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Creating CHAOS to bring about CONTROL essential to the success of a "SATANIC SYSTEM" wherein all rightsfor all people for all time would be extinguished.  Exposing the Illuminati's ORDO AB CHAO, order through chaos plan is essential for their demise. These people are criminally insane, they are the architects of an evilarchian SOCIALISTIC SOCIETY, if allowed to succeed would literally establish HELL ON EARTH.

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The following are the thirteen methods that the Illuminati elite will most likely use, to psychologically "set-up" the population of the United States and Canada into accepting WORLD GOVERNMENT upon the ashes of all national sovereignty. The creation of chaos for control can come about through any one or combination of the following "created catastrophes" with the cooperation of the Pink Elephants within the Republican Party that dance to the presidents tune for tyranny like slam dancers in a heavy metal concert.
1. STOCK MARKET CRASH - This event, which began on September 15, 2008 (915), is designed to devastate the economy.  The Cashist Cartel's "coordinated collapse" of the market should be far worse than the crisis they created in 1929.  It will be so bad as to make the Great Depression look like good times.

2. RACE RIOTS - This may well be triggered by the economic collapse, "created C.I.A. incidents," or those exploited by the Illuminazi "managed media," their "agent provocateurs" and black racists, such as Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad are capable when aided by "electronic agitation" devices directed by the C.I.A., of bringing about chaos in American major metropolis.  This in turn will be designed to get the white communities to justify the imposition of martial law declared by Clinton (see ... KILL THE WHITE MAN ... the debate between Anthony J. Hilder and Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad on our Volcanic Video section which describes the "design for disaster". Highly Recommended.)

3. FOOD RIOTS - The general population when hit with an economic collapse, race riots and the "Y2K"creation will do whatever is necessary to survive when the financial plug is pulled out via the president's plan.

4. MARTIAL LAW - Martial law via Executive Order will be imposed when all "hell" breaks loose. Don't expect the Obama's brand of New World Order Fascism to be anywhere near as kind as Hitler's.

5. BACTERIOLOGICAL, NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL& CHEMICAL WARFARE - Expect attacks upon the American citizenry either by government acting on behalf of the Evilarchy, or the orchestration of these "acts of terrorism" through "their" foreign agents -- the Islamic world that act on their behalf.  These terrorist attacks will be used to as LEFTISTATION designed to disarm the American public and leave them defenseless from attacks from government agencies and U.N. troops brought in to impose martial law.

6. WEATHER WARFARE - Using the HAARP and Tesla technology, the Evilarchy's agencies will amplify natural weather conditions, so as to make things as bad as they can be. Weather modification is designed to cripple the will of the people to resist the imposition of World Government, thus making them feel depressed and hopeless. Placing them in a state of total despair.  The Cashist Cartel has had the technology to create earthquakes for many years.  They may well use this technology to cripple sections of the country.

7. ELECTRONIC WEAPONRY - This technology will be used to alter the thinking of major urban communities, making them agitated, emotionally charged and ready to riot.  It can also be used to disorient and depress resistance groups, causing them to be candidates for surrender.  This technology may be also used to affect the minds of the assembled U.S. Congress and even the president himself if they refuse to be a rubber stamp.  This technology has been used by the military in various "agencies" of the Evilarchy from (1992the L.A. Riots) to the Persian Gulf War where is was used to disorient the "enemy" and cause them to surrender en masse'.

8. THE CURRENCY COLLAPSE -The privately owned Federal Reserve, which is totally controlled by the American Illuminati will do whatever is necessary to bankrupt and then foreclose upon the American public in order to make it virtually impossible for the average citizen to weather the financial storm.

9. NUCLEAR THREAT - The Illuminati will not hesitate for a New York minute to order the annihilation of millions or even billions of people if it would aid their end, objects and at the same time radically reduce the population of the planet to numbers which they consider desirable.  The threat, whether real or promulgated will be used and may well be accented by the obliteration of one or more American cities which would cause the American citizen to plead for the president to surrender national sovereignty in exchange for the promise of world peace.  The people, desperate for an end to the threat of an all-out nuclear war, will do anything, accept anything, say anything to save their skin.

10. THE PANIC PROJECT - The threat of an INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE will be used to create panic amongst the people if all else fails.  The anti-gravitational flying disc and space-age weaponry has been under the control of the Illuminati for over a half century.  They will not hesitate to use such or "stage an invasion" from outer space.  Their intent is to make the public demand world government for protection from the alien invaders.  Area51, the top secret military base in Nevada, has been the testing ground for anti-gravitational flying disc, bacteriological and chemical warfare including space-age weaponry.  (See the Panic Project in our Volcanic Video section with Hilder and Norio Hayakawa.)

11. TERRORIST ATTACKS - Terrorism will be employed by the Illuminati's agent provocateurs.  Agents of the oligarchy will bring direct attacks upon American cities, at which time the president will order retaliatory strikes against the alleged offenders without even so much as a whiff of proof, while the Congress in their typical knee-jerk reaction will illegally give more authority to the president and the police as was done after Hitler's agents burned down the Riechstag. (See Riechstag '95 in our Volcanic Video section with 27 1/2 year F.B.I. veteran Ted Gunderson.)

12. LUCIFER - The ignition of Jupiter's hydrogen atmosphere is a very real possibility.  This is particularly significant.  The Luciferian Illuminati would like to usher in the millennium with a bang.  Their goal is to have all people on the planet worship the god Lucifer.  In the last chapter of Aurther C. Clark's novel 2010, entitled Lucifer Rising, he describes the creation of a binary star system which he claims would be of great benefit to mankind by eliminating darkness.  The goal of the group which (fictiously) left earth was to ignite the atmosphere of Jupiter, which in reality is an unignited star.  It is our belief that NASA's Galileo Mission which is now in orbit around Jupiter with 49 1/4 lbs. of plutonium, may well serve as a mega-hydrogen bomb, geared to go off when the spacecraft is drawn into the atmosphere on December 31, of this year. It may all sound crazy, but these people are criminally insane, and if this scenario plays out, they will rename Jupiter, Lucifer, and be with the Millennium Society in Cairo, Egypt, not only to welcome in the New World Order, but Lucifer and a Thousand Points of Light.

13. BIOLOGICAL OR CHEMICAL ATTACK - The NWO Gang will also create chaos by launching several biological and chemical attacks upon the American people. AL CIADA and right-wing nutcases will be blamed. For insight into this nightmare watch "I Am Legend" with Will Smith and "Omega Man" with Chuck Heston.

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