allowed" other than the Establishment's spin to the story.  Not an iota of investigation or even an open eye to question why Kennedy's Piper Saratoga suddenly dove straight down into the drink.  The witnesses who saw the explosion in the night sky were ignored.  The report that he had just talked to the radio tower at Martha's Vineyard Airport just sixty seconds before the plane's tail section severed off, vanished from the network's news. 

As to any mention of anyone having a MOTIVE FOR MURDER......well, that suggestion was conveniently "not considered".   The networks, in essence, say he killed himself via pilot error.  Never once did they suggest that someone else may have "did it to 'em".  The news nets claimed that he suddenly became disoriented, confused, and discombobulated.  Others say he was too incompetent to control his aircraft under the extremely adverse weather conditions - all of which is total bullshit.  A lie is a lie is a lie is a lie. 

It is inconceivable that anyone with an I.Q. over that of a good golf score could consume this crap and not regurgitate.  But they do.  Lined up like pigs at the feeding trough, the public sucks up this swill like burgers and fries.  They seem to hunker on down for another gulp of the garbage - which proves H.L. Mencken's statement:  "One can never underestimate the intelligence of the American public".  They are stupid beyond belief.  The majority never question, never challenge, never ask to see proof and never think.  Their complacency is like a slow-growing cancer crippling its host and rendering them useless drones in a socialist society.  The propaganda press places turds in the trough, and the public fight amongst themselves to feed. 

To buy into the "Kennedy was incompetent story" the public would have to believe he was stupid and so ignorant that he couldn't read the multitude of instruments set before his eyes that give the pilot guidance to control the craft.  To top that off, they're telling us that Kennedy and the sisters Bissette literally couldn't tell up from down and wouldn't know if the plane was flying upside down, or not.  Give me a break! 

But the Bankster Boys who control the Manhattan Media told their puppets in the propaganda press to convey "that story", knowing that the goyim would suck up their snot and lick their lips.  Not only did they do it  - they enjoyed having it rammed down their throats.......AND SWALLOWED IT.  The whole damn thing.   But not everybody bit the big one.  Those in the Patriot community balked.  They didn't accept the propaganda pitch. 

In Nazi Germany, not everybody bought the Goebbels garbage either.  Unfortunately for them, Hitler was too far along for them to change the course of history.  In the United States, we still have a chance if our readers rally to the cause.  Our FREE WORLD ALLIANCE poll  - small as it may be  - shows that seventy-one percent don't buy into the propaganda press's "conclusion" that Kennedy became paralyzed as a pilot moments after his message to the control tower and suddenly became incapable of flying in a straight line - even with the airport signal beacon straight ahead. 

But if you think the masses are Mongoloids when it comes to the "think factor", let's look at the Kennedy family.  With all the evidence compiled that showed "WITHOUT QUESTION" that Senator Spector's "single-bullet theory" was nothing short of insanity, not a single Kennedy stood to talk or balk at buying that bullshit....except one.  Guess who. 

Rumor had it that JFK, Jr., through his GEORGE Magazine, was going to pin the tail on the donkeys that done the deed and document that the banksters and their boys who make up the American Illuminati were behind both the murder of his father and his uncle.  Knowing that his other uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, had been doing the banskters' bidding since his killing of Mary Jo Kopechne on Chappaquiddick Island a quarter of a century ago, it wasn't likely that he'd offer any help in exposing "the conspiracy".  The Prince of Camelot figured he'd have to do it on his own.  Was he going to challenge Bill Clinton's carpetbagging fat-legged wife in New York's Democratic Primary?  Or did he plan, as Chicago investigator Sherman Skolnick suggests, to "reveal a well-kept secret on or about August 1, 1999, that he was to announce that he was running for President as a traditional Democrat or, in view of the distrust of both parties, to run as an independent on a third-party ticket?" 

In lieu of the fact that the two most prominent Kennedys were murdered, and the cover-ups of the crimes make up the contents of over a hundred books on the subject, why would the Kennedy clan summarily discount any question whatsoever of "FOUL PLAY" and go along with the government gang who wanted  
the corpses cremated and any evidence of an explosion flushed away?  Are they "that stupid"?  Was the pressure on Senator Ted Kennedy such that he didn't have the guts to challenge the Clintonian spin doctors' disinformation campaign?  I won't even bring up the subject of integrity.  He has none. 

How about the others in the Kennedy clan?  Why have they acted like they're deaf, dumb and blind?  Not one has challenged the findings which are so fabricated that even a high school dropout, given the facts, could sense the smell of murder? 

Then there's the Bissette bunch.  How could they allow their daughters to be thrown into the crematory like so much garbage without any competent autopsy?  To the best of our knowledge, the whole process took only a little over three hours for the coroner, who was assessing Kennedy's corpse, to conclude "that no foul play was involved".  But then, we don't really know for sure just what he DID conclude.  Were the Bissette sisters autopsied?  We may never know for sure.  The rush was on to bury the evidence.  And so it was. 

One might ask themselves how could the Bissette family buy into what was nothing short of a communal cremation and instant burial at sea.  Are they so damned dumb as to accept what any criminologist would consider unacceptable and not so much as question the nature of the Kennedy killing?  Given the circumstances, why would they not at least suspect that their daughters were in the wrong place at the wrong time and done in by the power elite's demolition team?  All evidence, circumstantial and otherwise, pointing to a conclusion other than the Eastern Oligarchy's story that JFK Jr.'s incompetency caused the crash, was ignored by the Bissette bunch.  Talk about dumb......we'll have to invent a new word. 

Why haven't the Kennedys, the Bissettes, or any of the groupie gang who bowed and kow-tow'd to the uncrowned King of Camelot bothered to take a look at the evidence?  Geraldo Rivera, who failed in his attempt to be Jerry Springer, and now attempting to be a mainstream journalist, calls the legitimate investigators fringe conspiracy nuts.  He scanned Robert Sterling's KONFORMIST website, which featured out first story, "A Hint of Homicide".   Assembled with him to debunk all who questioned Kennedy's killing was a cast of "politically correct" political pimps, who mouthed the managed media's "sanitized spin". 

What happened to the eyewitnesses who saw an explosion in the night sky at the identical time Kennedy's airplane turned straight down and headed for hell?  Where are they now?  It might not be healthy for them to have seen the flash off Gayhead. 

At the first Martha's Vineyard's Airport News Conference, one reporter with a foreign accent asked if "the debris is being examined for explosives".  "Not yet" was the answer.  "Not ever" is the most likely conclusion.  Why wasn't the press allowed within miles of the recovery?  Why were helicopters forbidden from taking footage from above?  What fear did this present to the Feds?  No photographs - No thorough autopsy - No investigation of a crime - No questions - No answers.  And all this followed by an instant cremation and a burial at sea. 

One pilot who called in to the ALLIANCE questioning the Camelot killing said that "Kennedy would have had to purposely hold the wheel forward for it to take a nose dive into the sea".  Stop to think of it, how could the NTSB and the Coroner have determined that the Bissette sisters and JFK Jr. weren't dead before they hit the water? 

The first report that came up on the UPI verified on WCVB-TV in Boston, verified that Kennedy made contact with the airport at 9:39 p.m., telling them that he was approaching the airport approximately thirteen miles from the well-lit runway.  This confirmed that it was Kennedy's craft and I.D.'d the target.  Seconds later, the Prince of Camelot crashed.  Why did the UPI story never appear on the network news?  Would it undo the spin story attributing the incident to an accident by an idiot? 

Jeff Rense's "SIGHTINGS" website hosted excerpts from an FBI preliminary report on the recovery of Kennedy's Piper Saratoga, which came to him via Sherman Skolnick's article entitled:  BOMB BLASTED JFK'S PLANE.   The first item listed in the article was the standard 30-year "CIA Cover-up" classification of all evidence concerning the crash till July 22, 2029.  Does that sound familiar? 

Item #5 of Skolnick's "FBI REPORT" states, "The Recovered aircraft shows evidence of an explosive device having been glued or affixed within the tail luggage compartment".  6) Device was apparently actuated by a barometric trigger.  Radio signals not ruled out.  7) Tail of aircraft was dismembered from the plane, making it front heavy.  9) Satellite images supplied by the National Reconnaissance Office record an out bursting flash from the aircraft JUST PRIOR to it going into perpendicular descent.  10) Tail structure was dismembered just prior to descent.  11) Recovery of a piece of luggage from beyond the flight path of the aircraft correlates with it being hurled out of the tail luggage compartment at outburst. 13) Study of Air Traffic Control and other radio signals shows no Mayday report form the aircraft, explained by rapidity of descent. 

At this point, we haven't been able to confirm or deny the veracity of the "FBI Report".  And I'm sure if anyone were to call the FBI Headquarters, they'd get nothing but the regular routine runaround.  I faxed the first story about the "homicide" to my close friend, Ted Gunderson, former Chief Agent in Charge of the FBI's Bureau in Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis.  Ted's interest in the story was peaked and is now conducting his own private investigation which results may not validate the White House's spin story. 

In Skolnick's exclusive, "What Happened To America's Golden Boy, Part 3", he states that "weather radar reports for the time and zone reportedly have disappeared as have satellite imaging for that time and zone of the East Coast".  Add to this John Quinn's "Newshawk" Report, which says, "ALL MENTION of the CRITICALLY IMPORTANT radio contact" (Kennedy's conversation with the control tower at 9:39 p.m.) "was subsequently REMOVED from news accounts of the tragedy by SUNDAY MORNING".  Quinn concluded, "there was nothing wrong with (JFK Jr's) plane or his skills as a pilot, nothing to indicate trouble of any kind  - just seconds before the plane was BLOWN OUT OF THE SKY". 

In the John DiNardo report dated Saturday, July 24, 1999, he quotes from the BOSTON GLOBE, JFK AUTOPSY RUSHED.   "The haste" (of the autopsies) in this case could lead to questions about the investigation's thoroughness.  Pathologists also follow complex rules for testing a pilot for drug and alcohol use", Dix said.  We don't know who Dix is, but DiNardo concluded, stating, "They (the pathologist) EVIDENTLY VIOLATED THOSE RULES, indeed failed to follow them at all.  Obviously, they broke all the rules.  If they considered JFK Jr. to be "royalty", why did they rake over his body like a drunken street derelict and give it the bum's rush for an instant burial. 

Another one of Quinn's NEWSHAWK reports states, "At least three eyewitnesses reported an airborne explosion southwest of Philbin Beach around 9:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. in the EXACT SECTOR of the sky where the flight "went missing". 

As to the weather, there were eight miles visibility, according to some reports.  Admittedly, the sky was not crystal clear but most likely clear enough to see the glow of the street lights, which, according to "The Martha Vineyard's TIMES", gives "severe light pollution around the whole island" due to a new kind of streetlight that has just been installed. 

In a letter-to-the-editor, concerning the "light pollution", which would have given Kennedy a visual of the island on his approach, Peter Jones, of Belmont and Edgartown, had this to say:  Considering "The Martha's Vineyard's TIMES" series last year on the issue of light pollution, numerous letters to the editors of the Gazette and THE TIMES about light pollution, the new Aquinnah building regulations covering lighting, and letters to the airport commissioners pleading with them to consider the issue of light pollution in the design of the new airport, who was the genius who specified these new street lights?  They may have "architectural presence", but they destroy a large area of night sky. 

"Please call and write the commissioners, demanding that they replace these lights with ones that shield their bulbs from the sky, like the new lights on the Vineyard Haven-Oak Bluffs causeway.  We do not have to let "progress" turn the Vineyard into just another metropolitan suburb". 

Assuming all of this is true, who would want to kill the last remaining Prince of Camelot?  It's not likely that the Cashist Cartel that controls this country's commerce, pulls the puppet politicians strings, and whose agents executed John and Bobby, will be telling us the truth.  Nor will George Bush, Jr. or Bill Clinton shed any light on this darkness.  We're going to have to conduct this investigation on our own.  Therefore, we welcome any additional information you might have that we can post on our FREE WORLD ALLIANCE website:  http://www.freeworldalliance.com 

If they get away with this one, they'll get away with murder.  As for now, velkome to ze Nu Vurld Order. 

Anthony J. Hilder 

transmitted by Norio Hayakawa 




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