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Gary vs. R. Wilson Reagan


Spy/Murder meters

Leon Panetta adopted son of the Rockefellers

No mandatory flu shots!

CIA is the CFR's police




Truth & Solutions


Geithner at the CFR

Operation ASU to Pass Out Obama Deception DVDs


Obama blames US gun dealers for guns used
by Mexican drug cartels in border violence

Australia adopts Obama style brown shirts

Filmmaker Arrested for Asking Questions at Couric Event

A Planned Economic Collapse - 2008 - Civil War in America



CIA Leon Panetta True Roots

Leon Panetta and the North American Union

Leon Penetta, Miter, Evergreen, CIA

NWO cartels destroy fishing & industry

MRG - Nazi Intention Through European Union Harry Beckhough

Missouri MIAC Documents Scandal Leads to Advisory on SPLC & ADL

CIA is the CFR's police

The Grooming of Sonia Sotomayor

$10 Trillion Rip-off

Global socialists toast victory over America

END OF NATIONS - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty treaty of Lisbon

Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government

Nigel Farage warns of euro meltdown


Trillion Dollar Robberies and The Murder of America


What the National News Won't Tell You

BJ Lawson and Susan Witt on Local Currencies 4/10/09

Congresswoman Bachmann Questions Geithner & Bernanke About A Global Currency






Bush Crime Family




Specter switches parties.  Al Franken assumes Coleman's seat



Military Whistleblower Claims She Witnessed Flight 93 Shootdown Order



" I would contend that what they illustrate is a truth that we should have understood a very long time ago: that communism IS fascism ... successful fascism, if you will.

What we have called fascism is, rather, the form of tyranny that can be overthrown ... that has largely, failed.

"I repeat: not only is fascism (and overt military rule) the probable destiny of all Communist societies ... especially when their populations are moved to revolt ... but communism is in itself a variant, the most successful variant of fascism. Fascism with a human face." Susan Sontag

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