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There is a Solution to the Federal Financial Crisis


Obviously the Federal Reserve has done and is now doing exactly what it was designed to do – DESTRLOY THE US DOLLAR, IMPOVERISH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND INTRODUCE A FICTITIOUS DEMAND FOR A WORLD CURRENCY. For more information visit: Coppercards


The Ultimate Con-Currency

     The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a Reserve.  It is a private Cashist Cartel.  It is totally owned and totally controlled by the International Banksters.  The Fed creates "currency" out of thin air and then loans it back to you, through the Federal Government, at "interest" for the life of each note.  It buys these notes which you call dollars for the cost of printing and paper.  That's about 2 cents for a one, a fifty or a one hundred dollar bill.  It doesn't matter the price is always the same.  For them, the price is about 2 cents per note regardless of the denomination.  And that's a hefty profit.  It costs us face value plus interest for the life of the note.  A "Note," by the way is an obligation to pay.  And who do you pay?  The Federal Reserve one way or another gets theirs.  And you, one way or another gets screwed.  That's the size of it.

     The Federal Reserve got all of our gold ö "ALL OF IT." In return we got all of their "Paper."  Where did all of our gold go? The largest of stash of gold lays in the huge vaults deep beneath the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City.  Don't go thinking it's at Fort Knox.  It's not.  The Fed got the gold - we got the shaft.  The dollar is backed by nothing but hot air and handclasps.  It's he who owns the gold that makes the rule.  Old man Rothschild realized that.  It was Amschel Meyer Rothschild who said "I care not who makes a nation's laws as long as I make its currency."

     Most people have no conception of what the Fed is all about, who runs it, or who owns it.  Sure, it regulates the economy.  It can and does create depressions and inflation.  It causes war and starvation, bankruptcies, and it can engineer a total collapse of an economy if and when it so desires.  It's all up to the controllers of the Cashist Cartel, who own it lock, stock and barrel.  How about the private sector?  Who owns the big banks and major corporations?  How about those multi-billion-dollar mergers that are taking place throughout the country almost every week now?  Is it an effort to consolidate all of the major corporations into the same Financial Family?  You guessed it.

     The Fed isn't controlled by the Congress.  The Congress is controlled by the Fed.  How can we end that control?  How can we change it?  To take the United States back from the Banksters, the Federal Reserve must be abolished... and the assets of its stockholders FROZEN AND CONFISCATED then returned to the people.  This should finance the Government for ten years without the people paying so much as a dime in taxes.

     Our national debt is owed to the international Banksters.  It must be repudiated.  Given the criminality of the Fed's Class A stockholders, I don't believe that they should be paid for having plundered the planet and its people by way of a buy-back.  The nationalization of the Fed will be easy once public support for a debt-free currency is popularized.  That popularization can only come through us by demanding restoration and a righting of the wrongs.

     There is no question that the Feds Fiat "Funny Money" is loaned to us as "our currency."  We get the debt, they get the interest.  They get the gold - we get the shaft.  It's the biggest Con (currency) Game in the world.

     Are we being screwed?  Yes, and it bears repeating over and over until everybody understands.  The taxes we pay are primarily to pay the interest on the National Debt to the International Banksters.  That's the size of it.  If you created so-called "Government Currency" and lent it or spent it into circulation you'd go to jail.  But for them it's legal.

     The Feds control the prime rate.  They can trash, build, or bust the economy at will.  In short, they can do what they damn well please.  This must come to an end.  Face it, it's them or us.  The Fed must be destroyed and buried with a wooden stake jammed in its vampirian, heart never to rise again.  The Fed is a blood sucker, with its fangs sunken deep in our economic throat.  It has an insatiable appetite.  It sucks our liberty and the life force from our hand.  A Constitutional Amendment needs to be passed that will insure that U.S. currency will always be printed and issued by the United States Government - not a foreign banking cartel.  If we fail as a nation to pass such legislation within the next four to five years, there will be no nation called the United States.

     U.S. currency must be created by the United States Government.  If U.S. currency is loaned into circulation at interest, the interest will pay for all of the services necessary to maintain and sustain a limited Government.  But what about all the Government services, "The Socialism" theta SOLD by these blood suckers· is something free for the people.  One thing you can be sure of it's not free.  Why would the super rich, like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Harrimans and Kennedys be offering something for the super poor?  It's all so simple.  That's how they control the country and insure that they stay in "positions of power."  The humongous growth in Government has been due to the Banksters promotion of a Welfare State.  Those who become dependent on Government Welfare will vote for those that promise to retain Government Welfare.  In short, "Socialism."  And that's exactly what the Feds wants - dependence and interdependence, not independence and sovereignty.  One is right, the other is wrong. 

     So figure it out.  What the Government gives, it must first take away.  What it takes away, it must do so with force or threat of force, violence or threat of violence through incarceration or threat of incarceration.  This intimidation of people must come to an end, not only here in the United States, but throughout the entire world.

     The Alliance supports the abolition of the Federal Reserve.  We support the creation of free and sovereign nations.  We are calling for an end to all debt-bearing currencies that are issued by private banks and loaned into circulation, which results in the economic enslavement of a nation's people.  Free people living in free nations require debt-free currencies or paper currencies that draw interest to pay for Governments services.

     Who elected the Federal Reserve?  Who gave them the right to make air money?  Congress was conned in 1913 by the Banksters Boys who met three years earlier at Jekyll Island, Georgia, to set up the "Enslavement System."  Since then it has never been changed.  The "chains" about our economy have never been released.  The Money Monarchy has always been able to get "their man" appointed to the position of power.

     Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Chairman, wasn't elected.  He was selected by the
"Banksters Boys," Bill and George.  He, and not the President, is the most powerful man in the United States.  Presidents are expendable to the Fed.  They are mere pawns in the game of International Chess.  If it suits the Illuminati Elite, they will assassinate the President or any politician that threatens their authority.  They killed the Kennedys.  And "their people" killed Martin Luther King to make him a martyr.  They turn lemons into lemonade.

     The fact is we can never end the problems, plagues, and prostitution of the United States until the Fed is dead and buried.  We, at the Free World Alliance, invite you to submit your articles, your critiques and commentary about this monster amongst our midst.


        Anthony J. Hilder

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